HTC One Max

You know, if using other body parts on a fingerprint scanner is your thing. And, no, we're not going to show you.

Also: Damn, that phone gets cold.


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Yes, you can unlock an HTC One Max with your nipple


I don't want to know what else Phil tried to unlock it with. And you probably never want to borrow his phone. Lol

Yeah, I thought today was the big day. At least that's what so many posts around here made it seem like.

Or thanksgiving. Or Christmas. Or even valentines day next year. Since kit kats would be a nice treat for that. I don't mind waiting.

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I really don't want to know why you decided to try ... or what else may unlock it... There does of course have to be some use for a scanner next to a camera.. no.. no.. just wrong.

Me too... or at the very least a picture of hairy man titties pressed against a screen. Pics or it didn't happen!

Sounds like this might be a money making opportunity. Maybe start a kickstarter for Android device nipple unlocking tutorials for ten thousand and see what happens.

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Or of a shirt with a flap covering the nipple, where you can easily lift the flap to expose the nipple and unlock the device :)

Shouldn't this be under "android after dark"? I come here for the pictorals......erh I mean the articles. I can't believe you would put something like that where so many people can.....blah blah blah....seriously funny stuff Phil.

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Let's see after a few beers

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

I still say it is a useless security feature. These are easily fooled, so anyone with a photograph of your nipple pretty much has full access.

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If you have a contest to give this away at some point, please be kind enough to include disinfectant.

It would be a great ice breaking question at a bar...and it could also make for a great snickers commercial (sometimes you have to get away)

Phil, you do have to turn that back in to HTC, right? Quick question: will you or will you not tell them about your little 'experiment'?

I can just see the confused look on the HTC rep's face now: "Huh....why does this phone smell like Axe?"


Should be a version of that Surface RT vs iPad commercial, but instead the HTC One Max vs iPhone 5s:

Oh no, here we go again.
I'm sorry I don't have an SD card slot.
Oh snap, you have a fingerprint scanner too?
This isn't going to end well for me, is it?
Do you still think I'm pretty?

Good one Phil! This made my day.... Just got off work and was in line at Publix when I burst out laughing. Even the cashier wanted to see!

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61 comments, not a girl among them. No The nerd in the basement stereotype don't apply

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Never had a need to lock my phone since cell phones were sold.

I suppose ones family and friends would be a factor or ones ability to set an expensive piece of equipment down and leave it.

What happened to face unlock?