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While technically there is no button, ingenuity wins this round and the logo on your HTC One can be more than a pretty face

Quite a few folks were disappointed when we found out the digitizer behind the HTC logo on the HTC One was blocked, and most of us gave up hope of ever having a custom middle button in is place. But this one from the never-say-never files shows that determination and hard work can always pay off.

Just because there's no dedicated button area doesn't mean a lot when parts of the logo extend into the rest of the digitizer, and tbalden over at XDA has worked out a method that allows the top half of the logo to register touch events. As of this writing, there are two versions of his package -- one uses the Home button to wake the device and the logo to turn off the screen, and the other allows the logo to act as a menu button. 

Things are still a little shaky on some versions of the software, but if you read through the entire thread there are a couple of solutions to get everything -- including an audio routing fix for earpiece volume issues -- working, at least for the GSM versions. 

We still think HTC should have made the logo a button in the first place, but this is a reasonable substitute. Go have a look.

Source: XDA-Developers; via: Android Central forums


Reader comments

Use the logo on the HTC One as an extra button with a custom kernel


Have we ever heard an explanation as to why there's only a logo there and not a button? Most people were bothered by knocking down the buttons from 4 to 3, but 3 to 2 was idiotic. I use the recent apps button constantly, and hold it down many times for menu.

I can understand if we were finally at a point in Android where every single app did menus properly, but we aren't and they forced their awful 3 dot menu on everyone with no chance to fix it.

Why make a near perfect phone if you're going to unnecessarily ruin it?

I like the idea of a "recent apps" button. I get it. It's on my Nexus and use it often. However I am not too happy with getting rid of the search button. I don't know if this was infringing with Microsoft patents as I only see them in their phones nowadays. But it was damn handy to press the search button on Maps, Amazon, Gmail, Pinterest, etc. I know I can manage without the button but I wish I could put it back somehow.

I've read that the UK update allows a long press of the back key to be the menu button. Don't actually know (in the US) but that would be cool.

I'm not getting this phone for the simple fact that there are only two buttons. Okay, you can make the "htc" button, but that doesn't change the fact that the left button still has the "Home" icon. Boo HTC!

That's ridiculous. The button setup on the One is a non-issue. Pretty much every reviewer has said they had no trouble getting used to it. I came from a Nexus 4 and after a couple days double tapping to multitask and long pressing for Google Now has become second nature. I can actually multitask a lot better on this phone than the Nexus 4 because I can see 9 apps at a time on the multitasking screen instead of 3.5.

"That's ridiculous. The button setup on the One is a non-issue..."

You for got two words " me." What I will accept is different than what you will accept.

I can concur with this man, I, coming from a Galaxy Nexus, thought that i would dislike the set up but after awhile it becomes natural and you dont really notice it. What I dont understand is the big deal with everyone complaing about the home button not being in the center. Gingerbread phones didnt have it in the center. Heck on my old evo it was on the far left corner.

On my One S, I often accidentally hit the multitask button when trying to reach across the screen with my thumb during one-handed use, which is most of the time. I'm looking forward to the new arrangement. it's a non issue for YOU. Everyone has different tastes and needs. I could care less what "pretty much every reviewer" said - I am not "pretty much every reviewer" and have my own preferences, just as you. So for SOME it's a non-issue.

LOL, yeah this phone is seriously gimped... from the 2-button setup to the home screen bloatware that 'you can just ignore if you don't like it'. But people will buy it anyway, because it's 'sexy', and you know... that's what is most important about phones now days. (Thanks, Apple.)

Actually aside from the 2 button setup and that "blinkfeed" screen that doesn't have to be your home screen, its the fastest phone on the market. The best combination of screen, chipset, camera on the market even after the S4 is released. But yea, its also a sexy mutha. But don't let any of that get in the way of your nonsense.

"... its the fastest phone on the market."

Until the next one is released. If the price to pay for having the fastest phone for the next month or two is to have to deal with Sense and HTC's heavy-handed approach to user experience. I'm happy to toil away with my 2nd or 3rd fastest phone of the moment.

My guess (read: hope) is that HTC incorporates this into an update and makes it the recent apps/longpress-menu button. Or make it customizable in any way whatsoever.

This is the worst idea HTC put into this upscale phone. Why the hell would they overuse The Home key instead of the solid 3 key build. I would have love to see the Nexus One home key incorporated into this phone, not using the ball but the things that small round ball could do in the phone is very handy and fun. Don't use the ball but another button that could do the same thing but looks modern. Just a thought, I'm a big fan of the Samsung button as well, it is so freaken handy. Just My Opinion.

I think people would have been less enraged about the 2-botton setup if HTC just had it set up 2-button by default but allowed the HTC logo as a 3rd button option, stock.

I would like it to wake up the phone if you swipe up blackberry 10 style. That would make me more envious of this device (not enough to buy it but still).

So, you're telling me they took away the menu button (well, recent apps button, but who really used it for that?) entirely on this and if you don't use a custom kernel you get that ugly black menu bar in apps? That was one good thing about the evo lte, Sprint/HTC even released an update that allowed you to customize the buttons so that you could get rid of that ugly menu button. Can't believe they took this step backward...

What I don't understand is why people who don't own the phone or have any interest in it post in the comments. But on topic I think it would be a nice future feature if they added it. Its taken a little getting used having 2 buttons over one (iPhone) but its very streamlined in its execution of just the 2.

I have the phone and while I bitched the first day by the next day i thought it was fine. I actually like now, long press google home, double tap recents and hold is home, its easier than the S3 I had prior. People hate change....I embrace it so I'll grow ;)

I thought it would be a huge pain having 2 buttons (coming from a Gingerbread-released Inspire 4G with 4 buttons). After a small amount of time, I got used to it. I actually would rather have the HTC logo where it is now with 2 buttons only than a big gap in one of the speaker grills.
Anyways, I'll try it out if I don't like how ARHD handles the Menu key.