Gold HTC One

OK, boys and girls. You've marveled over the 24-carat gold-plated HTC One — now it's time for you to win one of your own.  Yes, we're teaming up with Goldgenie to bring this one-of-a-kind Android smartphone (valued at $2,403/£1895) to one lucky Android Central reader.  Here's what Goldgenie founder and CEO Laban Roomes had to say when his company announced the gold phone last week:

"We are delighted to welcome HTC's flagship phone the HTC One to the Goldgenie family. It is an extremely powerful phone with a beautiful interface & is a guaranteed jaw dropper when people see it embellished in Gold."

And now, we're delighted to announce we're working together to give one away. Read on for the full details, and click here to learn more about the 24-carat gold-plated HTC One and Goldgenie's HTC One customization service.

Update July 8: We've closed the comments and will pick a winner shortly. We've got your winner right here, let's all wish him the best!

Now, the fine print:

  • To enter to win this 32-gigabyte, 24-carat gold-plated HTC One, you need to do two things: The first is to follow @goldgenie on Twitter. Maybe tell 'em we say hi, too. 
  • Second: Leave a comment on this post. It's that easy.
  • This one's open to everyone. Have at it!
  • And finally, we'll close down comments at noon EDT on Monday, July 8, 2013, so everyone's got plenty of time to enter.
  • A winner will be picked at random.

Good luck, and thanks to Goldgenie for making one Android Central reader very, very happy.


Reader comments

Last chance: Win a 24-carat Gold HTC One from Goldgenie and Android Central!



I want one of these so badly! I am still rocking the OG DROID! I would love an upgrade like this!

I would most definitely walk around with it? Its a smartphone. What fun would it be to keep it on a dust covered shelf? And why would I sell it to someone else to look awesome with it?

Just look at the packaging, never mind the phone XD. I really want it but I would get really worried about carrying a phone worth £1900... I could live with that though...

Also, just noticed, whilst it says in the post that the phone is worth £1895, I looked on the website (through the link) and it says it's £987 Inc. Vat). I don't know if this is a mistake, or if I'm wrong.

Edit: Just noticed that that price is not including the phone, just for the plating.

That's what it costs if you already have the phone and they apply the gold to it. Here you are getting the phone as well.

Posted via Android Central App

I literally saw this photo a few days ago and gawked. My love for HTC would only get stronger.

Again I say unto ye.... I want this!

Posted via my Totally Android Central Themed including FX Cased, Rooted Sprint GSIII named "White Dragon".

Wow - this would look great in the cradle of my gold Honda Prelude.

Posted via Android Central App

Just when I thought I wasn't going to get an HTC One, these guys come around and have the best giveaway of all times!!!!!!!

Truly a deserving appliance. The HTC one was already a gem of a phone. I didn't know it was possible to make this phone look even more beautiful but goldgenie has definitely outdone themselves.

Um, this is amazing. so ridiculously amazing it hurts! You guys have the best give-aways ever!

I wanted you to know i told em you said hi. They said to tell Lloyd hi. SO i told him but he says he needs a valid email. So we set him up so he could tell gold genie hi. but then he couldnt type bc he has no fingers. but anyways, we told em you said hi!

I can get the Google Play edition ROM on this right? Golden (Quasi-)Nexus here I come.

Now wouldn't this be sweet to show off.

And I follow on Twitter.

An I the first to reply?

Posted via Android Central App

is life insurance also provided with this device? Going around with gold device could be dangerous in some places :D

Wow! I'd only take this baby out for special occasions and it would finally give me a reason to buy a gold watch.

Posted via Android Central App

I can't understand that, I'd take this with me and show it off to everybody I could. Stick it on the insurance for peace of mind and ENJOY it! :-) I'd love to win this, thanks AndroidCentral!

Posted via Android Central App

WOW! Thanks Android Central, Goldgenie and Phil for this crazy one of a kind chance to win something COOL!

Seriously they couldn't spring for a 64GB version?! lol

I suppose I could talk myself into downgrading my storage for a Bling Ringing HTC.

Going to have to keep a very close eye on the people around you if you use this thing in public! :-)


Good luck to all my fellow entrants! I'm crying at how beautiful this thing looks. I've never won one of these competitions in my life, let's hope I start now!

Posted via George Foreman Grill

If I win this I'm definitely sticking the stock 4.2.2 ROM on it :)

Posted via Android Central App

That has got to be the most awesome looking phone I have ever seen. My friends and family would be so jealous. Talk about raising your game...WOW!

Holy moly... that's a blinged device if I ever saw One...

Posted via my Galaxy S4 using the Android Central App

I don't know whether to scream "Isht Goooooold!!" from Goldmember or stare at it blankly chanting "Pretty pretty. Shiny shiny." from My Gym Partner's A Monkey.

I would love to win this I would even give up my UV unlimited plan to Move to At&t, after I root it and make it a gold Google edition.

My 3 week old black HTC one is at the repair center for peeling paint and HTC won't cover it!! Maybe the gold will be a bit tougher. You guys have the best prizes.

One phone to rule them all, One phone to find them.
One phone to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

You can't tell me no one else was thinking this. :-)
This is the One ring of the technology world. Look at the name of the phone, for pity's sake!

You can call me Frodo.

That is one shiny piece of tech. The best phone on the market now is on a whole new level.

Preccccciouuus! ~ Going to melt it down and put it on my grill! HTC One gold teethesis here I come!

I feel like the short pale redhead kid at a pick up basketball game...... Never picked

Posted via Android Central App

god it is gold................................. i love to own it ....... i cant take my eye off from this smartphone

Hey guys, I went ahead and told GoldGenie to throw me the phone, that's okay with you all, right? No? Okay.. well, this is me entering anyways.

Yes! would like to win this one.....

Following gold genie check, comment on post check. Win a kick butt contest check?

I would love this. Me Please!! Gold all on my chain! Gold all on my phone!

Posted via Android Central App

This definitely counts for a "huge" contest. I would love to win that sweet thing. I would coddle it like a newborn baby! That is some BLING!

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