If you happen to have a wad of Franklins burning a hole in your pocket and a deep desire for a 24k gold HTC One M8 that glints in the sun and lets you play make believe as a The Sheik of Kerplakistan, then this may be the phone for you. The fine folks at Goldgenie, who previously gilded an HTC One M7 are now selling the One M8 in glittering glimmery gold too.

Available in gold, rose gold, and platinum, the Goldgenie-d HTC One M8 is just what you need to bring out your inner John Legere. The aluminum unibody has been plated in gold, while the front-facing speaker grilles look to be from the brushed metal HTC One M8. They're sold unlocked and currently on in the 16GB capacity. Because the metals are on the soft side, the phones are coated in a layer of clear coat with a lifetime replacement guarantee, though there's a clear rubber case thrown in with the cherry display box for good measure.

And you might really want to give strong consideration to using that case, if not just leaving it in the display box and not touching it. All told, the HTC One M8 from Goldgenie starts at $2560.95 for the 24ct gold version, and goes on up to $2830.95 if you opt for platinum plating. But if you're bringing your own M8 to the party, you can expect to only pay between $1332.45 and $1494.95 for the pleasure of flaunting your wealth like a teenage pop star with zero parental supervision.

So… who's going to get their HTC One M8 in gold?

Source: Goldgenie


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You can now get a shiny gold HTC One M8 to call your own


Bahahaaa! I heard his voice in my head as I read that!

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One does not simply release a smartphone and not expect it to be plated in gold.

also,I think I would steal this just for the gold,not the data or the phone itself. Anyone else agree?

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Not even that, if I bought it....id die a little inside every time I used it.

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I believe in you too!

I think the point being, if you are the type to invest GOLD plating in such an ephemril device as a smartphone then you probably don't care if it gets damaged by using it.

Yeah I thought that, but $1200 is probably nothing to anyone who'd actually buy one of these.

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Derek that intro, most epic that I've read in a long time lol.

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I'm gonna get one and immediately put the Otterbox Defender case on it.

No way I'm risking scratching the shinny gold surface!

I would take platinum over gold any day. Understated flash is best and the average fool thinks it's silver or white gold. And I'm speaking for jewelry of course.

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$1500 off if you already paid $599 for the phone? that's a way better deal.

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I've never done ANYTHING nice for the Wife.. Maybe I should shoot the wad and get her one..
Wait ! I don't have a Wife!

Although you might end up having to cheap out on the wedding.

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Well with the removable back and the easy repairability score you can just take the gold casing and move it from the m8 to the m9.

Oh wait, it has neither of those things so yeah, just melt it down

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Also, you know, there's rarely any backwards compatibility with smartphone parts between generations these days. You certainly can't use a Galaxy S4 back on an S5.

Great except that in 6-12 months it'll be outdated when the M9 comes out.
I'm gonna wait till the m9 comes out anyways cuz saying you have a gold M9 sounds better ;-)

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