We know the EVO 4G LTE is running Android 4-dot ... something. But this was a first, at least for me. At least they didn't come at us with something like "That's for us to know and you to find out."


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What version of Android is the HTC EVO 4G LTE using?


Given that pre-orders don't begin for another month, it's likely that the models on hand at the press event weren't running the final software. If blogs post now that the E4GLTE is running "4.0.3" but "4.0.8" is released before the phone comes out, plenty of news stories will just regurgitate the old stories and people will have the impression that the phone's software is older than it actually is.

Maybe they did that becuase it might be a different 4 dot version of whats already out. And thatll just open up a whole new can of worms for complainers amd whiners saying "how come (insert phone name) doesnt have this? How come the evo4glte is getting it first?"

Just a guess. Lol.

Based on how long it is taking to get ICS into handsets they might release it with GB with the "promise" of ICS


Maybe it is a highly customized version of gingerbread. You know like those adw themes that look almost exactly like ICS.

Really that last number in 4.0.x doesn't mean anything for anyone but nexus (and Xoom) users. When HTC pushes an update to phones it doesn't change the Android version but google does. Must of those changes are hardware specific.

Not exactly.

x.0.x releases are usually bug fixes (and major, not like we fixed 3 bugs and decided to ship an update) and occasionally add some new API's as well. So while there are hardware specific updates in each 4.0.x release on Google devices, there's plenty more updates in the OS releases that make a difference across all Android devices. So its best for manufacturers to keep up with point releases, as they are minor enough to not cause a lot of issues with existing software, and provide security, maintenance, and the occasional API updates.

What difference does it really make? The One X has ICS. The E4GLTE WILL have some version of ICS. It doesn't matter what version becaus it, being Sprint's flagship of that moment and HTC's big deal of the year, will get one or two or maybe more updates.