$199.99 on-contract or $599.99 outright, running Android 4.2

After what seems like an eternity in pre-release limbo, Verizon Wireless has officially launched its version of the HTC One, and you can actually go out today and buy it. Pick up an HTC One on a standard two-year plan and you'll pay $199.99, buy it outright and you're looking at a $599.99 fee.

Besides the extra branding on the back, and Verizon 4G LTE support lurking within, it's essentially the same HTC One we've been talking about since the announcement back in February — a phone with exceptional build quality, speedy software and a gorgeous 1080p SuperLCD3 screen. Verizon's HTC One comes in the "glacial silver" color with 32GB of storage.

Verizon's version also has the advantage that it launches with Android 4.2 and a slightly updated version of HTC's Sense 5 software, compared to the Android 4.1-based firmware on most U.S. HTC Ones. For what it's worth, HTC has said it hopes to get the newer Android 4.3 release onto all U.S. versions of the phone by the end of September.

If you need a quick refresher, check out our full review of the HTC One. If you're already sold, hit the Verizon link down below to visit the carrier's online store.

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Verizon HTC One now available


The reason Verizon doesn't provide these phones until they're already 6 months old is because they're testing their bootloader locks and anti-root protections.

Um what other phone took 6mths... Might I add they didn't once say they would carry it at launch.. So it's not like anyone was mislead.. Be happy they got it.

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For software updates maybe, but the Galaxy Nexus Verizon release trailed the original by just short of a month.

From what I have read it's not HTC Dev friendly so it looks like a possible NO when it comes to bootloader, root is another question. But where is the 64GB version, likely no where to be seen or coming in 3 months.

Why do I get the feeling that Verizon negotiated a 30-day exclusivity window for 4.2.2? I'm sure it burns big red that there was no room in the front for branding...

Ugh another whiner about the Verizon logos.

Im assuming that you don't own a stitch of clothing made from a manufacturer right?

Cause they have logis on them too. Do you cry about that too?

Yeah the manufacturer is HTC. If Goodwill started putting their logo on said clothes, it probably would be annoying as well.

Last I checked, Verizon doesn't manufacture the HTC One.

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Granted, but HTC manufactures that particular version of the one FOR Verizon. If you want an unbranded flavor by all means feel free to call up HTC and order one.

Or just go to any of the other carriers...They're all unbranded except this one. I think. I know Sprint is.

In addition the phone is locked down to Verizon so it is a "Verizon HTC One". Never understood all bitching and crying about the Verizon logo other then when they put it on the home key (Note I think) where that just looked out of place.

Like someone already said, Verizon didn't manufacture the phone. Plus their logo is extremely ugly.

✓Verizon 4GLTE

Confused you are my padawan.

What Verizon is doing would be equivalent to your local gas station slapping their brand on your new car.

And then demand that you only use their gas, which Verizon is also doing. Indeed all carriers.

Can you imagine if your phone was network agnostic!


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It didn't sound like whining to me; I actually thought it was funny. Mocking Verizon's logo placement and ridiculously disproportionate sizing on past phones is still happening on this site and other sites because Verizon keeps doing it.

Wouldn't it bother you if you liked a pair of jeans, but didn't like that they had a big logo on the crotch?

guy - use promo code FIFTYRMN to get $50 off the price. It'll match the wirefly price and can be use for in-store pickup

Thank you that code worked. The real cost of the phone is $199+ $30 upgrade fee. So I saved some scratch

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When u check out there's a box for promo codes type that code in.

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Thanks crazygood! Saved me $50! The in-store pick up was pretty sweet as well.

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man I was so pumped about this phone since Feb... and was so ready to wait for Verizon to get it.. but now, it just seems old. I have a dna, so that doesn't help, but I got a gs4 in may, and now I'm ready to get the g2...silly verizon. but i cant complain... i pay a ridiculously low amount with them because I have such an old plan, and no other carrier would match it lol

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seems like the right path for VZW
(I am now hooked on wireless charging)
I couldn't get too excited about the S4 although Maxx is interesting.
How are the LG Radios? - I found HTC radios to be better than Samsung

htc radios are the best next to Motorola. I never had an LG, though.

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Use voice code "I-HAV-KOO-TEES" at a Verizon store and get even more off on your purchase.

Update: it also works at Best Buy.

No 64GB version? Especially with all that Verizon bloatware that you can't uninstall? Enjoy, suckers.

Verizon was way too late to this game, wonder how much revenue it costs them.

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I really want this phone, the only thing holding me back are HTC'S financial troubles. Do you think they will be around in 2 yrs?

Also,I have seen all the horror stories about their update process, have they really turned a corner and will offer the update support that Samsung does, and even what the new Motorola offers?

Financially do not worry. They will not be gone in 2 years. The are turning the corner and as long as they stay on this path, they will be fine

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HTC is in a financial free fall. In July HTC sank back down to pre HTC One financial levels. Experts forecasts a worse 3rd quarter. There's talk of HTC being sold.

I'm really tempted to leave Verizon as I'm getting tired of their level of control over their handsets. I bought the Galaxy Nexus with the promise that updates came directly from Google, only to find out Verizon still had to approve them. I'm rooted and unlocked, but I shouldn't have to go that path just to make sure my phone stays current. Plus I think I borked something in the process and now my phone runs slow as hell.

Plus I have to buy phones at unsubsidized prices in order to keep unlimited data.

If handset flexibility is more important then coverage and quality of service then it sounds like a plan for you...

I'm leaving because after dropping unlimited data (with an upgrade)I'll be paying the same (About 90)for 450 minutes (not much but I don't even need that), 500 Texts, and 2GB of data. Their coverage may be the best but other options are much cheaper. Add that to the fact that if I buy full price, I'm often stuck with a phone that can only work on Verizon (Gnex). Just not worth it even if VZW has been good to me. Anybody have any luck threatening to leave and them giving you a cheaper rate? Maybe I'll try that. I'd pay 70 but the 90+ I pay now, just not worth it.

Who promised you that the updates for the Verizon GN would come from Google? I don't remember anybody promising that, I know Verizon didn't.

People got made over this because of what they wished and hoped not because of anything they where promised.

It's super funny how Verizon now has this Stigma of having super late releases due to the HTC one. I know they generally take 2-4 weeks longer for testing which that's just Verizon.. But someone please tell me because iphone and the galaxy line up are the only other multi carrier phone prior to the htc one... Which other phone took sooooo long for all this crying? They were 2nd to the iphone party 1st to break apple and AT&Ts exclusivity...please inform me.. Might i add They will be 1st on the LG G2

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Lmao... I worked for em 8yrs ago.. But that's not the point.... Lol...
People still go overboard with crying and complaining and lack reason..

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Yeah, there are tradeoffs to every carrier. By now, you would expect people to know how Verizon rolls.

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They didn't muck up the front with a logo. Good on VZW or did HTC put their foot down?

All this b*tchin. If your were to go to vdub tomorrow you'd have to choose between the One, Ultra, s4 and notre2. How is the One any less than the others in terms of performance? Plus the market is so saturated with gs4's it's ridiculous. Soooo, besides those pissed that they already upgraded and couldn't wait this long (which I don't blame you) what's the big deal.

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I'm learning That's just what people do on here.. Bi*ch... Instead of informing and providing an opinion worth something

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Confirmed to be unlockable with HTCdev Unlock. Now to just wait and see if you can s-off.

Hmmm.. The 2 carriers who focus on branding happen to have the most money & best networks The other 2 carriers have had tons of financial issues and almost been bought out in the recent past.... And not so good networks..

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I do admit Verizon could drop the LTE portion of the logo on the back of phones and it wouldn't catch soooo much heat

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But, but... If you take the LTE logo off, the average consumer will think the phone only has 3g...

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Says LTE on the box. In the literature at the display and online . By default 4G shows up in the notification bar. LTE is mentioned in the manual.

Folks on XDA already confirmed that HTC dev tools can unlock the Verizon phone bootloader no problem

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You have to give Apple credit. They basically tell Verizon to go "F" them selves and sell their phones without any of Verizon's crappy logo's plastered all over them.Not even Samsung has the power to do this. Also was in a Verizon store yesterday and I was amazed how much louder the speaker was on the iPhone 5 compared to all the new Droid's and s4. I think I still might go down to Verizon today and pick up the One

Hey Alex,

If I buy this off of the Google Play Store, will it still work on VZ? Being lazy about matching up the frequencies and checking to see if they put some other crap in the way.


I've read some of these comments about the Verizon logo. Who cares really . First off put a case on it if it bothers you that much. Second it spends most of the time in your pocket. Personally I look at the screen on my phone almost all the time so who cares what's written on the rest of the phone. It's whats inside that counts anyway. Lastly the person who commented with the analogy about the logo on your car at the gas station. Well what about when you buy your car. Yep the dealer puts their name on it don't they same difference.

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Way too late for HTC One release on Verizon, should have been out months ago. No 64g version only 32g after this long of delay on releasing. The only good thing is Android 4.2.2 which is not that big of deal with Android 4.3 coming out for the HTC One soon.

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went to the Verizon store in downtown San Francisco on Market St and asked if they had any on stock. The guy said that they have 2 that are on hold and they have no other available units. He then stated that only 25 units were sent to the San Francisco District...25!!! seriously??? I really dont think Verizon is looking to make this phone a hit or will really support the phone. I know HTC will have to send Verizon any updates so they can do their "testing and packaging" but I doubt that Verizon will release much or any updates with the HTC One. sigh...