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A seemingly reliable one-click S-Off method now available for those who need it

A little over a month after its release, the Verizon HTC One now has a working S-Off method for willing tinkerers to give a try. The method, which was put together by a couple of users over at XDA, takes a bit of setting up and checking for prerequisites but is otherwise generally a one-click affair. You'll need to be running a 32-bit Linux or Windows install and have the proper drivers installed, as well as a 100 percent stock device that hasn't been tampered with at all.

Once you've checked all the boxes, it seems as though this S-Off method is providing the desired result for folks who have replied to the forum thread. If you're not sure why you'd want S-Off, it opens up the door for future hacking on the device, such as custom recoveries, RUUs from different models and all sorts of good frustration fun.

If you're willing to give it a run, be sure to do all of the required reading before diving into achieving S-Off on your device. We want fewer bricked devices out there if at all possible.

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Verizon HTC One gets the S-Off treatment


Its crazy because I sent my One to Colorado to be s-off'd. Paid 25+30 for shipping both ways. Oh well, I'm still grateful it was done, but this is great news!

I'm glad its available. First thing I did was s-off when I could. then I converted my tmo htc one into GPe one. Yeah I lost a few things but stock android with beats audio is great.

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It is generally not necessary for root(unless there is absolutely no other exploit)

Practically speaking for your average rooter and rom flasher, Soff takes out a couple of steps when flashing kernals and allows for a few more mods to be had. It also, however, takes away a safety net. Flashing a bad bootloader or radio means a completely toasted device that will never see the light of day again.

S-off means that the security flag check is off. Which in a nut shell means that it does not check for an HTC signature on the bootloader and other firmware. This means you have a very high level of customization to the firmware available. Custom bootloaders, mix matched radio firmwares, splash screen, ect. can all be modified.

Most modern HTC devices can have the bootloader unlocked through This however is not S-off. It only really allows you flash a custom recovery(which allows custom roms, kernals, themes, ect. but not radios or any of the mentioned above).

Naw, a root is still a root. From what I can tell, it's HTC nomenclature and akin to having an unlocked bootloader.

HTC phones come S-On. The S stands for safety. You can still root and flash roms with S-On but you can't flash modems. I'm sure there are other things too but no it isn't the same as root

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That man beaups is truly a beast! He and and with the help of djrbliss got s-off for the AT&T HTC One X several months ago. Congrats to everyone and enjoy!

Over all this is good news for the future of the HTC One. Gives further hope to the developers continuing to crack the newer bootloaders for S OFF. Currently on the AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint and international models you can't S OFF from Android 4.3, you have to do it from 4.1.2 so this is indeed good news for all. Means the devs aren't giving up on it!

This is great news as a Verizon HTC One owner! But I have a question for anyone who has a lot of knowledge regarding these things.

I've been a root user before (on my Droid X) and unlocked the bootloader on a phone (my Galaxy Nexus) but S-off scares me quite a bit. Does anyone know if it's possible to use the S-off method to unlock the bootloader, then relock it so there's no chance of bricking my phone on accident? I don't need custom kernels and radios, I just want ROMs

I wish there was a way to just convert my VZ HTC One into the Google Version. I really don't care about rooting. I just want my phone to be 1) Stock or almost stock, 2) Receive updates fast. VZ is notorious in being VERY slow in releasing software updates. If anyone knows how to achieve this without rooting, please let me know. Thanks. ANd oh, I'm willing to pay.

There is a don't need s-off,all you need is xda and a decent knowledge with much would you be willing to pay?

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actually, you need to be s-off or bootloader unlocked to flash the gpe edition HTC one and some of those that have done it, have lost data and or voice in the process.
Since you can't dev unlock the verizon HTC one, he would need s-off so that he could flash it.