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According to a tipster, Verizon is sending out letters to everyone waiting for their HTC Droid Incredible, apologizing for an extra seven-day delay for those who ordered on or before June 28.  The letter goes on to say they will be sending out $25.00 gift cards to all who had to wait as a way to express their thanks for your continued patience.

While it doesn't make the time go by any faster, a few bucks and more importantly the fact that they address and apologize for the issue goes a long way.  I'm sure Verizon wants an Incredible in your hand almost as much as you do.  Follow the link to see the text in it's entirety. Thanks Andrea!

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your recent order of the DROID Incredible by HTC. Due to 
overwhelming demand for this innovative device, we are currently experiencing 
inventory delays. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are 
working to resolve this issue.

If your order shipping date was June 28 or prior, you may experience an 
additional delay of up to 7 business days. We will send an update with 
tracking information once your device has been shipped. If you have already 
received your device, please disregard this notice.

Your satisfaction is important to us, so we’re also sending you a $25 
Verizon Wireless gift card which may be redeemed online or at any Verizon 
Wireless retail store as a way of saying “thank you” for your patience in 
this matter. No additional action on your part is required – we will send 
the gift card to the address you provided with your order in the next two 

If you have further questions regarding your order, please contact Verizon 
Wireless customer service by dialing *611 from your mobile or calling 


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Verizon's letter to HTC Droid Incredible buyers offers apology, $25 gift card


Instead of a $25 gift card, I'd rather them just get Froyo out to the Incredible 25 days sooner. Or 25 weeks sooner. Or right now.

The HTC Incredible irrelevant? are you kidding me, you are a joke in smartphones technologies, DI is the most advance device today even with new phones coming out still cant beat the INC you most have one in your hand to see what this device can do. The incredible beat the moto droid,X, nexus one, iphone 4, Evo, samsung G all those new 4 and more inch tablets just cant outperform the INC. my opinion and for all the smart people whom order the incredible and dosent arrive it yet..just can see that Incredible is not even in stock figurate out what kind of demand it have.

That was a comment reply failure if I have ever seen one. How do you get "HTC Incredible irrelevant" out of a post about a $25 gift card?

That's nice, you can grab a case or something with the money. Or you can use it to help purchase a Droid X/Galaxy S now that the Droid Inc is irrelevant

The Droid Inc or "Dinc" is not irrelevant to those of us that have one. And those that get their hands on one will see what a truly beautiful phone it is.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I already have an iPad, why would I want a phone that's screen is about half the size of it?

I love my Incredible. While I'm sure some will be angry about the fact that they didn't wait for the X, I'm thrilled. If Verizon wants to make huge phones, let them. I don't need one.

Have fun with the X/Fascinate, though.

Is this kind of comment made seriously or just as a troll to annoy those of us who have or have ordered the Incredible? Irrelevant?--Not. Anyone should be proud to have the incredible. And frankly, I'm getting tired of this old "my phone is better than your phone" yarn anyways. I will be happy for those who get the Droid X even though I don't personally care for the squared of look of it. I just read where the Galaxy S (Fascinate) is beating the Droid X in benchmarks. So...does that mean the Droid X is already irrelevant? Of course not. Grow up people!

I want to call u a name that starts with M and rhymes with oron. The incredible irreverent? Please, enlighten us with your knowledge as to how one of the most advanced devices is irreverent? I prefer its sleek design and see no need for a bulky phone with a physical keyboard. Same processor, same 8mp camera. Etc... in fact, all these new Android devices have or do pretty much the same thing as the next one, IMO, it comes down to user preference as to which design they like. Now that I got that off my chest I apologize for calling you a name that starts with M and rhymes with oron.

C'mon man.... The world of Android contains numerous... i mean, NUMEROUS iterations of hardware. Not everyone wants 1 4+in. screen. Its like a mini EVO [and with my red innards, would have loved the red grill too :( ]. It will be included in the first batch of upgrades to Froyo as well.

Embrace the Android world as a whole, old and the new. Maybe some users dont want to deal with certain manufacturers either. I still can turn back over this EVO and waut for the Epic 4G and its awesome hummingbird processor... but I will stick with the EVO, HTC and Sense. Thats just me...

How can something that's backordered be irrelevant? And I happen to be one of the ones waiting. Just the fact that its still impossible to get one without waiting 3 weeks shows its still in demand.

Ill tell you what the problem is here. Everyone who says that its irrelevant is just a bandwagon jumper who know NOTHING about tech and think newer always means better. Look at the moto droid tons of new phones have come out since its release and its still a big hit or the nexus one. Sure the EVO has been in the news alot but really look at why........ Frame rate issues and OTA updates and Bricked from FROM the OTA update of course its in the news alot but not for good reasons. Ya the Droid X is new but has it been released..... NO have you played with one...... most of you NO. So how do you all know its better? It has a bigger screen and 720 P capture what else does it have that the INC doesnt? The INC well you dont hear much about it because it just works. Learn the difference people because you make yourself look ridiculous when you make comments like the INC is irrelevant or jumping the gun by saying hey the biggest seller Verizon has is EOL.

I am right there with you I also ordered on 6/9 and was told a shipping date of today and I also just want my phone. To date I have no confirmation email, no delay email nothing.

Is the delay for people who ordered before the 28th, or whose ship dates were before the 28th? I got that email, but I ordered on the 9th and was given a ship date of the 30th (today). I'm not sure what to think at this point. I really just want my phone. :(

For any order shipped or shipping prior to the 28th... if ur expecting ur phone to be shipped today it will be done today, look for an email with shipping confirmation sometime around 4 pm.

Seen the Evo. Just a bit too big.
Motorola X is even bigger but looses the front facing camera and the 4g. Just too bigger.
Incredible is juuuuuust right.

Love my Incredible as well, but I have to say I really want some more screen real estate. I will probably just wait for the next batch of superphones in the 4th quarter. I'm still having fun with my Inc and the size is pretty good (although I am using the extended battery, which by the way makes this phone even better because you can use it all day without worrying about it going dead at 3pm). So whats the deal with the silver around the trackball area. Mine is black

Update your post--it's not "who ordered on or before" but "whose shipping date was on or before". Big difference. (My girlfriend's was ordered June 8th, but the ship date was estimated to be the 29th. Not sure if this will apply to her)

I don't know why anyone would get this when motorola are making phones that are so much better. These snapdragon phones don't perform well with 3D and the screen colors are washed out since htc takes the cheap route. Big screens that are only 16bit.

DInc irrelevant...hardly. As a developer, I have access to all the latest US Carrier Android phones. From my perspective, HTC phones in general are a step up because of the HTC Sense UI. The EVO wins on pure specs; however, it loses points in my book for form factor and that $10 rent Sprint charges for no apparent reason. The Incredible has a terrific form factor and falls short on a few specs.

Motorola has some decent devices, but they need to work on UI/usability.

I look forward to testing on the Droid X and Galaxy S when we get our hands on them.

In the end, I tossed my BlackBerry for a DInc in April. The phone has met or exceeded every expectation (except battery life, of course...but it's getting better). I do not envy the EVO, nor do I expect to envy the Droid X and Galaxy S.

The $10 fee that sprint charges? Have you taken a look at verizon prices lately? I would end up paying 40 more a month for less service. 50 extra just for internet and text. Everything else like the tv service is extra. I don't understand why anyone could knock sprint for adding $10 but can praise verizon and att for milking. They are expanding their network and their prices are still much lower than the rest. Even the tmobile prices aren't that good for the limited features they have.

Even with the $10 4G Charge Sprint is cheaper than everything Verizon offers.
Plus you get true unlimited data.
Plus free mobile to mobile any carrier. Sprint just has the best prices all around hands down.

It's a shame it seems the giftcard will ship with the phone... because for those who have orders that haven't shipped, they could cancel the order for the obsolete Incredible can really get a deal, getting an extra $25 off when switching to the Droid X. :)

I guess the smart play here would be to get the Incredible, set it up, use the $25 credit toward the first bill, then return the Incredible for a Droid X within the 30 day window.

may you have a defective unit and some people who criticize DINC doesn't have a clue how to set up a high end phone to get max out performance.

Forget the gift card. How about an apology and refund (with no penalty for early cancellation) to those of us who DID get the Incredible and can't use it as a phone because of the poor sound quality and the inability to understand callers?

Great device...incredibly lousy phone!

You get a lemon so that makes the incredible a lousy phone? Come on! I understand your frustration but don't take it out on the whole line. My incredible's sound quality is fine. I'll bet people get lemons in all the brands and models. Ya think?

You're right, I got a lemon. So did my wife. And so did the countless others who have posted their experience with poor signal and poor voice quality all over the internet.

The good news is that both Verizon and HTC have acknowledged the issue and say they are working on a fix. Unfortunately, there is no ETA for “the fix”. In the meantime, we get to keep paying Verizon for this “service”. Oh well, live and learn.

So what if you got this letter at the same time as your Inc guys, how would you feel? Lol, wouldn't that just be terrible? I imagine it will happen to some, and if it does, I want to hear about it!

the article and letter are contradicting, article stating "ordered" on or before june 28, letter stating "shipping date" of June 28th or prior. which do you believe?

I believe the letter. I guess the person who read it, didn't understand it very well. Which might explain the article...who knows?, I just want my device.

I received the email. I ordered the INC on 6/9. I was told it would ship by 6/30 at the LATEST. I read at another site that Verizon was offering people a Droid X in place of the delayed INC. I called Verizon yesterday and confirmed. The rep I spoke to was very willing to change my order to a Droid X. But I would have had to wait until 7/15 which is the release date of the Droid X. I chose instead to wait for the INC because I'm hoping it will become available before 7/15. The rep felt that 7 business days beyond 6/30 was WORST case. I'll keep my fingers crossed hoping he is right ....

I wouldn't worry too much about the commenters on here poo pooing about the Incredible. They are probably Droid owners who have some personal bias towards their phone that everyone seems to develop. I love the Incredible, and find some level of solace in the fact that all of these larger phones are too large for a case, so they lose a lot of their allure on that first inevitable drop to the floor.

Actually, we're ex Blackberry and G1 users who realize that the most important part of a phone for business is... THE PHONE! If I'd have wanted a handheld game, I'd have gotten a DS.

tell you the truth, we should get 16GB Micro SD. cheap or free to Verizon but expensive for us.. or maybe even the 32 GB so iPhone users can stop using the Memory as an excuse .... ANDROID RULES...........

i may have been that "tipster" i posted it up on several reputable android and tech blogs.

i have also been informed that if i'm not completely satisfied i can take my incredible into any verizon store and do a direct exchange for the droid x on launch day.

here's the actual email screen shot.

My reception is not awful, thank is fine. Many people say they are having reception problems, many say they are getting good reception. Like I said, you can get a lemon in anything. There have been some issues with the inc. that htc has deemed to be real enough across the board to fix and they have said there is a software update in preparation for these. I would not trade my inc for an x if given the opportunity at this point.

Got my Incredible on June 5th, returning it for the X. why not get the best technology available if you're stuck with it for 2 years? Have fun waiting until December to get your Incredibles


two days after receiving the 7 day delay email from verizon, today at 9:11am PST i received an email notification from verizon upon my order shipment! thank goodness!

i guess airing your dirty laundry into the blogosphere helped push my order out. *ha*

hopefully others will follow. good luck people.

What Verizon should give them is the Seido 1750mAh battery, and comprehensive list of all the Web tweaks one has to hunt down to get the actual phone part of the phone to sound decent and to give the Incredible some decent battery life. That's a better gesture by Customer service than giving them a measley 25 bucks!

I ordered my Incredible on June 6th, cancelled the order on July 24th, and received my $25 apology gift card yesterday, June 6th. Hope this helps for those who are trying to figure out which dates and scenarios are eligible. I will be using the $25 towards purchasing the X next Thurday. I really liked the DInc but couldn't handle the greyed out screen when browsing web sites with white backgrounds. Also, I like the extra real estate.