Verizon HTC One Max users can get Android 4.4.2 and Sense 5.5 starting Monday

Verizon's HTC One Max has a treat soon, says HTC executive director of product management Mo Versi. Android 4.4.2 and Sense 5.5 have received approval, and will be making their way to users as early as Monday afternoon.

We don't yet have any sort of offcial change log, but a look at the 4.4.2 and Sense update on the HTC One gives us an idea of what to expect.

Come Monday, you can check for your update through your device settings.


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Verizon HTC One Max users can get Android 4.4.2 starting Monday


Verizon, there is your answer

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I didn't realize the One Max was a crappy phone lol.

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That's because its not lol. I would love to be able to get an HTC one max in Canada if only HTC would sell it here.

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Kitkat really didn't change much on the G2 I lost root after updating on my Rogers Lg G2 and haven't got around to rooting it again but visually there are only a couple minor changes. I prefer running 4.2.2 rooted with xposed installed it gives you everything you need.

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You can get official 4.3 for the EVO LTE. It won't be over the air, need a Windows computer. Google to find it.

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Ive had it since day one. Its buggy and has been pulled by HTC never to be heard from again. Kind of like it never really happened. So yeah theres HTC's promise for updates for you.

I have the max and love it!
I could easily swap sims with one of the m8's I have here at the office but...once you have a 6+ inch phone...its hard to go back to smaller. it even makes my gn3 feel small!
but I am NOT getting kitkat. is it just me or does it seem VERY buggy?
plus i have root on my max and the development for this device is not 'great'.

Vzw Samsung Galaxy s 4 no update for you. I can't imagine why we root our phones.

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Same here. I have a One Max, and I love it.

edit: As I typed this comment, the KK update popped up on my screen. :D

Z1s would be cool to get kit kat like the z1 and z1 compact so I know all the frustration

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that has nothing to do with Verizon or HTC.

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Though their slow to update....I'd rather them to test it thoroughly then have a bunch of issues to worked out later on.

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