HTC Verizon Droid IncredibleWe hear you, folks. The Verizon HTC Droid Incredible that you all pre-ordered over the weekend are shipping now (if you're not one of the uber-lucky folks who have gotten yours already, that is).

If you haven't yet ordered yours, or you're still in mourning after finding out that the Nexus One isn't coming to Verizon and you're going to have to slum it with this 8MP monster instead, take heart and take the time to enter one of our two Droid Incredible giveaways. We're picking winners Wednesday morning, so time's running out to enter. Details here.

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moosc says:

Wonder if order tonight if I can have one tomorrow

ChaosxJunkie says:

My brother just got an email saying it was shipped today and will arrive the 28th...hopefully that's true...guess we shall find out...

oh also worth looked like it was shipped with two day shipping not overnight...when he looked up the tracking it said it was in LA (20 minutes away) guess its just a waiting game now...crossing fingers...

dannychaos says:

This is too exciting. Can't wait for the news Wednesday morning! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!

nate3382 says:

I'm so mad I ordered mine from BB last week. What a waste

zrb77 says:

I just got my notice on the way home that it had shipped and lucky me, it's shipping from about an hour away, so I should have it tomorrow.

ricardosl says:

Tomorrow is a big day for me, confirmed my HTC Droid Incredible is just around the corner

MTpilot says:

Called Verizon today and got my NE2 moved early 2 weeks just because I said my BB Curve sucked and I was really excited for the Incredible. Not sure if I'll get it early, but at least will be delivered to work on Thursday. Super stoked!!!

gwtiff54 says:

Awesome guys!!!

makya53 says:

I can't stop checking the status on Fedex! I'm like an addict can't wait until tomorrow morning.

buckeyenwv says:

Mine shipped out Sunday night and is expected to be delivered on Wednesday

kee23kee says:

iPhone has a leg up on Droid ONLY because of the App Store. Like everyone else, I received my email saying its shipped also. FINALLY!!! My friend has a Moto Droid and I'm already geeked up about the apps I'm going to download.

marcg611 says:

my preordered incredible said it shipped on sunday and expected delivery is April 28th, but dont think thats going to happen, its been sitting in Memphis ever since, and Im in Michigan!. They are probably at fedex but held to only be shipped on the 29th! fricken tease!! Wed would be great tho!, waited forever for this or the nexus to come out!

judeism says:

I just found out I'm getting mine today! I haven't been able to focus on anything else! I think it's about to get worse !!!

Calex823 says:

I just picked my Incredible up from my local FedEx shipping center!! I'm so excited! My deliver date was tomorrow Apr 28, but I called fedex and asked to hold it at the local shipping center so I could pick it up today. They said vzw requires that delivery must be attempted atleast once, but the fedex rep was gracious enough to give it a shot anyways...and it worked! So that's a tip for anybody who sees their beloved Incredible sitting around the corner from them at the fedex sorting facility.....keep calling fedex until you get a rep that's willing to have it held for you....then go pick it up....why wait???! Enjoy....

marcg611 says:

hmmm...... why is mine hanging in Memphis,TN for the last 2 days and im in Michigan! lol better be flying in tonight!!!! and funny that my shipping is labeled "fedex 2 day service" when I checked out with Fedex overnight?? guess i cant bitch unless I dont get it on the 29th as promised......

Jarpee says:

Did you guys get an email with shipping info?

ChaosxJunkie says:

yes...verizon sent an email comfirmation with a tracking number letting you know it was shipped.

sklemp says:

I just got an email from VZW saying my phone shipped too. Can't wait, I may try to call the sorting warehouse about 10 miles down the road to pick it up.

molinap1 says:

Mine shipped yesterday and was scheduled for delivery tomorrow. But since it was coming from so close, it's already on a Fedex truck out for delivery. I may have to fake being sick so I can go home early to meet the Fedex guy.

makya53 says:

Thats what mine said also, and I got mine today. Good Luck!

marcg611 says:


makya53 says:

I just got mine and it's on the charger good bye storm. Just for shits and giggles i tried and for now my seidio clip holds it in place.

ethannation says:

Ugh... why does 2 day shipping from Ontario CA, to Fresno, CA take TWO DAYS?! UPS Ground is overnight within CA! WANT!

ChaosxJunkie says:

Just received mine!!! It said two day shipping but got it complaints :D

fulano83#AC says:

I got mine this morning at around 10:00. It was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow...

This is my first Droid and I'm loving it. I switched over from a Storm 2...

Jason Turk says:

For the ones who got it already, did it come with a 2gb micro-SD card?
Not that I care, I have a 16gig one in waiting, but I could donate the 2gig to a friend.

makya53 says:

yes it did and I put mine in my old Storm before some sucker just bought it. Bye Black Berry.

markspyguy says:

*PROBLEM!* I ordered my phone on the 21st, I have not received an email about ANYTHING, order confirmation, shipping ect. I have the printed confirmation when I bought it, but no email. Should I be worried or do I get an email when it ships? *my order number begins with 520 and I live in Michigan* On verizon it says Order Status: Your order is currently being processed. Please check back tomorrow. It has said this since I ordered it.

sklemp says:

Mine says it's on the FedEx vehicle for delivery. That means I'll be getting it today. Epic Awesome. Or should I say Epic INCREDIBLE?

Can't effing wait!