One X+

The HTC One X+ is one sweet machine. Check out Alex's awesome review of the unlocked version, you'll see what I mean. It takes everything we love about the original One X, cranks it to 11, and quadruples the storage so power-users have a place for their stuff. Let's recap the highlights.

  • It's the first phone to match Jelly Bean with the Tegra 3 (the beefy 1.7GHz version), which means you not only get the battery sipping fifth companion-core to conserve battery when it can, but you get all the goodness that comes with the TegraZone -- absolutely awesome games. Console quality even. 
  •  It has HTC Sense 4+ on board. I know, plenty of folks will moan and turn their nose up, but Sense 4+ offers a whole lot of functionality that looks good. With the ImageSense chip, the camera alone makes Sense 4+ and incredible way to enjoy your smartphone. And if you don't find Sense 4+ a feature worth keeping, you know it will be easy to change. 
  • There's 64GB of on-board storage. And it's storage has none of that goofy partitioning for apps and media, so you're free to use the entire space any way you like. This is a big deal.

  • It looks really, really cool with the exclusive carbon black finish. There's nothing wrong with looking good.

  • You can pick one up from AT&T today for $199 and a new agreement.

Yeah, the bullet points look really nice. Know what's even nicer? Winning one from AT&T and Android Central. It's up to you to get the service, but we've got the phone to give away to one lucky winner. 

Head into the Android contest forums. Read the rules. Enter the contest. Since I can't win, I'll wish everyone good luck!

Enter to win an AT&T HTC One X+


Reader comments

Contest: Win an AT&T HTC One X+


Is it unlocked or locked to ATT? If it can be used with Rogers, even if it means having to unlock it myself, I want one :)

Finally switching from Blackberry to Android, and I want the complete experience!

Sweet contest. Been thinking about trying to trade in my S3 for this phone. It would be even better if I could just win it instead.

Who better to win than a guy (me), whose contact is up! That and the fact that this EVO 4g is ready to buy the farm should make me the winner via the mercy rule!

Convert me, bro! In all non-hipster reality, I'm looking for the perfect phone to move me from iOS (I've gone back and forth oer the years). Let me get my sticky fingers all over the OneX+ and I'm sure I'll be a true convert.

Had a one x but couldn't get over having only 16GB of storage. Well, I gave it to my stepson and got myself a galaxy s3 and I love it. Now that HTC came out with the one x+ with its 64GB I'm drooling over an HTC again. I'd love to win that bad boy.

I want to win this phone because i love capturing moments and this phone is the ONE haha see what i did there? anyone? this phone is THE top of the 2012 line fore smart phones. its beautiful, amazing, fast, and over all this phone was made for someone who has a passion for life. This phone would be integrated into my everyday life, it would be apart of me if i win it. Pick Me!!!!