HTC One M8 Android 4.4.3

Latest M8 update is Android 4.4.4 in all but name

Right on schedule, unlocked and developer edition HTC One M8 devices in the U.S. are today receiving an update to Android 4.4.3 KitKat. The upgrade, which according to HTC also includes the security fixes rolled out in 4.4.4, is being pushed out over the air in the form of a 592MB update package.

It's unclear what, if anything is new in the update besides the jump to 4.4.3 — the update dialog doesn't mention any other changes. But we wouldn't anticipate any major alterations to HTC Sense in this OTA, especially as the company is pushing more and more of its Android UI onto Google Play.

The unlocked HTC One M8 joins the Sprint version of the phone, which is already on Android 4.4.3, having received the update along with Wifi calling on July 15.

Updating your unlocked M8 to Android 4.4.3 today? Shout out in the comments and let us know how it goes.

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Unlocked HTC One M8 Android 4.4.3 update now rolling out


Software Update says nothing new (Unlocked M8 on O2 via giffgaff. I've unlocked the bootloader and rooted but don't think that makes any difference, does it?

Got more than week ago, 4.4.3 update to my HTC m7 developer edition. Great work HTC

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Nothing here on my EE M8, bootloader unlocked, CID changed to HTC__001 and stock software installed.

I am rooted and have busybox however I'm still supposed to get OTA's.

Time will tell I guess.

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Well the article does say unlocked US devices... So don't know if you'd be getting it. Could be wrong though. And if you do get it, as long as you have stock recovery and stock ROM you should be good.

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Just tested my GPS after the update and it locks on immediately which it didn't before. Don't be giving out erroneous information and bad advice before you figure what problem is affecting YOU.
Posted via HTC One M8

It seemed that originally (through rumors/leaks) HTC was going to go to 4.4 and skip 4.3. You might get to go to 4.4 or hold off until L gets released.

HTC has rolled all the security of 4.4.4 into 4.4.3 so they have no need to update to 4.4.4. They are skipping the .4 release and working on Android L.
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Just curious if it has the 4.4.4 fixes why would they still call it 4.4.3? It's not due to carrier testing or anything like that. It's just a number and all but it seems weird.

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Because the only 4.4.4 fixes implemented were the security ones. No other fixes were included.

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Got my update! If this is what htc has to offer then they have me as a customer for life. Nice going htc.

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And... unlimited data on Verizon means slow to no updates, again. I love the upgrade to the M8 from my Galaxy Nexus, but this Verizon lack of update support is a pain.

Is there a way to check if your phone is unlocked? Cus I don't know. I still have 4.4.2 on my HTC one M8 English menu version I live in Belgium don't know If this has anything to do with this. Not rooted.

I found my update today when i checked for updates! It updated my unlocked version quite fine to 4.4.3!

I just got it on my HTC One M8 International Model today, honestly I didn't know there was an update until I read this and checked for updates.

Am I the only one who noticed a new install of a file explorer application wit the OTA Update? didn't have it before and looks like this one can move files to the SD Card without the need of root access, cause I haven't rooted the phone yet.

I also notice some improvements in general terms in HTC apps, is there any changelog out there?

well i got the update too but confused, should i go fot it or not? i just want to know how's ur battery life working? its work like before or not?

If it's not the same I'd say it's pretty similar cause I don't notice any major impact on battery life.

Hi Guys..I am using HTC One M8 Unlocked device from USA...My phone currently running on Android 4.4.2..Please let me know will i get the 4.4.3 and future upgrades..