Around here we like to give away new devices as they come out, especially highly anticipated ones. As such, we set up a forum thread not that long ago where you all could drop your name to possibly win yourself a fancy, LTE 4G packing HTC Thunderbolt. In keeping with that promise to our readers we have gone ahead and chose a winner for the device -- and that winner is:


Big congrats to Hand_O_Death for winning, and many thanks to you all who signed up for the forums. All we can really say is we're glad that Hand_O_Death has plans to give the device to his wife while he holds out for the Bionic. Something about giving a device to a guy named Hand_O_Death kind of scares us. Don't forget folks, we also have a contest for a Thunderbolt Innocase II Surface Case happening now as well. Get in while you still can.

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Treknologist says:

Congratulations to "Hand O Death!" Lucky bastard! ;)

jhotmann says:

very nice. Congrats dude!

iloveflynn says:

Congrats to him! But i haz a sad nao, I never win anything :[

fillossofer says:

Congrats! Even the luck of the Irish couldn't help me.

icu says:

That's cool. I was holding out to win a free dual-core phone anyways.

Stevez48 says:

Congrats! yet another contest I didn't win :-(

dabaum says:

Well, at least I came in a close second, along with about 10,000 others lol.

El Jefe says:

Congratulations man!

Although I would never buy it, I would have loved to have won it!

EvanJ18 says:

Congrats. I wish this site wasn't so damn popular so i could win something!

RUSH says:

If it wasn't me... I'm happy it's you.


06cbrf4i says:

Congrats on the win.

Visual360 says:

Yay! Congrats!

Hand_O_Death says:

Thank You all. I actually did not believe the original email because I never win anything. The AC staff is just great. They are very nice. Me and the wife are very happy to get this phone.

I am taking her Droid X and finally ditching my BB Tour. This win already has my boss mad at me since he also has a Tour and we both planned on getting the Droid Bionic (And me winning this finally convinced him to join). I plan on having the wife use this and when I get the Bionic we can use the video chat for our kids while one of us is away at work.

Thank you all again to the AC staff and community.

Side Note: Hand_O_Death had been my gamer tag for longer than I can remember and has just stuck. I am normally a very nice person, I swear.

Kinda takes the sting away knowing that it went to a great person. Congrats!

Hand_O_Death says:

Thank You

Course, I'm not really sure why he is getting all the congrats here - it's his wife that's making out like a bandit... Just sayin'...

Congratulations, anyway (and glad you're getting rid of the BlackBerry)!

Hand_O_Death says:

LOL agreed, she really is. And I too am glad to ditch this BB

Jude526 says:

way to go ! Congrats to you! And bye bye BB I came from BB too so I know your pain !