HTC Desire and HTC Wildfire

Two of HTC's phones, the Desire and the Wildfire, are getting a makeover; both have been spotted sporting different colors from their original design. The Desire can be seen showing off its new white look while the Wildfire goes silver. 

These are reported to be special editions, only available in the United Kingdom. In fact, Carphone Warehouse will be the only store carrying these versions. 

They look pretty slick and just provide more choice in the market for consumers who are tired of the standard colors. [Android Community]

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I hope Special Edition means... EXTRA "Features" . . . a different colour does not a "Special Edition" make!

Pl4ub says:

Why there should be extra features? Already state of art things inside.
Maybe I should even consider downclocking the processor, it's too fast!

BoNg420 says:

Why white, phones are so ugly in white and show dirt more. Most people cover it in a case so why does it matter so much anyway to release a LE phone.

toyface says:

I saw this earlier on in the day and honestly, I WANT it.

I've got a Desire in what they call "Urban Brown", they do a silver version in Germany I think it is. Looks pretty nice, and I've only had mine for a month!

The Desire is beauitful either way anyway!