Gold HTC One

OK, boys and girls. You've marveled over the 24-carat gold-plated HTC One — now it's time for you to win one of your own.  Yes, we're teaming up with Goldgenie to bring this one-of-a-kind Android smartphone (valued at $2,403/£1895) to one lucky Android Central reader.  Here's what Goldgenie founder and CEO Laban Roomes had to say when his company announced the gold phone last week:

"We are delighted to welcome HTC's flagship phone the HTC One to the Goldgenie family. It is an extremely powerful phone with a beautiful interface & is a guaranteed jaw dropper when people see it embellished in Gold."

And now, we're delighted to announce we're working together to give one away. Read on for the full details, and click here to learn more about the 24-carat gold-plated HTC One and Goldgenie's HTC One customization service.

Update July 8: We've closed the comments and will pick a winner shortly. We've got your winner right here, let's all wish him the best!

Now, the fine print:

  • To enter to win this 32-gigabyte, 24-carat gold-plated HTC One, you need to do two things: The first is to follow @goldgenie on Twitter. Maybe tell 'em we say hi, too. 
  • Second: Leave a comment on this post. It's that easy.
  • This one's open to everyone. Have at it!
  • And finally, we'll close down comments at noon EDT on Monday, July 8, 2013, so everyone's got plenty of time to enter.
  • A winner will be picked at random.

Good luck, and thanks to Goldgenie for making one Android Central reader very, very happy.


Reader comments

Last chance: Win a 24-carat Gold HTC One from Goldgenie and Android Central!


That is UNREAL!!! I wonder if they could platinum-plate my GS4. Even if you just plated the battery door, it would be awesome in any precious metal. Look at the detail on the back of that gold-plated HTC One. Love the "24ct Gold Edition" and all the text on the back. Stunning.

Nice! I've been looking at the One... With a little luck I'll be looking at THIS ONE! ;-)

Beautiful. Indeed how a gold Nexus 4 would look? This is great. Sign me up. Recently switched to gsm so this would be flawless.

This would be a great birthday present today since my HTC One met an untimely death

Being seen in three public eye with your gold HTC would do me well! Please step me up from my simple Droid!

Just became a member when I saw the post. Now it's time to post more stuff. Thank you for having this contest AC. WOOOOOOOOOOO.

I have an HTC One and I love it but hey what girl wouldn't like a little bit more bling to add in her life?

muchos años usando iphone y hasta cuando llego el HTC ONE a mis manos es una maravilla de movil me encanta no lo puedo dejar de usar su estructura es una maravilla asi que creo que este movil es para mi pero en ves de aluminio de oro jejejjejej genial

That HTC One is looking sexy in it's gold skin. I would be envied in the office.

This is a great give-away. Thanks for the opportunity, and hoping I finally get lucky! Happy Monday!

this would make an awesome gift for my birthday tomorrow :) even though gold is not my style, I would rock this phone so hard.

Gimme some of that. Already own a HTC One and it is by far the best phone I have ever owned. Bit of a HTC fanboy though, just love their design. From the desire to the sensation to the one. All have surpassed expectations and delivered superb performance packaged in style. But having a 24ct gold ONE would be awesome.

This phone would be sweet. Definitely needed since I bricked my gs3 last night!

Good luck to me, and thanks to Goldgenie and Android Central for making me "possibly", very, very happy in Gold.

Seeing as I'm living well below the poverty belt I'd probably never get my hands on an awesome piece of hardware such as this, but I can at least dream about owning the One.

If I win, I will cherish the device with all of the love and Google Edition ROMs that it deserves

Entering with a little more than an hour left. That's how I roll. I'd also like to roll with a gold HTC one. Just sayin'.

I wouldn't even know what I would do if I was blessed with something as beautiful as this.

Following their twitter account.

Handle @tripledoftx

Good luck and congrats to whoever wins this piece of art.

Very nice!! If I win this I will definitely get a straight talk plan to run this on. Wouldn't activate on my Verizon account.

I have the HTC One and would love to have the Goldgenie Edition. It looks Phenomenal.

Wow! very nice phone it would be an honor to have such a sexy device!

Wow, this phone looks even better in gold ;-) Hope to wrap my greasy hands around it soon... really soon!

Awesome I would greatly appreciate this phone and all the bling that comes with it.

Posted via Android Central App

So yeah, I'm going to comment and would definitely like the phone, but I'm sure I won't win since posting so late in contest and because I'll be honest, I'm just going to sell the phone if I win it for two reasons...1. not on Verizon...yet (not sure this one would be a Verizon version) and 2. Don't want to be robbed by carrying around this awesome looking phone. lol It was still fun to enter, and who knows, maybe the random robots will pick me. :-)

Gold all in my chain, gold all on my ring, gold all on my watch, gold all on my brand new HTC One, don't believe me just watch!!

I always pride myself with having a phone that other ppl don't have.With this Gold HTCONE NO ONE BUT ME WOULD BE ABLE TO HAVE THIS PHONE AMONG MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!!!

Yeah!!!! Those phones look sick.... Anyone know if it adds more weight to the phone????

Posted via Android Central App

I need dis!

If I (against all odds) win this, I promise I will not sell it for a ridiculously high price!

21 pages of comments... congratulations to whoever wins, but you can't stop me from trying xD

Better odds than any lottery, and I'd have to win the lottery to afford one of them anyway!

I want it, even though I'll probably be afraid to scratch the case if I touch it.

Sign me up :)

You guys run such an impressive site! I love AC!

I'd also love to finally win something. :)

All gold everything.....I could definitely do it. This is probably the best Android Central giveaway I've seen.

Fingers crossed. A gold phone is going to make the guy mugging me really happy!

Jokes aside this a fun giveaway Android Central

Holy Crap.. did the first part of the instructions 5-10 days ago; but missed to do this one... oh well probably wont get a chance to win the HTC ONE Gold :(

With this phone I dont need a genie in a bottle because I'll have a Goldgenie on my HTC!!!

Oh man, this phone is smart AND to have one! Thanks for this chance!

I have a small question, for the making of all the gold HTC One cell phones, were/is there any money being donated to people in need or something? Or is there now just a very nice costly phone out and about, once again?

(I wonder, how many people I'd have to keep my eyes on, if I were to ever be walking and talking with one in public ^_~) Looks nice in gold.


I really need the phone in that picture :) I've also followed @goldgenie on Twitter.

I love Android. I have a android phone and tablet. I love the way I can rearrange everything the way I want it. I love how the software runs n the look.
Would be great to have a shiny gold HTC.

The hardest part about entering this competition...?

Scrolling to the bottom of the page to comment ;)

I've been following GoldGenie ever since they came on Dragons Den, it would be nice to have one of their products. Since I can't afford anyone

Whoa, that's a pretty valuable thing to giveaway!
Wondering how awesome it would be to possess a 24 carat HTC One.... Hoping to be the Lucky 'One'

If there was ever a competition to win this would be it! I've been looking to upgrade my phone for quite some time but this would be the one to upgrade to!!! Come to papa 24k One!

The HTC One is already awesome but that one is one of a kind. Thank you for giving us the chance to own a such amazing Android phone.

America's most wanted HTC is the hottest count me in!! 24 carat gold oh Yeaaah!!!!

This could really help us out a lot, it is a difficult time right now and this really could help us out a lot!

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