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CTIA is just around the bend, and we'll be there to catch all the action but that doesn't stop the rumor mill from grinding away at what may be coming. With Sprint holding their event, many folks have now put attention towards AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. What are you all hoping to see from each? Feel free to start up some threads and let us know what you want.

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Win a free HTC Thunderbolt, AT&T caps, missing images [from the forums]


I've been stuck with a BB Storm 2, for tooooooooo long!!!! I love my wife's Incredible, but it's just to small for me, hopefully I can get zapped by the THUNDERBOLT!!!! I've been stalking this phone since I first saw the spy shots.

I'm still on the Storm1 as well - thought at the time I got it that I'd have a Storm 3 at the end of my two year contract..... that was 2 and a half years ago!

Wait, wait, wait, wait.... I'm tired of waiting! There is ALWAYS something new coming out "soon." I'm ready to buy, I just wish Verizon was ready to SELL!

Getting tired of waiting for the storm, but going to rock it out! Just wish it was dual core, but then again, a Droid Eris would beat out my BB Storm readily!

My twin sister ran up a $2100 phone bill on my account and now have no phone to demo at work. Living with phone shame when I work at a place where I shouldnt. Verizon would be a good move for me.

Just dropped my Nexus one :(
It's all scratched now.
So I would really appreciate if you guys pick me.
And even if not thanks for all your good work.

SOOOOOOO excited about this phone!!! Would love to test it out and play around with it!! Been with T-mobile for a while and my upgrade is almost ready and want to switch to Verizon. You guys do a great job and love reading your blog. Keep it up.

Have a BB 9700 running os 6 and it is slow( with all the this page is too large to load). I just go purchased a Galaxy Tab and android phone would go great with it.

Im currently working with a ally. Please help me out an restore my faith in verizon and Android. If I didnt know anything about phones I would hate Android because of the ally. (fail on LGs behalf) the only reason I have this brick they call a phone is becaise I broke my increadible.

I want the Tbolt sooooo bad I purchased my Dinc the day it came out and paid $600 for it and I've been saving this upgrade for THIS!!!!!! I CONVERTED ALL MY FRIENDS TO ANDROIDISM. And I use my phone heavily to the maxxxxx. Pick meeeee I want to make love to this phone lol

I really enjoy the android central site. I check the mobile site frequently on my Droid 2 Global each day for new posts. I couldn't pass up the chance for a free phone. Thanks for the opportunity. Keep up the good work with the site.

My Fascinate is still lacking that update. It's only been 6 months, but I'm already tired of this phone. I need that Thunderbolt!

I got you all beat: I have a BB 8330 on Boost Mobile, with currently no minutes on it. I need a phone from THIS era!

I love gadgets, and I love new phones! This would be perfect for me, especially since I am already an avid Android fan and do not yet have a 4G device :)

I wonder if this will really be better than my Galaxy S Epic... seems unlikely... but it sounds awesome.

HELP!!! I have 3 crazy kids, 18 worse employees and a BB TOUR to boot!!! I need a Thunderbolt and some Angry Birds or Im gonna feel worse than Steve Jobs!
CMK99 :)

LET ME STEAL YOUR THUNDER!!! Like many others i'm stuck on og storm. i'm not having it either! win this or not i'm done with the damn hour glass!

***Wonders how many people will continue posting here until it's realized that this isn't where you post for a chance to win***

I have a Droid that is dying. It is so slow that it is almost unusable. While playing music the other day I got a really loud screech in the headphones.
I've been waiting for the Thunderbolt ever since it was announced.

I am in desperate need of the thunderbolt! I upgraded my phone from the original blackberry tour to the Droid incredible a bit ago. The phone is incredible but its keeping the edge when I compared to my friends iPhone. I am a college student I have no extra cash for a new phone. I use my phone as a wireless 3g mobile hot spot for my house. The problem is whenever I get phone calls or texts the internet gets disconected...very annoying while gaming. Please :)

Hardly used my Intercept at all this week, as I'm battling pneumonia. This has been the 2nd most disgusting illness in my life. Also, I'm one week from my 40th birthday, so I could really use a pick me up right now.

Let's put it like this.... my wife wants a Iphone 4, and I don't want her to get it! I will divorce her if she gets it! Lol not really. She is a wonderful wife and a great mom! I am always getting the good upgrades and she takes my old phone. Anyway if I was to win this phone it would be a great gift to one of the most special people on earth! She really deserves to have great phone like the thunderbolt!

ok. so i had purchased my first smartphone, a droid incredible, a bit more than a month ago, getting a really awesome deal on it with my 2 year upgrade. 2 weeks ago, i was in florida for spring training, and someone stole my bag with my new phone, itouch, and some clothes. I currently am back to using my env3... and it looks like i'll have it for a while. i miss that phone like crazy, it was so helpful! and i really cannot afford another phone.
PLEASE HELP. The thunderbolt looks so awesome i hope i can get this someday! anyone let me know of more contests for it!

Would love to have this phone! Not going to say i need it more or deserve it anymore than someone else, but would absolutely love to have this beautiful phone!