Verizon HTC One4G​ LTE branding gives away Big Red's HTC One

Prolific Twitter leaker @evleaks has just posted an image of Verizon Wireless' HTC One — and unsurprisingly it looks like an HTC One, on Verizon. In fact, the only thing to give away this HTC One as belonging to Big Red is its 4G LTE logo in the status bar. Besides that, there's no front-facing indicator that this is a Verizon phone — the space between the phone's two buttons is still occupied by HTC's own branding. We're willing to bet there'll be some Verizon signage around the back, though.

Unfortunately here's still no indication as to when we can expect the Verizon HTC One's arrival.  The carrier has announced that it'll offer the One for sale starting "later this summer," but that's as specific as anyone's getting. Fingers crossed that Verizon customers will be able to pick up the phone before the early September date in today's leaked render.

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Verizon HTC One pictured


I agree. The DNA is awesome except for the 16GB memory and speaker. I would really like the Verizon version to be souped up to justify the long wait. DNA/Butterfly 2 would be better if as was rumored:
- 64GB Storage
- Wireless charging (Already invested in chargers and have grown to love it my guess is aluminum kills the possibility)
- 4.99" screen at 1080p
- Front stereo speakers (Why do handset speakers have to suck so bad?)
- microSD slot (Add the damn slot why is this so hard ... wait for it ... 3-2-1 a link to Google article on why it's hard to use SD slot and the affects on performance and how the cloud will save the world)

Butterfly S which has just launched in hTC's home, Taiwan, has nearly everything you are looking for. It is essentially a spec-pumped Butterfly/DNA.

I think it comes with 16GB on-board memory with MicroSD expansion.
3200 mAh Battery for power users.
Snapdragon 600 with 2GB of RAM.
No wireless charging but wait for the US version.
Front stereo speakers, boomsound, like the hTC ONE.

Man... I'm eligible for an upgrade in about a week, and I really want to hold out for the One, but September...Verizon needs to get it's crap together on this because it's a little ridiculous

You are assuming the release date based on the date in the image...smh. That's almost never accurate. Certainly isn't in this case.

The phone will be 6 months old by the time verizon releases it, and summer isn't over till September 21 which could be construed as late summer.

I am wondering if verizon will push back the mid range Xfon for six months now that the new Razr Ultra is coming out and is Droid branded. Verizon doesn't seem to like selling 2 new phones by the same manufacturer at the same time.

I just left Verizon for AT&T two days ago for the One. I was eligible for an update for a couple months and was tired of waiting. It is an excellent phone.

It will be almost 2 saturdays this weekend since we've left. Verizon's connectivity is definitely second to none, but I really don't have any complaint so far.

I got really tired of the Vz bs with:

1. The waiting game on the best android phones. Here it is almost 3 months later and they still don't have it.
2. They're ridiculous logos/branding. I know I don't want to see that on my premium phone.
3. Their indifference to the android community in terms of updates to phones. IE, the whole debacle with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

I'm am very surprised (in a good way) of the lack of Carrier branding as a whole on this phone

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Remember to keep your unlimited you need to purchase at full retail. Unless you want to drop to a limited plan.

Expound. PM me if need be. I bought a TBolt launch, and am holding out for this unit. Would love to preserve my plan and unlimited.

I'd also like to know the other options. Shelling out $700 is very expensive to maintain my unlimited.

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I bought the Galaxy Nexus when it came out. My wife followed in April. I'm done with Verizon. Outstanding service no doubt about it, but I'm tired of their phone release issues. I think I'll wait until April and make a choice.

I'm watching what happens with Dish Network's phone spectrum. If they merge or sell to the right company it could level the playing field some over the next few years.

Hmm. I'm more interested in the next HTC phone. I still have to decide if I want to buy full price to justify keeping my unlimited plan on vzw. I pay $80 a month for everything now. I've seen people talk about month to month plans being cheaper but I haven't seen too much evidence. Seems like they all have catches. Not sure if 10 dollars saving a month and having to watch my data is worth it...and I don't even use a lot of data.

My advice... Don't even think about dropping your plan, I made that mistake already. Verizon Unlimuted plans are priceless right now.

Agreed. I'm unliminted as well and don't want to loose it. Hopefully sometime this summer Verizon will launch the Nexus 4 or 4.5 with LTE. The full price tag on that will be more affordable.

I currently only use about 2 GBs a month though. Maybe if my next phone has a better battery, I will use more. Sadly, a lot of 2GB plans cost as much ($30).

You really think Verizon will get another Nexus? Have you been living under a rock for the past year and a half?

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At this point I may just wait to see what Moto brings to the table. I really think Verizon dropped the ball on this one. Its like buying a day-old loaf of bread for full price.

*gasp* Almost 6 months old? Who cares? It's a great phone and will sell just fine.

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It's a great device, and will sell, but you can't argue that it's waaaay late to the party. 6+months old is aging in mobile tech, certainly Android devices. At least a 6month old Nexi device will still keep you cutting edge on the software. Of course, that's a moot point for VZW customers. has been available for just over 2 months. I don't know where ya'll are getting this "6 months" stuff from. Maybe 2 and a half months feels like an eternity to us guys who check this site everyday, multiple times a day. But to the general public, most of them are just starting to hearing about this phone for the first time.

Pathetic on Verizon's part. This phone is already 79-99 bucks some places and they want to wait till late summer to release it? It's a damn fine phone but at that point as mentioned it will be 5-6 months old and you can bet they will be charging at least 199.99 with a 2 year agreement where as AT&T and Sprint by that time will probably be offering it for free.

First of all, nothing has ever said that it will be a "late summer" release. They have only ever said "later this summer". We are sitting at July 1 right now. A whole 9 days into what is officially summer. So "later this summer" could mean any time between now and mid-September. So at the very latest we would be looking at a 5 month old phone. But that's not going to happen.

I don't believe this is the final version. No way Verizon would sell a phone that they didn't take a giant sh!t on the front of it with their branding BS. I reference the Note 2 for anyone who has doubts.

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Oh really? I'm looking at my Galaxy S3 from Verizon right now, and the only writing on the front of my phone says Samsung at the top.

Some theorize that Verizon and Samsung cut a deal: no front branding on the S3, but the "Verizon button" on the Note 2.

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Verizon used to get the best phones first. Now they are last to get a phone on a all carrier launch. They need to fire the people who are responsible for these delays. HTC ONE should have been available on their network before TMO or Sprint could print any promotional materials.

What's VERY surprising is that there's no blatant obtrusive branding on the phone itself, just a fugly looking "4G LTE" logo in the status bar.

Then again, they might place the logo on the back in which case all VZW HTC One users are branded with ridicule.

Even though Verizon is late, the HTC One would still make a great addition to their lineup. I hope they're able to get the version with 64GB, which would be even better.

Way way to late Verizon. Why would a carrier this big be so slow.What's funny is a person with no marketing skills would of seen that phone was going to be a hit. This is a now world and if you slip. There is no rewind to get th he cash that was lost. F the ONE now and move on to the DNA 2. A.S.A.P.

Verizon must be picking up on Apple speak. "Later this" in Apple speak means "the very end of"

When I see these articles I always think "who the hell cares?" Because its just another phone with US carrier branding. We don't make a fuss when o2 UK and Vodafone UK release the exact same phone with a different carrier sticker on them...

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Verizon has good service but this is ridiculous. im glad i left them for at&t months ago. just as good of service and lte. plus i have a decent choice of phones. face it people gsm is the way to go.

Verizon is really bumming me out lately. My mom is currently with Sprint and I've finally convinced her to switch to Verizon for their 4G LTE (which freaking Sprint doesn't have in our city). She goes to switch and comes back to tell me that Verizon doesn't have the HTC ONE she wants. o_O I don't keep up with this stuff since I have an iphone 5 and upon further research (some sites say it ain't coming to Verizon, then it is coming, etc). Verizon definitely hit a home run of epic fail moments with this one. A phone this big should have been their number one priority.

Now my mom is either still stuck with Sprint or will go to AT&T, so Verizon lost a customer because they are dragging out for so long. This is unacceptable!! GET ON IT AND RELEASE THIS BAD BOY ALREADY!!!

I love AC and all, but this article is ridiculous. That is the same stock HTC photo for the ONE that has been used since the device was announced. Someone Photoshopped the VZW LTE logo up top. Period. This isn't a leaked photo of the ONE on Verizon, not is it a picture of an actual operating device on their network.

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Evleaks is a pretty reliable source. I doubt they will wait until Sept 5 unless its getting a snapdragon 800 chip.