OK, all you patient Verizon Droid DNA owners. As promised, Android 4.4.2 KitKat is here. You'll actually get a couple of updates — the first is a mere 18MB — so you've got a few reboots ahead of you. Head into our Droid DNA forums for more.

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Verizon's HTC Droid DNA is now getting its KitKat update


Finally Verizon getting it done like you should have a couple months ago.

HTC... enough with these exclusive deals with carriers corporations. They are not acting in your best interest.

Happy for you HTC Droid DNA owners. It's an awesome handset performing again at its full potential, hopefully.

It is no different than the Nexus. Verizon contracts HTC and Motorola to make these.

I am pretty sure that Motorola would have fallen much faster if it wasn't for the exclusive

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Safe to say that HTC is more on the ball than it was a couple of years ago... Their update efforts have really improved! Of course, with KK being leaner to work well on older phones, I imagine that is part of what has made this possible.

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I agree, it's not older as in much lower-powered handsets. Outside the past year of annual flagship updates may have said it better.

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Pretty sad the DNA is getting KitKat before the VZW S4 and Note 3. Congrats to all you DNA owners.

In the android space, newer phones tend to get updates first because of fragmentation. Also with notoriously popular handsets in the consumer such as the s4 and note, they should have KitKat by now.

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True.... I have an S4 on Verizon and while it will get an update, I'n not holding my breath for it. I can root and customize, but it would be nice to have VZW native 4.4 out there.

DROIDS are Verizon's babies so it kinda makes more sense to give those phones some attention first imo..

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How do I find the update if it already downloaded but is no longer on the home screen prompt? Tried restarting and the Check New button under Software Update w/out success

Go to ur Downloads app in the app drawer and see if it's there.

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The Droid DNA but not the S4? That's pretty ass backwards. I don't own either of those phones, so it doesn't affect me, but come on Verizon! And I still don't get why they approved KitKat on the moto x (which I own) in 3 weeks but they take months on every other phone.

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Because of the s5. They still look at the OS as a huge selling point

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There has been a lot of issues with goggle now on some handsets....I recommend a hard reset and cache reset to clear up the issue....notice that when you do that you completely remove any fragments of jellybean from your device.

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To everyone complaining that the DNA is getting this update before their precious Samsung phones, remember that the DROID brand is Verizon's baby. IMO it kinda makes more sense to give those phones some attention first. The DNA doesn't need to wait any longer..
Either way, Verizon sucks.

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So far, I am unimpressed. When I got the phone during Verizon's freebie thing last summer, it worked fine. Battery wasn't perfect, but worked well. Then came the update in the fall, I believe, and while it was speedy, it tore through battery life quite fast. With kitkat, it's cut my battery down badly. I streamed 30 minutes of music to my bt speakers and th battery went from 57% to 18% in that very short period of time. Plus, now websites and certain apps lag to the point they're unusable. I'm not sure what the updates did, but this beast of a phone lets out a small whimper, now.

Give it a few charge cycles. Make sure you're not running any task killer apps. Reboot into recovery and clear the cache if it's possible on that phone...and if all that fails, do a reset.

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4.4.2 has breathed new life into my DNA. I can't say enough how happy I am with this now. This phone is leaps and bounds better than my DroidX and it does everything I need a smartphone to do (with addition of certain apps to make it better, like the Rotate app and Go Launcher), however, there were NO apps available that could separate the text message notification sound from the ringtone; As we all know, there was just one master volume that tied both sounds into one. Tired of hearing message alerts? Turn the volume down. Oh you missed a call because you didn't hear the phone ring? Too bad. 4.4.2 finally separates the two, and again, I couldn't be happier.

However, I noticed that the pics I take are far more crispier than before. I can hardly believe the clarity and quality of the pics now vs before. It was good before, but they are great looking now. Just the few pics I took this morning rival my stand alone Olympus and Fuji point and shoot cameras. I haven't went into detail of discovering all the new features - hell - I didn't research the all the features of Jellybean, either, LOL. But I must say that so far I'm impressed with this phone now (wasn't so much before and actually was about to upgrade to the S5), but now, I can hold on to this one until it's no longer being supported and when it dies, LOL. I just need this device to continue doing what it's doing and I'm good. The DNA is fast and KitKat made the transition between apps and clicks even faster, so as long as it doesn't start to slow down, I'm good.

It's hard to believe that I've had the DNA 18 months now. It still looks and works like new. The only part I was disappointed with the 4.4.2 update was that the first update to KitKat disabled my text messaging. I had no idea what was wrong with the DNA. IIRC, the update mentioned that it was preparing the phone for the 4.4.2 Kitkat update, which will be available later. So, I didn't have text ability for more than a few days and only yesterday, I decided to check the update status to see if the 4.4.2 update was available and it was. I'm not sure why I didn't get the pop up like last time, however, that 600+mb download and subsequent update to KitKat was so worth it. Long live the DNA!