Updates for carrier-branded phones not expected by the end of September as hoped

This probably shouldn't surprise anyone, but if you've got a carrier-branded version of the HTC One here in the good ol' U.S. of A., you can quit mashing that "Check for updates" button. While the unbranded (and European) versions of the M7 have been or are in the midst of being updated, as is the developer edition, the others look to miss HTC's self-imposed Sept. 30 deadline, according to HTC Exec Jason MacKenzie.

The word about a month and a half ago was that they were "working hard" to get Android 4.3 and an updated Sense released to everyone by the end of September

Now, MacKenzie says, we'll have to wait a little longer.

Missing a deadline — hard or soft — isn't ideal, of course, especially when it comes to software updates. On the other hand, that's why you don't give hard deadlines unless you know you can make them.

Regardless, we've got a feeling updates are on their way. Just don't ask us to tell you when.


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U.S. has to wait a little longer for Android 4.3 on the HTC One, exec says


I am wondering why is everyone mad at HTC? When we all bought the phones did we received a guarantee from the Carriers or from HTC, saying the update would e out in this day? The answer is NO, so blame your self. Just wait until it`s time for it.
Or just buy the Developer Edition and get over it.

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced because they remembered this is HTC we are talking about and this kind of thing is nothing new.

Not HTC when will you all learn. Its the carrier that dictates os release.

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Exactly. Don't give a date if you can't make sure the carrier can meet the deadline.

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But name one other non Google play edition of nexus who is going to update their phones to 4.3?

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When did Samsung announce they are going to update any phones? And if they did when did they say it would get done by?

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And it looks HTC is sticking by it. Other HTC are getting the update. Are we going to go nuclear like you all did when bb failed to launch BBM? Delays happen its life. Hell I had to wait 5 hours to get loaded today when the shipper had me schedule for 9am but delays happen. Just be happy they at least acknowledge the delay. They could have kept quit.

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Well HTC delivered me 4.3 yesterday on my Unlocked One. So any rage should be pointed at AT&T. I have AT&T and I knew this would happen so I got my phone through

At least there's someone higher up, in the know, who can give us HTC owners some information. The update would be better, but the next best thing is being kept in the loop.

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Wow... Why put a f**** date if there's a possibility you won't make it!! Nice job htc

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Because people bitch and moan when they don't give a date. Besides, it sounds to me like they're going to be close (probably a week or two at most). I've seen worse delays.

Seriously, people cry when they don't give a date, cry when they do...what the hell do you want them to do? Things happen and sometimes plans fall through. Welcome to Android, if you want fast, consistent updates I suggest you check out the iPhone.

Except Android phones such as Nexus & Google Play Edition phones gets fast & consistent updates.

You're right, so buy one of those. I'm just getting tired if people buying carrier subsidized or sold phones then complaining when they have to wait longer for updates. Android just turned five, if you're still surprised by this you're a damn moron.

Where the f*** is the damn like button?! If people want faster updates convert you phone to a google edition or international htc one. People are going to start b****ing when they get the update because there are a few bugs.

To be fair, HTC met their deadline, by around a week. It's in the carriers' hands now. If they didn't need to put their crap on there and "certify" it (whatever that means), we'd have it already. I'm fine with it. Like someone else said, at least this guy's been giving us updates instead of leaving us in the dark. And it's also nice of HTC to say "hey, why bother putting out 4.2 when we can just put in a little more effort and make everyone up to date (at least for two weeks anyway)".

I totally agree I just don't know why the cries are not louder against the carriers. They are the ones raking in all the money and screwing their customers. Once they get you to sign that 2 yr contract you are yesterdays news and they have no interest at all in you till your contract comes up for renewal.That is why they don't want to update the phones they want you to buy another and be stuck in another 2 years. Heck a carrier that kept phones updated and took care of me through my contract would earn and get my total loyalty.

Because that would mean people are partly to blame for further supporting the carrier-purchase model. By blaming HTC, they don't have to accept that they knowingly bought a phone that would take forever to get updated, so they could get the subsidy from their carrier.

And the DNA is now end of year, and 4.2.2 not 4.3 (see his tweet from 9/23, can't link). Good thing the M7 port works well at least.

I find the communication refreshing, much better to own up to missing a deadline then to let the deadline come and go without a word. Kudos to HTC.

Th update is already out. It's Sprint, Tmobike, Verizon and ATT that's holding your update back. Don't be mad at HTC. Be mad at the carriers. Hell, nobody else even has the 4.3 update available, excluding Nexus and GPE devices. HTC is on top of the update game right now. If you really want the update right now and you don't have a dev edition or GPE, root and Rom is tour best option. Otherwise, wait a couple weeks for the official OTA. I'm sick of people complaining about HTC being bad at updates when every version of the One has 4.3 now except US based Ones because the carriers are sitting on the update.

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So very well said I cannot understand why carriers here are dodging the bullet when it is clearly their fault. The hardware is the same people only the carriers are delaying progress. Apple I guess has enough influence to ram it up their pipes so we all get the update,I so wish android OEM's had the same ability.

I don't think any of you have any idea what you're talking about.. It's the carriers' fault it's HTC's fault... Wah, Wah, wah.. You all know squat... What I do know is that we will get 4.3....I've owned all the HTC flagship phones and they do get updated in Android time... Not my time not your time.. Android time!

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To put a positive spin on it, at least our HTC Ones will have 4.3 before Samsung devices will (carrier branded ones that is).

Not sure I would agree with that seems like carriers and developers are putting more effort into Samsung because of the numbers.

Ummm. HTC Thunderbolt, Inspire, Evo, oh look I can name old HTC devices too. Putz

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The One X is only a year old. There's nothing wrong, with someone asking for an update, especially for a one-year old flagship device.

Stop being a dick.

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Actually the one x came out April of 2012 just so you know. It's 18 months old and 4.2.2 was released for the one x in Asia and Europe about 2months ago. The galaxy s3 came out a month after and is still running 4.1.1 or 4.1.2? So I think Htc has been doing better than other oem's with their updates also it seems Sony has been doing well also.

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I'm not arguing HTC's ability to provide updates. I'm just saying, it's not unfounded for someone to ask for an update to said company's previous flagship device. Yes, its 18 months old; but, it was released in 2012. It should, at least, see 4.3,before being forgotten.

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You what...I'm actually glad they are at least updating us on the progress instead of nothing at all.

Sent from my HTC One

No, actually the Verizon HTC One is on 4.2.2 and Sense 5. I'm looking at the Software Version screen right now.

I only buy Nexus devices because where we are now software is more important then more cores or better tech. I must say though even with HTC missing the date it is refreshing to see them communicating with their customers and seeing that they know their customers want updates and that is important to them.

Seeing manufactures interested in supporting their devices with OS updates is really a change from what we have been used to. Hopefully this continues and only improves in the future. I needed to abandon HTC and Samsung because I was always got stuck with a device that was not being officially supported and updated after a year of owning it.

The real question here is will HTC support Kit-Kat on the One or is this the One's final hooray with 4.3. That will be the tell on how much they really care.

If the rumors about KitKat being less RAM intensive to improve device support and reduce fragmentation are true then I don't see why not.

I could not agree more about HTC the blame here falls squarely with the carriers. Why on earth do people blame HTC for the U.S. carrier failures. That is like kicking the dog if the cat farted.

That is why you buy your Nexus from the Play Store and go to a pre-paid carrier! Screw the carriers.

I don't think either the Sprint or Verizon Galaxy Nexus will see anymore updates. The Verizon Galaxy Nexus is closing in on its 2nd birthday; and the Sprint version is closing in on its 1st(?) birthday, I believe.

To be fair, I believe the GSM version will stop seeing updates, as well, after the debut of the next Nexus device.

And the next version of Android will be announced next month SMH. This is the exact reason why I vowed never to buy a carrier device ever again. The ones that bought an HTC One GPE should be just fine. Enjoying my Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition with Android 4.3.

If I had known they were going to release a google play edition when I bought mine I surely would have gotten that instead. And if there was an option to convert mine without voiding warranties I would do so as well.

I don't think "slightly" missing the September update promise is a big deal. Hopefully, carrier models will be able to update before mid-October.

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I don't blame HTC at all they are doing a good job and I appreciate them keeping us in the loop. However updates from carriers are ridiculous first the rest of the world got 4.2 not the us carriers,now we are skipping that here to go to 4.3 ok fine. Now a delay here again the rest of the international and developer editions are getting 4.3 what is the possible reason for the delay when a working leaked rom has shown up? Are we going to skip 4.3 in the U.S. now and move on to Kit Kat 4.4 or perhaps skip that and wait for Android 5.0 but why stop there lets wait skip that and go for 6. Oh wait 7 will come out after that and it goes on.

They hit their date. We all knew the carrier update would be later. They'll still beat everyone.

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This the reason why after my contract with at&t ends I'm going with the nexus 5 I love my HTC One but these carrier updates blow.

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It isn't that dramatic of an update. The only big difference is lock screen widgets. Updates aren't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things

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I just want my purple tinted camera fixed, or at least an official acknowledgement from HTC saying it's software or hardware related.

After my contract end , I will buy an iphone , apple customers are very happy with updates

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Oh, really? Nothing about motion sickness, lock screen bugs, keyboard design, wifi and bluetooth issues?

If you want an iOS type instant update experience get a Nexus or GPE device.

- the motion sickness issue affects a very small minority of people, and the parallax can be turned off, anyway.
- Apple already released a fix for the lock screen bug in a week. By contrast, good luck getting an Android manufacturer to fix a security hole in a fraction of that speed (if ever).
- my wifi and bluetooth are working just fine, not sure what you're talking about.
- the keyboard is the exact same as the previous one, except whiter, and is the second best keyboard outside of SwiftKey, IMHO.

Not sure what you're getting at here. I do know that I don't have to wait for AT&T to decide to eventually, maybe, perhaps approve iOS7 before allowing it to get pushed out. One of many reasons I'm a FORMER Android fanboy.

As a Verizon HTC One owner, I'm not surprised that they're waiting on carrier approval. Since the update is ready from HTC and it's in Verizon' court, I'd expect to get it sometime in February

Good job Verizon~

This does not bother me. The ROMs based on the att leak are practically flawless. T-MO has a bug less 4.3 ROM as well.

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And keep in mind this 6 month old phone would see 4.3 before the just released moto X and LG G2.

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I am a little late to this but as a Software Engineer for over 30 years I do have a little beef but not with HTC or the's the software. I have had both Android and Apple devices and like them both. The complaint with Apple is the closed ecosystem and that Android is more open. The problem with the Android devices is unless they use vanilla Android and stop putting UI layers on top then this is what you get and worse yet even if your phone will get an update it's likely goin to be the only OS update it will get due to the enormous time it takes to mod the systems and UI's on top of Android on any one phone so basically you but a phone and should expect it to be that way until you get another. As for Apple, I am likely going back. One thing you can say about Apple is that due to the control over their ecosystem they have a very seemless world that their devices play in and the OS is in fact very nice. least the ones I am interested in are generally available on Android and iOS. I have an iPad and it is very nice and I just upgraded to iOS7 and it is quite nice...and no glitches what so ever. Anyway, again, I do like the Android OS but I have not been happy with the update timeframes and difficulties and ability to update to selected devices only...yes that can happen with iOS but not as much and generally the hardwware they do not reccomend upgrades to is pretty old contrary to Android devices that you may have had for a year or less and not be able to update to a new version...anyway, my 2 cents...

When will you all learn, this is android outside Google!

Yeah yeah let the hate flow, but if you bought anything but a nexus, stop your belly aching, this is how it is!

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