Verizon HTC Droid Incredible scratch test

Do not try this at home. For that matter, it hurts just looking at it. But sure enough, it's a Verizon HTC Droid Incredible getting coins thrown at it and keys dragged across the screen. Basically, it's like being in pocket Hell. [Imageshack via Android Central Forums] Thanks, Brandon!


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Verizon HTC Droid Incredible scratch test


Kinda a bogus test , side of the key and knife , try using the point of either , that test proved nothing

It proved you can scratch the crap out of with things normally found where your phone is, usually a pocket, and it's fine. I'm the one that did the test (don't know why they say thanks brandon, my names not brandon, anyways) and the tip of the key wouldn't have (and didn't) do anything thing either. My knife is sharp enough to shave with, so yes, had I used the tip, it would have gouged the crap out of the screen because, well, it's glass and any really sharp object will scratch glass. I don't however, keep my blade open while it's in my pocket so I should be fine.

Besides its a GLASS screen like the Droid, Nexus and alike , any of them would easily pass that so called test

I think most of use keep our touch screen devices in either a pocket with only the phone in it, or in it's own special case in our bags, clipped to our belt on in our pocket.

I always see people say to use the point of the knife, key, pin or whatever. Yeah that'll damage it, but this is to simulate being in a pocket with keys and loose change. The stuff in your pocket isn't going to carve it like a Thanksgiving turkey, and even if it did, there was probably enough pressure to crack and destroy the screen completely.

I quit using screen protectors when they went from plastic to glass screens and have no issues.

Yeah meeting too , the easy to scratch palm pre was the last phone I ever put a screen protector on , no longer needed. On the 4 phones I have had since the pre

I am still using the "Remove before using" film. Sure, the screen legend is a little difficult, but I am not worried about scratching the screen.

Ok, while I'm a big Android supporter! I have to say someone dropped the ball with the Incredible! Guessing it was HTC and not Verizon. But the signal strength, and call quality are not on par with whereva flag shop device should be. Returned mine today, when they get a fix I'll be back!

I get equal or better reception than I did from before. Sure the screen shows only two bars, you got dB signal not some amount of bars. Oh well, makes good for getting rid of noobs

So I see the hardware keyboard also got scratched. Just saying! Seems the iPhone is leading the way in that too.

I do the same thing with my Hero when someone asks about screen protection, most of them have glass screens vs plastic.

who would be stupid enough to put this phone in their pockets with the keys or pocket change? That is why they have BELT holders for these kinds of phones. I would'nt do it even though I'm stupid.

Glad I don't carry an open buck knife in my pocket with my phone... whew! Even then tho, I guess it wouldn't scratch my phone, just puncture my femoral artery.

i definitely cringed when i saw this vid...i actually held my Incredible juuuuuust a lil tighter when i saw the blade...hew thank goodness it's over