After a week or so of teasers, unofficial builds of CyanogenMod 7 are now available for the HTC Sensation and HTC EVO 3D.  You won't find these n the source tree just yet, and there's no word on when they will be merged and join the nightlies so many love to flash, but if you're up for an Alpha sneak-peek of CM7 on your new 4.3-inch HTC beauty, now is your chance.

Installing these builds is the same as what we're used to, root and unlock, flash ClockworkMod recovery for your device, backup, then wipe and flash.  You can grab the downloads at the source links, as well as read what others have to say about the new builds -- from what I have read they seem pretty stable.  Great way to start the week isn't it?

Download: HTC Sensation; HTC EVO 3D; via +Keyan Mobli


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Early CyanogenMod 7 builds for HTC Sensation and EVO 3D now available


This is very good news for Sensation/EVO3D owners! My brother loves to slap custom roms on his phones and he recently got a hold of a Sensation so I'm sure he'll check this out as soon as it is available

I will be watching. I rely on my phone to much to play with an Alpha. Definitely looking forward to seeing what progress gets made. I have never had the luxury of owning a phone with Cyanogen support, looking forward to taking it for a spin. CleanROM 2.4 shall remain my daily driver.

I rely prettily heavily on my phone as well, and that is why I immediately flashed this last night on my Sensation. Cyanogen Roms are are worth all of the hype and don't be fooled by the Alpha label, they are good enough to be a daily driver.

It sounds like CM's alphas have a history of being really stable. I'm seriously considering flashing one of the alphas on my Atrix.

For an alpha. this thing is damn good,what else do you expect from toast. Now I see the true speed of my evo. Wow is all I can say.

Bong yeahhhhhhh!!!!!! loved cm on the supersonic can't wait to download! taking 3d images and video not working for now.

From XDA (

The current buglist:
-Recording 1080p video for a couple minutes causes a soft reboot
-Misc minor scaling issues
-Skype requires a speaker toggle for audio to work correctly
-Small issue where wifi calling FCs on boot for EU Sensations. This will be fixed.
-Bluetooth headset is untested because no one on the team has one. I don't know if it is a bug or not.

This is for the Sensation, not sure about the Evo 3D.

KNOWN ISSUES: - bluetooth borked for now
- nextflix has a security issue
- wimax broken for now
- keyboard all massive. i use Gingerbread keyboard from the market
- taking 3d images and video not working
- 3d pictures (mpo, jps, ect) do not display in 3d
- FFC takes pics upside down
- battery gauge wonky

Known issues for the 3D

This is confirmed and seconded.

Bluetooth no worky
WiFi didn't work for me for one reason or another.
WiMax is a no go.
Battery inidcator is odd ( it actually dropped while charging and playing a game... odd)
And personally, contact management without an app was just a pain
oh yeah..... it took me a couple shots to get the google add ons going correctly... might have been my issue but they eventually worked the second time around.

no 3d capabilites.

EVO 3D here.

Wow. Looks like it's about time to root my Sensation. This is the news I've been waiting for. Can't wait to get Sense off of this thing & see how fast it will really go.

It's running super solid 644mb on a clean flashi . Only issue so far is in market you can only download 1 app at a time