HTC Incredible Specs

Need more specs from the Verizon HTC Incredible after that teaser from the manual? We've got you covered. Nothing hugely different from what we saw before -- the processor is a Qualcomm 8650 Snapdragon at 1GHz, there's 8GB of storage space on board, the ROM's listed a little different, but WiFi 802.11n speed's still there. Anyhoo, another morsel to whet your appetite. Thanks, tipster!

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Chaos5 says:

As much as I hate sense UI this one almost looks better than the N1.

Oh and love the Unapproved Access warning message :P thanks for the brink in security!

eazid says:

Yeah. That is weird.

draken says:

How come it says MicroSD (up to 32 GB) then says MicroSD (up to 16 GB)?

kmatheny says:

Was wondering the same thing.

SpyBob says:

The device is capable of a 32 gb card, but has a 16 gb installed.

sgitlin25 says:

google ota updates - that would be nice!

eazid says:

lol. Very nice. Definitely getting this instead of the Nexus One.

Cursid666 says:

anyone else notice OS: 2.1, Google Experience Device? It does not say anything about Sense UI.

Zapote21 says:

Yes it does... Bottom right, 3 up from the bottom... Sense UI

Anonymous says:

Well, *somebody* just got fired

sgitlin25 says:

i think the incredible is beginning to look a lot more tastier than nexus 1

rusty says:

A little concerned about that 1300mah battery. Of course with that butt ugly back plate, a Seidio extended battery might be a neccessity rather than a luxury.

Anonymous says:

what do you guys like about this more than the n1? all i really notice is the 8gb internal storage and camera. am i missing anything?

BadPeekcell says:

It's a new phone, noone else has it :)

Jonny Boy says:

i want this phone...i think...i still think i want the droid haha it has to be the physical keyboard.thats just my taste but i know the specs far outweigh what the droid has.

two questions though:
1. im not that big of a fan of Sense UI. This says its Next Gen Sense UI..whats the difference and for someone who, like myself, doesnt like the Sense UI, can you buy the 3D App Drawer and implement that with Sense UI? (ok that was 2 questions haha)

2.On my blackberry, If i wanted to send a ringtone,pic, video, etc viz bluetooth...i connect, send via bluetooth and voila!! its sending. How does bluetooth sharing work on Android? i remember i tried sending a ringtone to a friend with an Android phone (Samsung Behold 2) and it didnt work all that well...So i sent it to his email...he wasnt able to download the ringtone...


BadPeekcell says:

Kinda weird how some of the specs are repeated in the two columns, providing us with different specifications (ie 16-32GB microSD card)

Anonymous says:

It's nice but it's no Evo. Gonna cost you more too despite being a slightly modified Nexus.

Anonymous says:

Noticed that it said VZ Navigator via Android Market. Does that mean it won't have Google Turn by Turn navigation like the Nexus One?

kmatheny says:

It lists Google Maps with Navigation. My guess is that you can use either VZ Navigator or Google Maps with Navigation.

Anonymous says:

Huh that's funny. The specs don't mention the built in radio receiver or maybe I am just not seeing it.

Anonymous says:

Does anyone know if you can disable the Sense UI and just have the original Android interface with scrolling drawer? I'm not a fan of that interface overlay. Thanks

SpyBob says:

Sence can be disabled on Eris easily as it is an app. This would be the same on the incredible simply applying the HOME app.

Andrew says:

We just need official word of specs lol. We keep going back and forth on some like FM receiver, and GB storage. Stuff like that we need an announcement...

Anonymous says:

Yea, I don't get why some items are duplicated or conflicting? Hmmm, starting to sound like a BS screen mock-up to me... GRRRR!

davedave23 says:

I call shenanigans on this. Way to much conflicting info with what has been posted "elsewhere" cough androidforums cough cough..

Anonymous says:

Seems like this might be my next phone. I wanted the N1, but since it seems like it will never come to VZW and this one is possibly coming the 29th (one day before my birthday) gotta go with what's available. Plus the camera is a big step up in my opinion. Though if it doesn't have the speech to text integrated and free navigation, I may still go N1 (if it is indeed ever coming to VZW)

Anonymous says:

about halfway down on the first column.....


isnt there an app for voice to text? just dload that and enjoy!

sign me up, verizon. sign me the F up.

I'm as excited as the next person about the release of this device, but the rumors and so-called leaks are killing me.

Something just doesn't seem right about this spec sheet. Notice the font of the line "Note: User's manual is not included in the box with the device." is not the same as anything else on the page. In fact, it looks superimposed. Additionally, the bullets are spaced differently. Most, but not all, of the bullets in the left column are double-spaced. Conversely, most of the bullets in the right column are single-spaced, but some have unusually large gaps between them. Further, the specs seem to be hobbled together. There's no rhyme or reason for the order. On the left column, there's a bullet that says "Camera - 8MP camera w/auto-focus and video capture" Directly across from that is a bullet in the right column that says, "Camera w/flash" This just screams fake.

I blame no one else. It's my fault that I'm exhausted from running after every little bit of "news." Ugh!

rockstar323 says:

I would assume it's features on the right and specs on the left. If you go to the Moto Droid page at Verizon you have a details tab with specs and a features tab with basically the same stuff without the details.

I think you're right. After pointing out a few things, yes, it does appear to be fake to me. What's that whole bit about "your IP has been logged"?? If there really was some sort of tracking program logging this alleged intercept of information, don't you think the warning would have been displayed BEFORE any information was displayed?? The fact that it warns of IP logging, yet then displays the information anyway seems a bit odd to me.

In any event, the leaked user manual that came out earlier appears to be legit to me. I mean, I can't imaging anyone having enough spare time (or the desire) to fabricate a fake 200 page user manual! So I say go by the specs that are in the manual.

piperp says:

I am a bit confused by this. It lists 8 GB internal memory then lists memory again later with it broken down into 512 MB ROM and 512 MB RAM.

Same with removable memory. It says microSD up to 32 GB then later again up to 16 GB.

So which is it for these? This doesn't seem too official.

rockstar323 says:

I'm really starting to think Verizon is going to allow us to tether this thing without an additional package.


1. In the picture at the top it shows "Mobile Broadband Connect" which is Verizon's tethering package for smartphones. Normally it's $30 but on the phones its available on it says "Mobile Broadband Connect Capable". It doesn't on this picture. True they could have just not put capable at then end but they have "Backup Assistant Capable" which cost $1.99.

2. Page 137 of the user manual states that you can use the phone as a modem with no mention of requiring an additional tethering package. In other manuals for smartphones on Verizon that mention phone as modem it's noted that an additional tethering package is required.

3. They allow Mobile Hotspot on the Pre and Pixi for free. It was $40 up until last week.

It could just be wishful thinking and me reading to much into it but it makes sense and would be a great bonus. Thoughts?

SpyBob says:

"Backup Assistant Capable" which cost $1.99
Not so any more. It's been free for almost a month.

They allow Mobile Hotspot on the Pre and Pixi for free. It was $40 up until last week.
This is a temporary promo due to the lack of Palm devices being sold. We have A LOT of them on hand gathering dust. Palm reported they have produced more than twice the amount of devices than they've sold. Thus is the equal to a fire sale. Look at their 2yr sale price. 50 on the Pre and 30 for Pixie with instant rebates.

firearm says:

Wtf!!! Did you look at the resolution part???? hahahah..

and it has 8 Gigs of internal memory..thats tasty!!!

Anonymous says:

I don't understand why it doesn't give the screen size/type?

Anonymous says:

Phandroid has this more complete. Specs at the bottom.

OLED, 3.7"

ecobranon says:

This looks fake. Apart from the duplicate entries, what is that image about: Unapproved Access. Your id has been captured and sent to corporate security. ????
Seriously, that is your choice of words? Not only is it a fake, i think a teenager Photoshop-ped this.

Lummix says:

So, I asked this on the manual thread, but this is just as good a place. Anyone know if the thing is underclocked. It says it's got a 1GHZ Snapdragon, but is it at full speed?

lol. Sorry, guys and gals, but this isn't fake. Verizon's seriously cracked down on leaks (for what good that's done 'em.) and is logging entry these days.

As for the specs, remember that we've seen errors on these pages before. But most of these specs are lining up. Think maybe the multiple "resolutions" are for the camera, perhaps?

mikey1#AC says:

LOL! I was just thinking all the "errors" makes it seem more authentic! cuz you know how verizon would NEVER allow a typo......

Anonymous says:

well im not sure when this screen shot was taken but i will say that it is not something i can see and im a current empolyee. it is not in our system to look at so unless they took this down quickly its photo shopped.

Anonymous says:

yeah, didnt you steal this from phandroid? im pretty sure it appeared first in their forum.. way watermark it for androidcentral.

Um, then how did we take their watermark off it? No, we have a source, they have a source. Welcome to the Internet. Thank you, drive through.

gbhil#AC says:

stealing and phandroid.

no comment lmao

moosc says:

I thought this a clone of eve with the 4.3screen. But a failurewith the 3 uscreen.