HTC ThunderBolt Gingerbread update

It's been a few weeks since Verizon first released the Gingerbread update for the HTC ThunderBolt, only to pull it without official explanation. (Hint: Things were borked.) Looks like the updates set to roll out again, though, with an updated support PDF now live. There's no mention of "things been fixed," so let's just hope that things been fixed. Check out the image above or the link below for the full changelog.

Source: Verizon (pdf); via ThunderBolt forums


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Verizon poised to re-release HTC ThunderBolt's Gingerbread update


I'm sure the main reason it was pulled was that most people weren't getting the notification that they had voicemail. For the last month if I see that I missed a call I just had to check my voicemail even though I didn't get the icon saying I had one pending. For anyone running a business with this phone or waiting for a very important call this would be very frustrating. I do see that as a fix in the upcoming update so it will be addressed. Other than that GB has been really stable for the most part. Anything playing long videos like Netflix are flawless now and the only thing I've had to reboot a few times for was when the mobile data radio got hung up a few times and simply rebooting was faster than trying to do anything with the settings. if they get that right now the phone can be on without a reboot indefinitely.

Instead of calling your voicemail, you can just go into the voicemail app and it will indicate whether you have messages and how many.

Only the thunderbolt supports SVDO because it has two 1X radios, Verizon never implemented 1X-Advanced that is mentioned in this article. It has two radios one 1X/EVDO and one 1X/LTE so it can do data and voice at the same time in both 3G and 4G areas, newer LTE phones only have 1X/EVDO and LTE because that configuration seems to save battery life over the radio design in the thunderbolt, but I believe those phones can do voice and data at the same time while in a 4G area, since it's only in a limited area I don't think they talk about that as a selling point.

I guess they feel battery life is more important than SVDO, I have the thunderbolt and I do use data and voice at the same time from time to time, I got used to having it when I was with AT&T, but I'd probably be willing to drop it for better battery life.

Everyone is raving about ICS. We're still struggling with gingerbread. Look for the Tbolt to get ICS mid 2013 or maybe never. If this update still bullshit, Rezound here i come.

Since they didn't even bring Sense 3.0 to the thunderbolt, I'd be really surprised though happy to see ICS make it to the thunderbolt. I'd expect to see just their dual-core phones updated, since that seems to be the requirement for Sense 3.0. I run custom AOSP roms on my thunderbolt, so it doesn't really matter to me.

Different phone, same problem. If updates are really that important then stop buying devices from companies that screw with the phones by putting on bloated skins and buy a Nexus Galaxy. You'll never worry about bad software or slow updates again.

By the time the T-bolt actually gets Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich will be installed on everything!! HAHA

Is this actually available yet? I downloaded the aborted version previously. When I check for a software update it shows none available.