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Lately we've been seeing an awful lot of this 5-inch beaut called the HTC DLX (or Droid DNA), and a recent FCC filing is making it look a lot more official. Consistent with the Verizon branding we've seen over the weekend, the FCC filing for the HTC6435LVW lists support for Verizon CDMA and LTE bands, along with a few extra kicked in for world roaming. 

We've had a source getting up-close and personal with this particular device, and combined with some rumored specs from other sources, we're starting to get a pretty clear idea of what to expect. The HTC DLX will be running Android 4.1.1 with Sense 4+ running on top, have a 5-inch 1080p display, and run a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor with 2 GB of RAM. There should be an 8 megapixel camera on the back, but it might go up to 12. That said, the Droid DNA is shaping up to be one sweet device; the only thing we're waiting for now is a proper announcement in time for the holidays (or better yet, Black Friday). 

In any case, you can take a look at the FCC filing over here if you want to get into the technical stuff. Anyone interested in picking this one up? If the specs pan out, how well do you guys think HTC is going to do over the holidays?

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Verizon HTC DLX (Droid DNA) makes appearance at FCC


With the LG GN4 a non-verizon unit with memory and other limits etc... This beast (beaut) may have to replace the VZW Galaxy Nexus... Although I will miss swappable batteries in exchange for faster clearer Star Wars Angry Birds... Hmmmmm...

Actually, as I reflect with my love/hate with the VZW GN I have really enjoyed custom ROMs (AOKP, Liquid and some others) and the next day fast trip to 4.1 when it came out. What are the chances that will be possible with this DNA thingy?

Only problem is HTC is sllooww with updates, like you are lucky to get one once a year if that, then vzw will take 3-5 months to test HTC's update. So expect not to have this device updated if at all.

If you can hold off till March, (provided that they would released it by then), just wait or get the GSIV. It should still have removable batteries and should trump the dna or dlx. (whatever name it could be).

Of course when March rolls around, there will be another phone from someone just a few weeks/months away so you might want to wait until that phone comes out as well.

By march/june next year the Motorola Nexus should be popping up, everyone is point ting to spring or summer next year. Now that Motorola has finally finished all the phones that were in motion already during the Google acquirement, they can now begin anew with better designed devices with better specs. The HD was the last phone in development from Moto before the Google acquisition. Speculation is it will take at least 6 months for a new Nexus phone to be designed for sale by Motorola.

I am clawing at my computer right now!!! I have to get my hands on this phone, and it better come with a 12 mp camera!!!! Sprint had better be a player for this phone or I will commit carrier suicide...and I am so serious!!!

This could be my next phone, but I'm a little turned off at how unsupported my Droid Charge has been.

This might be my next, I've been pretty pleased with my GNex as of late so I might just hold off until next year. Though my upgrade is burning a hole in my pocket.

When will HTC get on-board with the multi carriers for one device? Like Sammy does and Big Fruity as well.

Now if this was on lets say for example AT&T then Maybe, just Maybe I would forgo the Note 2.. But alas, HTC has decided that big check mark is best. So be it.. No removable battery is a non-starter IMHO..

7 days until i can upgrade to the Note 2 on ATT.. Its Like waiting for this friggin election to get here. It is and my phone is next!!

"The big check mark" hasnt had a flagship HTC phone since the Rezound. I watched the One X and One X+ head over to AT&T while Verizon got the newest Incredible. I think it's your turn to watch another carrier get the goods Bro! I do agree that everyone should follow Samsung's lead with the S3 and provide the same phone (network aside) across the carriers. Hell I'd be happy if everyone put the micro-USB in the same friggin spot and used it for the docks so you can charge and play music without Bluetooth or extra cables!

Yep, big difference between 2050 and 2500. I cannot see myself getting this with a 2050. I need hard specs before my pre ordered VZW Note 2 arrives on the 27th of this month.

EXCELLENT. Now that I think about it, I might value wireless charging more than stock Android. Of course that's easy to say coming from a Galaxy Nexus. Still, the Pre 2 sitting in my drawer reminds me every time I see it of how much I miss being able to just set my phone down and have it charge.

Aw hell yeah. I've been waiting for something on verizon to top my GS3, and after the lackluster camera on the razr maxx HD I was beginning to think there wasn't going to be anything that would top it from every single angle till the GS4, but good god HTC has hit the nail on the head with this.


HTC please bring this phone to Sprint (and announce it soon)! I'm close to getting a Note 2 but the HTC screen blows the Samsung out of the water.