Action Launcher 3.5 Quickbar

Action Launcher 3 — one of the our Best Android Launchers of 2015 — today has gotten a pretty big update that makes it an even more compelling install. With Version 3.5 you can now customize the search bar — which actually has become an all-powerful "Quickbar."

The gist is this: You can now add custom shortcuts to the search bar, making it so many times more useful. There are a few suggested permutations for the Quickbar — one for audio, or another for social or productivity. For our money? You should totally add the Android Central app, if only to see Lloyd peeking out at you every time you look at your home screen. And there are dozens of custom icons to choose from, so you can make things look just how you like.

Definitely give this one a look.

Click here to download Action Launcher 3.5!