*Update* The winner of the HTC One from Ting is schnoid!! Congratulations, and enjoy your new phone!

If you're looking for an alternative to your current carrier, and you haven't checked out Ting, you should definitely give them a close look. With no long term contracts, overages, or penalties, Ting offers you the tools you need to take complete control of your account, your usage and ultimately, your bill. You can buy a new or used device directly from them, or bring your own Sprint device and activate it on the Ting network!

We are partnering with Ting this week to give one lucky Android Central reader a brand new HTC One! This device features a gorgeous 4.7-inch screen, a quad-core 1.7 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM, and a camera to make all the other smartphones jealous.

To enter the contest, head over to the Ting website and look around. Just for doing that, you'll get a $25 credit to use for select devices or service! Come back here and tell us what you like about Ting, why you'd use their service over one of the big name service providers, what looks intriguing about Ting, etc. We want to hear what you think! We'll pick a winner next week and post it on the blogs, so make sure you check back.

As for rules, there are only a few. The contest is only open in the US, as Ting is a US service. When you enter, please be sure your email address is correct on your Android Central account, otherwise we can't contact you and you can't get your prize! That would be a total bummer. Also, one entry per person, please. Keep it fair for everyone. Ok, that's it! Get to entering!

Check out Ting and get a $25 credit!


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Win an HTC One from Ting and Android Central!


I like that they're honest about the fact that they can't give me a better deal than I'm getting now. That sounds snarky, but it's good that they stick to their guns and don't screw around.


Ting looks like a cool company. I'd be honored to win a device that I could use on their service. And the CEO is untouchable, Elliot Noss!!

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My friend uses Ting and told me about how nice their service is. I love how Ting has it's own Android app that actually looks promising. It'll definitely help me manage my data usage.

Honestly the reason I would switch to them is because I am truly tired of Verizon and would love to switch to a new carrier. The only thing that sucks is that they do not have an 4G here in Phoenix.

I like the flexibility of their plans and that the specifically told me that they couldn't save me money with my Sprint plan.

I like the fact that you can keep your min. that you don't use and I like their honesty. It's REALLY refreshing for a carrier to be honest.

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Being able to use Sprint devices on it. Gotta love actually having a usable phone than the usual crap that PAYG carriers have.

Ting seems like they have some pretty good coverage and no contract makes their service so much more attractive

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Like the transparency of the company. Cost calculator seems truthful, even if their rate is not better than your current carrier.

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I'm on Ting right now, and it's amazing. I came from Sprint where my family and I were paying $130 a month for three lines with NO data. Switched over to Ting (seamlessly since Ting is a Sprint-based MVNO) and we're now paying ~$80 a month for the same three lines WITH data. And though a lot of people have crappy Sprint coverage, we have LTE here in NO! And Ting even reimbursed part of our ETFs from Sprint! Awesome service.

Just got a custom CM 11 build on my Evo LTE, but I'd love a One!

I've been fed up with Verizon for years now, that would be my number one reason to switch. They'd be able to save me a hefty sum on my phone bill but I'm not so sure about the Sprint network. Either way they look like a promising company!

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I like that they definitely make it very clear and easy to see if they can save you money and that they offer the newest phones at a reasonable price compared to the "big four." I'd love to give them an honest try with a great phone like the One!

I would use Ting since they charge you only on what you use. This is especially beneficial since I'm in high school, have to pay my own bill and buy my own phone. It makes having a phone less of a hassle.

I'm a non customer fan of Ting. I haven't had a reason or money to activate my old EVO 4G on their service, but I like that I would be able to choose from an assortment of data allowances. I have my phone # on Google Voice so if I wanted I could just buy 100MB of Data for only $9/month + surcharges. No voice minutes or text messages. And that'd be it. Only buy the service I absolutely need from my cell phone for when I go out. I could handle my texts through my Google Voice # forwarding them to my Gmail. And in WiFi range, I could spare myself use of that data tier I bought. So I'd save money and have a cell phone to use when I'm away from home and use it in a way that the big name carriers don't even let you do right now. Data only and reasonably priced chunks of data for someone like me who will only use it for texting, and all the way up to 3000MB for the heavier users who want to get more out of just using their handset as a consumption device. I don't see any other carrier letting people do that yet with the tiers Ting offers.

I really need a new phone. My EVO chugs along slow. ICS, Jelly Bean, impossible to get a fully featured build for this device with those OS. Haven't had luck finding work in a while, so if I get the One I wouldn't be able to activate service on it immediately. But, it would be there for me to use at home and around WiFi, and when things turn around, I'd have a great smartphone on hand ready to activate.

Ting is creating competition for the way expensive ATT and Verizon. Competition is good, because right now we are paying too much for something that's almost a necessity. Ting can change that and that is why they are great!

Ting's LTE coverage looks pretty solid, their plans are very customizable and suitable for my needs, and no contract is always a plus...

Competition/Options are great for us the consumers. Salute for giving us more choices. Bring your 4G data to HSV, AL then we can talk;0)

Sounds like a good option for someone that gets good Sprint reception. The flexible plans are something I hope more carriers will copy. Another option for the Nexus 5 crowd too. Wouldn't mind checking out an HTC One though...

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I've checked out Ting before and ended up going with T-Mobile instead because data. Ting's great if you are frequently on wifi and don't use a ton of minutes because you only pay for what you use, but their data prices aren't as good as their text/minute prices, and you're shackled to Sprint, which is... suboptimal, let's say.

Still they're clearly a great company; my brother-in-law uses and loves them and it's very nice to have the clear pricing structure in place compared to postpaid companies where your "$50/month!" ends up being more like $75 after fees and whatnot. Prepaid forever!

I like how much money I could save by switching to them. I also like that they run off a network that works where I live.

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My wife has another year on Sprint, I'm liking that they pay a bit of the ETF. This could be worth it if the savings cover the ETF.

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I like how they're website can pull in bill information (for At&t) and help you figure out how much you'd save. Also the images of the account dashboard make it look like a great interface.

Only pay for what you use. More flexibility & less waste. This is perfect that way you know how much you are saving based on your activity. You can use your device or purchase one new or used. Ting provides OPTIONS not RESTRICTIONS

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I actually like the fact that they use sprint network, as sprint's phones on swappa are the cheapest to buy. That and the fact that they charge you for just what you use is a brilliant move. I could use second line for my business on Ting.

I like how they are upfront on the pricing (no hidden fees) and that they have a tool to calculate your savings on the site. I had honestly never heard of them until I saw this and I am more strongly considering them.

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Definitely the price and the out-of-the-box thinking approach are pretty enticing. There isn't nearly enough originality in the US cell market, and Ting adds to that! The more the merrier.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? I can have option AND save money, all without having a contract?
I someone drunk over there?
Did someone actually come up with a company that actually makes getting and using a mobile fun exciting? I am so in for it. Tired of Verizon after all these years.

We're not drunk, it just makes sense to charge people for what they actually use! And the more you use, the better the rates get.

I like how they just bill you for what you use. No having to buy "enough" plan to deal with your peak usage and paying for what you don't use, or buying enough for what you normally use and then getting hit with overage fees on those peak usage months.

I think the Ting Dashboard makes looking at your bill a very pleasant experience. Sometimes little things like that make a huge difference. Neatness, organization, and simplicity.

Ting seems to be all about saving its customers money, which is a great priority. You're immediately given the option to buy used devices and you only pay for what you use. Good looking out!

I love how the plans work for you. I don't have to pick a plan hoping I either use that plan to its fullest or pray I don't go over. They offer the latest devices.

Plain in simple, they're looking out for the best interests of the consumer! A long forgotten practice of businesses.

Hope all works out for them.

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Already signed up! Canceled my Sprint contract and got some of my ETF back from Ting! I love the visibility of current usage so I can see exactly what my bill is going to be. Now, I'll take that HTC One to replace my galaxy nexus :-)

I like that you can easily change plan settings from month to month. If you're on a unsteady paycheck, some months need to be cut back without warning occasionally and Ting allows this.

I like Ting because you can bring your own device from Sprint. I am guessing that would include the new Nexus 5 that works on Sprint.

There are 2 reasons why I plan on using Ting.

First, I found out my parents were getting destroyed every month by another carrier. They were paying about $150 a month for 2 feature phones somehow. I had heard about Ting from a podcast, so I took them through the website and walked them through what they could be saving. They picked phones, got them in the mail a few days later and we got them set up. We initially had a little hiccup with one phone (my fault), so I called the customer support line. It blew my mind when I actually got a real person from the get go. The customer support is absolutely amazing. So amazing support, at a fraction of the cost. Ting made a very good impression with me.

The second reason is pretty simple. I just left my job, and I am looking for any way to stretch out my money until I have a new one. I am able to leave my current plan next month without taking a giant Early Termination hit, and when that happens I will definitely be going to Ting. An extra $25 bucks sweetens the deal. Easy choice.

Thanks for being awesome. Keep up the great work.

I like that they don't hide anything. Everything is laid out nicely. And it looks the the account management is very good.

I like that they seem straight forward about what you get. Doesn't seem like they are trying to hide anything.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

I have had my eye on Ting since the month after I signed my last 2-year contract with Verizon.

Waiting, saving, working to make the move when I can afford it.

An HTC One would be the sweetest way to say hello Ting, bite it Verizon!

Their pricing model is the best available, and moving my wife and I there would save us over $85 monthly in cell bills. What is not to like!

I like the pricing and of course the no contract, no ties approach. Definitely feel like they are one of a kind with their plan selection and pricing structure. Plus that Htc one is a sweet device!

The no contract policy seems good and, acording to the savings calculator, I can pay 22 bucks less on my bill. Sounds good enought for me!

I like how they were honest in that I wouldn't save with them. Why would I change my service to theirs? I can bring my own phone :)

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I like that they are honest that my data usage would make me spend more money than my unlimited T-Mobile plan. 68 Gigs this month FTW

It seems like Ting is everything the big carriers are not! They have no contracts, no overages, sign me up! They even have help for ending your contract, sounds super neat!

It does look interesting, especially with the ability to use the HTC One. I just passed a Ting store the other day and wondered about it. The video on the site does a good job of describing how the sliding plan works. Although there is no info about roaming, that I could find (which is often missing on these types of plans).

under "coverage/FAQs" they show no charge for voice roaming but they currently don't offer data roaming

They make it easy to get rid of current phone partnering with glyde

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They make it easy to get rid of current phone partnering with glyde

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I'm impressed with the fact that they only will bill me for what I use. The "settle up at the end of the billing cycle" is truly a brilliant idea. The cosy per text message is not exorbinant. The cost per megabyte could be better for heavy data users, but I understand the need to cover network maintenance and build out. Truly an impressive service.

1. No contract
2. Total control of all devices with no extra charges, using only what I want or need.
3. I can bring my own device or purchase one from Ting a lot less than the big carriers.

Put all together and you wonder why you're still using your current carrier.

I like that I could get by so cheaply per month over my current plan! Ting seems to be very helpful and ready to do good business while saving their user's cash moneys!

I live their rate plans/no contracts and that they will give you 25% of your etf back up to $75 per device when switch. A nice new HTC One would be perfect with new Ting Service.

I am happy to see new cell companies that are not going main stream and trying to shake things up a bit. I also like the fact that they give real prices for a phone that you would like to sell for money towards new phone. Didn't feel like they were trying to gouge me.

They seem more "honest" about their service. It looks like I wouldn't be led on a wild goose chase for everything like with Verizon. Also, I'm always for bringing fresh faces to the marketplace, so Ting warrants a second look!

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If aiding for the ETF's from carriers, providing LTE and charging less is possible than I'd be interested to learn more.... Back over to Ting to research...

I like how you can pick your plans based on minutes, texts, and data. For example, I talk maybe 10 minutes a month but send thousands of sms and use up a lot of data. So I like that I can pay less for the minutes and more for the sms and data as opposed to being stuck paying for 500 minutes right now that I will never use.

The good thing about Ting is you can actually make your bill as cheap as you want by using Wifi, free texting services like Voxer or WhatsApp, etc!

I amaze by how much they have grew since February 2012. I like the fact they push Google to add Nexus S to Ting. I see how they piggyback on the Sprint network. The breakdown is cool technically if I was to use Google Voice for voice and texts I would pay 48 minus the taxes. Not bad. I really like the savings calculator. Unfortunately still in contract.

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I love that they will help you with the ETF when you switch over but to be honest there rate planes are little high and they don't have unlimited everything. If they had that i would switch right away. Thanks

I like that they charge you for what you use. You don't need to know in advance how much you will use. I did send them a question about the Nexus 5. I wouldn't be charged for 400 minutes of voice when I only use about 5 minutes like I am on Verizon right now.

Sounded so perfect. As a dev I have multiple devices but only use one at a time. Would be great to pool usage among all devices. My usage also differs heavily from month to month.

CDMA was the deal breaker for me :( Is there something similar on GSM?

PS: I am on the $30 T-Mobile prepaid plan right now.

We switched to Ting last February and have been saving about $25-$38/month with 2 smartphones over AT&T where we had just 1 smartphone and 1 feature phone. The only way to get my wife to use a smartphone was to spend less per month than we were, and definitely less than the estimated $100/month it would have cost on AT&T or other carriers like T-Mobile or StraightTalk. We're paying about $41-$55/month depending on usage. We're data sippers and that's not something the carriers cater to - they want to give you a big bucket of data whether you need it or not, and make you pay for it.

Ting has been great - they paid our ETF, we can use decent phones found on eBay with BYOD, their staff is very friendly and helpful. There's voice roaming but no data, but that's not a deal breaker for us, we're mostly in good coverage or on wi-fi. The dashboard is really helpful for monitoring your account, there are no extra fees for things that should be included, like tethering. Highly recommended unless you're a huge cellular data user!

I have an HTC EVO 4G LTE now, but I'd love to have an HTC One!

Jeeze, just the fact that they even pay you back up to $75 of your ETF to switch them, PLUS we get an extra $25 by being AC members...can wind up saving a lot of money even before the first bill comes! I also really like their honesty, and what the CEO, Elliot Noss, is quoted as saying, "We feel the mobile industry is broken. We're on a mission to make mobile make sense."

I like what I see over there. Looks like a really cool business model. I tried to use the calculator and see how much they would save me but it just sat there processing and never produced any numbers. I have 5 phones on my VZW family plan and I'm definitely not prepared to buy 5 new phones but when the time comes I'll definitely check them out.

No contract. As someone who travels a lot between Mexico and USA that is very important.
Who knows maybe this is the service for me, this way i dont have to constantly change the Sim card in my very respectable Nexus 4.

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I am already a new Ting customer. I love the fact that I was able to bring my GNex from Sprint. Most important is the fact my bill last month was only 2 bucks after my 25 credit for joining. I could use this One now though since Google is no longer supporting the GNex.Hook me up AC!

It's nice to see they have lots of separate categories for usage starting at very small for very cheap. As someone who uses next to no minutes, just a handful of text messages, and usually on wifi, I hate how everyone seems to be moving to only offering large amounts or unlimited service and charging large amounts for it. The post-paid model is nice and straightforward because of instead of overages or wasting service, you just get charged by the usage bracket you fell in to that month. The ETF assistance is nice, too- halfway through my Verizon contract, it'd only take me 2-3 months before it paid off. The only downside is that I've never really been a fan of the Sprint network- they're the only ones without LTE coverage in my home or school area.

I like how up front and forthcoming the company seems, no contract and it seems like they really want business as they will help pay for etf's and have good rates for their plans which could save people quite a bit. I would love to win the HTC one. Thanks android central and ting for this opportunity!

It looks good and perhaps as a competitive community of users I might make the jump. Price is fair but their honesty makes it supreme.

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I liked Ting soo much that I signed up my family...TONIGHT!! Yes I did! 3 Lines and we will be saving close to $80/mnth if all goes according to plan. Also, Ting is working on getting the Google Play Nexus 5 working on their network! They truly are revolutionary.

You got me interested. I hope I win the device. I would love to try ting, and what better way than with a free device :-)

I like carriers, like Ting, that don't force contracts for new customers. Plus, they offer the HTC One which is an awesome smartphone. The average monthly bill of $21 is great.

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I've known about Ting for a little while as they are a sponsor of Jupiter Broadcasting. I've made several visits to the the Ting website, especially after they announced that they would cover some of the ETF you face when leaving a carrier while under contract. It definitely makes sense to switch. I love the idea of actually paying for what you use instead of a flat rate for "unlimited" whatever that you really never take advantage of (mostly because data isn't part of that "unlimited" bundle). I unfortunately still haven't been able to justify the upfront cost that would also come with purchasing new phones as we do not currently have a compatible ones. I'm currently a Verizon customer, and the only reason they appealed to me in the first place was their coverage. However, based on were I live and travel, Ting would work just fine because of the Sprint network. While Verizon promised I would be a happy customer, they're really starting to rub me the wrong way.

If I win, I'd be able to move at least one of my lines over to Ting and then move my other line (the girlfriend's) over around Christmas time (phones always make great gifts)!

I like that Ting doesn't force unlimited, bundled plans on you, and only charges you for what you use. Also, no extra charges for tethering!

I like the payment calculator. I like being able to choose my amount of minutes, text and data separately. This is the way all carriers should do it. I'm paying $60 without text on ATT. Ting is a viable choice for me. Thanks for the tip.

I have been in the industry for 20 years now. It is amazing how some things never change. Usage based billing has been around forever. Nice to see someone making it available to the public. And the website is nice too!

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The low monthly fees and the complete honesty up front has my attention. I'm sure they'll be a problem for the big names soon enough.

Their website is pretty cool design-wise.

I like their bring-your-own-device policy the best.

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BYOD and no contract sounds amazing! I have heard of this service before since someone tried to get me to switch over but never told me about the company.

The price and no contract. Rocking my nexus 4 and this is great however more expensive than my plan mostly because mine is 5 bucks a month for near nothing hehe.

Ting based in Canada, no wonder there customer service is so darn friendly ehh.
+No Contracts
+Good selection of phones
+Great customer service & community
+Pay for what you use
+.......wait for it......Nexus 5 is being tested on there service.

I'd probably choose Ting over the bigger carriers because they seem like a good group of people that's really trying to help people save money. Added bonus their Ting app lets you see usage and have complete control over your account right on your phone.

I think any company trying to change up the game when it comes to cell phone providers is a good thing. The approach Ting is taking is very admirable. They generally seem to actually want to save their customers money. While some of the larger providers want to nickel and dime you to death. I was also a fan of the illustrations on their website and the funny little product descriptions. :-P


What I like is the BYOD and the monthly cost is less.

What I found intriguing is the BYOD appears to be just Sprint phones and no unlimited data.

The benefit Ting offers is pricing flexibility; however, StraightTalk provides "unlimited" service for 45 bucks a month on AT&T or TMo. A similar amount of data as StraightTalk's soft cap of 2 gb on Ting would be 42 bucks just for that, the data. Not to mention that ST is GSM and now offers LTE service. No conceivable reason to use Ting if you own your own GSM phone, but it could be an option if you had been on Sprint.

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I have been on Virgin Mobile for almost two years now because of no contract and a cheap monthly bill ($35). What I like about Ting is billing by the bucket. My usage is pretty constant (and meager) every month and I could save at least another $10/month over my already cheap bill on VM. I also like Ting's phone selection: it is more up to date and relevant than VM's. Their "bring your own phone" option is much more attractive than VM's as well.

I am going to have to give Ting some very serious consideration. I'm used to the Sprint coverage where I live so that doesn't really enter in to the equation. I am considering buying a Nexus5 and if Ting allows that, it will be a slam dunk.
(Of course, if I won an HTC One, that wouldn't be a factor ;) )

Well it seems that I fall in the 2%, although they didn't explain how would I pay more with them. Mainly said it could have been an error. No contract is why I would choose them over the big names. And I would be curious to see how their coverage is.

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I would love it. I'm a Sprint customer in an area with killer lte and great 3g coverage. Bring on the savings.

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I like that they offer high end phones and low end prices month to month. Sounds like it would be perfect for me!

looks interesting, once i pay off tmobile might consider giving them a shot, because they give you the power.. the power to choose how you use your device. no need to worry about going over and getting charged a fee, if you go over you either decide to limit yourself or go on.. it lets you budget your usage along with everything else and as a college student being able to have some control over my bills is always a good thing

I like that I can bring my sprint device to them and don't have to be stuck in a contract!!

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I would like to pay for what I use, not what the carrier decides to charge. I have considered moving to Ting when my contract is up with Verizon in February. My only concern is coverage in Iowa when I am visiting family.

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Never heard of Ting until now so I don't know how good they are, but if I win, I get to find out, right?? :) From reading their website, they seem like a good company, offering to save consumers money.

I sincerely hope they do well since I support pre-paid services like Ting. Good luck to both Ting and I

Some of the best things about ting are, there's no contract, mobile apps, desktop website look great. And there honest not like Verizon. No etfs are also a HUGE deal. I want ting

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The Bring Your Own (Sprint) Device program - closest thing to GSM portability on a CDMA carrier. Well done.

I have never heard of Ting until now, but I am supremely impressed by their options when it comes to choosing your plan. Getting to pick exactly how many minutes/texts/data you want is incredible, and is totally the direction that companies should be going. Sadly they don't fit what I use right now, but I'm really interested in where they're going and am going to keep them in mind!

Wow thanks ac, I never heard of ting before. What I liked the most is that you can bring your own device and also no contract!

I like that they'll help pay your etf & that you can use a "real" phone instead of the usual "pay as you go" phones

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They do seem very honest and upfront. ... that being said, their pricing is NOT competitive. I did some digging and for myself and several family members (some in Sprint, some Verizon) based on usage. ... even on the low end, Ting was still too pricey. And it does seem like most people posting are getting that result. The no contract thing, IMO, is not as big of a deal nowadays as it used to be. Most people, because of federal regulations, can get out of a contract after 6 months for a reasonable price.
And they are using Sprint networks. ... which are a work in progress, which means Boostmobile is a no contract service very similar but actually cheaper.
Sorry.... just can't say Ting seems very good.
Maybe with lower rates. .. some reasonable unlimited plans. ... they could attract more customers.

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I really like the granular control over what can and can't be used on the device. the flexibility and simplicity in billing is also a plus. I will consider this for my 11 year old son.

I like that it's cheaper and no contract! Would love to finally drop sprint!

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Flexible rate plans, especially good for low-usage users. Able to port phone number over with some restrictions. Not limited to phone selection like other pre-paid carriers.

I love e how honest and open they are about there plans and device selection. That's some amazing customer service right there.

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I have my wife's EVO on a Ting account and it is perfect for her. She texts and uses the phone for calls but consumes very little data. Her number one app is Weight Watchers (she looks great, by the way) and, when we go to a restaurant or are out food shopping she expects it to work. If it doesn't, I'm the one who gets grief, not the carrier. Plain and simple, Ting works.

Oh, and they've been a good company to work with and their customer service is tops. If I could bring my Nexus 4 over, I'd be on their service too.

I love Ting! My brother has an account with them and we're getting ready to switch! I love that they are honest, and that they don't try and scare you into overbuying service, you just pay for what you use! So simple, yet so unheard of...

I think Ting is doing something really cool. I really like how they are allowing you to easily flow between different price packages depending on your use. This allows the customer to save the most amount of money. I also really like the stories I am hearing about their customer service and how they like to help their customers out. That is a big change compared to Verizon.

I like how many options, or packages they let you choose from to pick a plan that's right for you, and not making you choose between more minutes or more data.

Ting is awesome, especially since you can bring a Sprint phone. Sprint devices are very cheap used. You can find a 32Gb GNex for

I like Ting because it's no contact and upfront with they charge and policies. If and when I won the HTC One, I'll port my number from Sprint to Ting.

Ting helped our family save over $70 per month on a five line family plan, allows us to pay for only what we use, and the customer service has been impeccable.

First heard about Ting through Philip DeFranco and after moving over to their service it's been great! No contracts, great phones, great customer service, credits for references (both for the person who referrers and the referred!), they help pay your ETF (up to $75), and great rates for their service. I used to pay a bunch for 4 lines with unlimited everything on Sprint, but never actually used anything close to what may be considered unlimited (less than 1.5 Gb of data, 3000 texts, 1000 mins monthly average for 4 lines). Now, waiting for two contracts to expire (it's still too expensive even with their help) but for the other two lines is $46/month! Of course, if you're a data hog, this service probably isn't for you. But for those who don't use their data extensively, Ting is definitely a great service. Highly recommended!!

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Byod! That is an idea I have a feeling will catch on more and more. And actually depending on what level of usage you would need, they have quite affordable pricing. I could possibly save $50/month if I didn't have to pay my etf.

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I dislike VZW, so I would love to switch. Turns out I wouldn't save money, though. I appreciate them letting me know. It is cool to see the prices be so flexible. It would make for a great backup phone or phone for specific work ventures.

I like the idea of only paying for what you use from month-to-month, as opposed to having a set plan like I have now with AT&T. It would be great to get away from AT&T and my buggy Nitro HD with a shiny new HTC One on an affordable no-contract carrier -- or maybe even a new Nexus 5 if they get that set up and working well as put forth in their Nexus 5 Manifesto!

I was not able to browse it completely because the website was broken or missing some code. I only saw a couple of phones and plans available in the home page. It looks interesting. If they have 4G I am game.

They'll give you some cash towards your ETF. You can easily get a real person on the phone. Their web interface is easy to understand and manage. Setup auto alerts and usage caps. The only question is the quality of their network and if you don't like it, you can leave.. no strings attached. If you hate your carrier and your bills, it's worth a shot.

Ting looks pretty tempting for a no-contract option, but as someone who leans towards mostly data usage, I must say that $60 for 3GB seems a bit expensive. :\

I like the flexibility they offer and the ability to bring your own device.
Doesn't look practical for me due to my family plan but my kids that are about to venture out on their own could definitely benefit by using Ting!

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I also like the flexibility of the plan (should be called yoga or something like that). The BYOD page says new devices like HTC One and Galaxy S4 can't be used. As this contest is for the HTC One, I hope that isn't the case.

Their smartphone selection has improved drastically in the last few months. I like that you pay for the minutes you use and can carry the unused to the following month. The idea of purchasing packets of minutes and data tailored to your history is smart. Sadly for me, Sprint coverage in my area is abysmal. So I had to opt for T-Mo who, while offering no-contract, prepaid service, fail miserably with the dearth of plans to fit the needs of their customers. For me, 2 choices: 1 with more minutes/texts than I need and hardly any data and the other with just the reverse. Lastly, but no less important, their customer service is outstanding-no interminable waiting and smart, helpful people.(I've yet to figure out how to connect with a live T-Mo customer service rep.).

Just after a quick look, I liked their bucket system for charging for what you truly use at the end of each month instead of lazily labeling your plan as an 'unlimited' plan.

I liked the flexibility and simplicity of their plan. I also like the way the advertised their plans,they didn't mention and ffalse plans. I would be thrilled if I won the contest.

No contract!!!!Big to me,
these people are going to make their mark on the industry, forward-thinking is a very good thing
and I sure would like to win an HTC One

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I like there straight forward usage rates and the ability that you can buy an unlocked phone from them without any hassles.

Not bad start for a relatively new company, and they offer the Red HTC One. Man do u know hard is to find one of those these days.
If what they claim is true that the average monthly bill is just 25$ than im switching over to them for real.

the service looks very good nice!! no contract!! and if you only use data you can save much more!!

I visited the Ting website, and it was really easy to navigate. I know that Ting makes a BIG DEAL about the savings over the other large carriers, but the major thing that a person can save on is bringing their inactive device from Sprint. That in itself can save a person hundreds of dollars. I'm currently with Sprint, and I am wanting to leave them. My bill is just to high for me at this time in my life. I'm retired military, and don't have a job yet. I have three kids away in college, and I'm looking to save money in any way that I can. This sounds like a GREAT place to start.

I most certainly like how their services are not commitment based, and you have much more freedom that way. Plans are also a lot less hectic, unlike other carriers I know...

It's simple, no contract, they're honest. The big carriers seem to be constantly finding new ways to screw over their customers, so it's refreshing to see a company doesn't treat the General public like retards

I like the small, medium, large, etc. rate plans, especially being able to combine a small text plan with a large talk plan, which creates an uncommon monthly bill amount; in contrast to the many fixed prepaid plans available. Sprint phones working with Ting is another plus.

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I like that 98% of people would save money with ting and that's because they do mobile differently.

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Oh and they don't believe in locking you into a contract or making you pick a plan. They don't believe in overages or penalties. They believe there's a better way to mobile. That's why I like ting.

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My favorite things about TING are the freedom of choice, no contracts, the options of adding features, and the usefulness of the website. Unfortunately, with my current situation with Verizon unlimited data and where I live, it would be extremely difficult for me to leave them. They seem to have everything lined up and looking good, I would love the opportunity to give TING a go and see if they would work for me!

I have sprint, so I like that you can take a sprint phone and activate it on Ting.....but that being said, I wonder how service is. Guess I gotta try it out to see for myself. Hope I Win, Thanks AC and Ting in advance ;)

I like ting simply because of their pricing. It's unheard of here with today's monopolies like Verizon and In a sense, it's like a breath of fresh air. competition is good for the customer and we all reap the benefits.

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Ting is ushering a new revolution in how people connect to each other. With their plentiful options to chose from, they make it impossible for people to resist buying one. Way to go!

Ting is that company that takes it to the next level... Sure, it's a no-contract plan, but to bring any phone that ran on another carrier and with CDMA bands with no hassle, genius!!! Thinking on canceling my Sprint plan and bring my EVO 4G with them!!! This is how every carrier should be...

I like that they are NOT one of the major carriers, small company usually means a more personal experience in doing business and better customer service. I also like that Ting clearly is a company that goes above and beyond to provide the best options for their customers. I read on their blog, how they have been working hard to bring the nexus 5 to their line of supported devices. Overall, based on a quick scan of the Ting website I noticed they seem to have a very personal approach with their customers. I didn't feel like I was trying to be sold, or like I was being baited. The Ting website has a feel to it that can only be described as honest. I can already tell that Ting wants to stay at eye level with the customer, and be fully interactive with the customer. I actually am considering giving Ting my business, I know they are new, small, and might not have major carrier status, but I would rather have customer service and know that my carrier actually cares. I can tell that Ting would handle anything and everything I brought to them. The fact that in their blog, they post about how they are doing certain things, and what the customer can expect from them, shows me that I'll never have to wait for information. Ting definitely has my vote!

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switched over 6 months ago from at&t. our ting monthly cost is usually sub $100 compared to $200+ on at&t. i'll definitely be a ting customer for a long time. hoping they get the unlocked nexus 5 up and running on ting soon, not upset as the moto x isn't a bad second choice.

Their honest appraisal of if they can save you money or not is pretty nice. As is their impressive selection of phones. Ting puts Verizon's phone selection to shame!

I like the website management tools, looks very easy to use

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Looks like I am special

According to the savings calculator:"Looks like you belong in the 2% who would not save with Ting."

I like that they do not have a, "One Plan, Must Fit All," policy. I like the buckets. I can choose how many minutes, how many texts and how many GBs of data I want. Plus, the video stated that you are only charged what you use. This is a mobile company built with an old fashioned business plan, serve the customer.

I can only assume Ting customers are satisfied with the level of pricing. Its flexible and seems fair.

Ting seems to be pretty neat. I'm so tired of Verizon! Plus, since it's Sprint phones, maybe I could use a Nexus 5. My wife would love the One. I like the "buckets" idea; it's even better than T-Mobile's no-contract plans. Cheaper, too. The only thing is that I think it's $350 per line to buy out of my Verizon contact (so $700, plus phones). Ting sounds promising, but I'm just too poor to switch right now. lol

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I think it would be awesome to only be billed for what I use. Especially since I don't talk or text much at all anymore. Might have to be a little more careful on data usage and stick to wifi more but this could definitely save some money!

Well, this is gonna be easy. I am already a Ting customer and I can tell you right now the customer service is unparalleled. No long hold times, matter of fact, no hold time at all. No endless prompts before you get the privilege to be on hold for another ten minutes just to speak to a live person. There representatives answer and are always polite and helpful and will go above and beyond to make sure you're satisfied. I was confused once about my bill and they credited me just for being confused, which was clearly a fault of mine. No questions asked, I didn't even ask for a credit, just checked my account and there was the credit. How awesome is that.
Next best thing about Ting is they are totally honest and up front about what you're using and what you are being billed for. No BS, no backsliding, underhanded tactics to try and trick you into overages. It simply is what it is. I can go on and on about why Ting is great but I have to get ready for work. But if you are looking to switch carriers give Ting a shot. And if you're a company and want to see how it's done right,,,check these guys (and gals) out. I love Ting

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Ting would be awesome because of how the billing is managed and also the fact that when you call, you talk to a real person!

I love the no-contract bit, and the fact that you part at the end of the month for what you used during the month. I also can't wait to see if Ting puts the nexus 5 on the whitelist.

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Unlimited devices on one account, just 6 bucks each to share the pools of min/data/txt. Works great for business, we use them and love it.

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I like that they would save me money. Plus if I go over my data or minutes, they move me to the next plan without a penalty.
Also, if I don't use much, they credit my account.

I would use ting because one, no long term service, two, I would get better service where I am on it. Sprint sucks. Lol

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They are very up front about cost, what you use, we bill you for.

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I LOVE that the prices are actually tailored to your usage in all three categories. No one else is doing that. I hate all the fluff on the front page. That "rates" chart should be front and center because it speaks for itself. I don't need a bunch of quotes from ceos and stats to convince me.

I really love the "Dashboard" on ting and how it shows how much data, minutes, and texts you have used and how much it currently will cost you.

Top notch customer service is the reason to switch to Ting. Before I made the jump to prepaid, Ting was at the top of my list. I had a few questions, and was amazed by the response times and detail.

Things changed for me device wise at the time,so I had to go another route. But if I had a BYOD device, I'd switch to Ting without a second thought. (Especially one as hot as the One).

Whoever wins this contest is going to be a happy camper.

My wife is on Ting. She's doesn't us much data or voice. Ting is the perfect solution. Her bill averages $20.00 a month. Customer service is awesome. Sure would like to replace that Transform Ultra she's using!

I like the idea of being able to bring my own device. The prices are great and coverage in my area is good. Not having a contract is great and would give me the freedom to change my plan should the need arise. Neat company.

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Looks like a great program. To bad you can't bring a AT&T phone. I would probably change. I'll have to wait until my contract is up.

Usage billing, BYOD, and especially no contract. Dashboard and feedback about customer service look promising.

is very awsome that i can bring a note 2 from sprint but it will be cooler when they let me bring in a note 3

I like ting because of their flexibility, Only being charged for the level of service that you use and ability to use a current device. I am currently pursuing my parents to drop their tracphone phone and move to ting to give them the ability to do what a lot of their friends are doing on their phone without having to do a contact.

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Pricing no contract and their straight forward. Plus bringing your own device is awesome for a prepaid service......

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Well, having been "stuck" on Sprint for about 13 years now (long story), I'd switch in a heartbeat! I have a low bill from Sprint for being grandfathered in but it appears their service is better than Sprint (imagine that). I like being able to control things with the Dashboard, adjust the other three phones on my account, how they offer to pay part of your ETF fee (which is hefty with Sprint) and that you can bring your own device. I'd bring my new Nexus 5 and get my wife a new HTC One - my savings over two years were in the thousands! Added bonus: We could finally buy our ~12 year old son a phone he's long been waiting for. Sign me up!!

People ♥ Ting.
You're people!

First and foremost they think of us as people and not money storage! Wow!

The whitelist for byod is ridiculously dated though. Must be some contractual reason you can't buy a used HTC One and bring it?

That possibility would be worth testing this service out.

I love that you can bring an existing Sprint phone to the plan. I am very intrigued at the possibilities. I also love that the dashboard will let you set limits and hard caps on usage to avoid any surprise overages.

Why do I like Ting?...Simple, it's not Verizon. I am so tired of Verizon just doing what they please at their customer's expense. I would try T-Mobile, but their coverage is so limited in my area. Ting could be an option.

To be honest Ting service is not for me personally, but for my daughter is a perfect starter mobile service for the price. I utilize a little more than they offer. Thanks for the info I current started service today 11/9.

honestly, I would not switch from verizon to ting. I like how they have it setup for ease to transfer over to ting and their current selections of phones. I do not like that you can only switch over a inactive sprint phone and no other gsm carrier mainly at&t. The rates are fair, but with the plan I have i would be looking at the same amount since I consume more than normal. No contract is always nice though. I do like how they have used phones for sale. That was neat.

Good Luck to the Ting! and as always Thank You AC!!!!!!!! may the force be with us

You definitely got my attention. Seriously considering moving over to Ting. No contract! NO CONTRACT!! ... pay for what you use ... cheaper rates ... same network ... same phones (don't like that I can't bring over my Htc One, but hey). Contest aside, this sounds like an awesome alternative to a regular Sprint account.

TIng only charging you for what you use is a no-brainer, and not having to deal with a contract is huge.

They have a great line up of phones, mostly all the current phones on the big carriers, and I like their 3-part plans, where you can pick and choose how many minutes, text, and data you prefer. I'm not a big talker, and prefer messaging, so that helps.

The savings calculator won me over, but great to see that the coverage map includes where I live and 4G to boot.

One of the best designed websites for determining personal mobile usage and then calculating savings for switching. Very transparent. Nice job.

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Go with Ting...or not. That's what I like about them. I wasn't considering them before, but when my contract with VZW is up in a few months, I'm definitely going to give them a look!

As a college student who would get service (allegedly) not only at my University BUT at home as well, the prices are QUITE enticing. Boy would I love to be using Ting instead of Verizon and save myself 40-50 bucks a month... That money could be used towards my rent!

They have a well designed site and I am very impressed with their savings calculator. You don't definitely will not see something like that on a national carriers website.

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I like two things: 1) ETF credit if you move to Ting. 2) You pay for what you use and settle up at the end of the billing cycle.

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I like the fact that you have different tiers of service and no penalties if you go over, they just move you to the next tier. No contract, and good selection of phones at reasonable prices or BYOD. What's not to like?

My favorite part was that they will pay part of your cancelation fee of you are already stuck in a contract.

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Sounds great in concept but my area is covered okay but if I travel at all it may be questionable. I like their idea and the whole BYOD thing is cool but there's no way I can afford a device with off-contract pricing. I know it's what kills my bill but it's much easier to pay it monthly than all in one chunk.

I like the account dashboard and companion app. Looks interesting, always in to look at new options...