HTC Sense update brings "System Enhancements"

The unlocked HTC One is in the midst of getting a small (17.55MB) OTA update this evening, bringing the version number to 1.29.xxxx.17. The device has hit our developer edition HTC One, and is tagged only with the obscure but ever-present "System Enhancement" bullet point in the update prompt.

HTC hasn't posted any change log at this hour, but we know you Android junkies needed to know about any OTA, no matter the time. If you want to grab this one -- rooted users consider any consequences -- grab it through your system settings.

No word on when we'll see anything similar for carrier branded devices, we'll reach out tomorrow when our HTC folks get out of bed.

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Phroghollow says:

4.2.1?? Isn't it 4.1.2?

We have late-night dyslexia sometimes ;)

Typo. Derp.


fixed now

ranphi says:

Got this update as well tonight on my 64 GB Dev Edition. Haven't seen any details yet on what exactly this update brings to the phone.

I did a test after the update to see if perhaps this update fixes the bug where if you have the Accessibility Service enabled for an app (like the Pebble smartwatch app or Lightflow) it causes the lockscreen to misbehave (e.g. pressing anywhere on the lockscreen unlocks the phone) but it doesn't. Sigh.

teorouge says:

4.2.2 official leaked ROM fixes this, just try that. And a few new tricks as well. ;)

drewgalyen says:

Got the update on my locked, stocked T-Mobile HTC One tonight.

Anybody heard anything about current owners getting a Nexus option once the Google HTC One drops?

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Monarchtron says:

Wait, you sure it's not the update tmobile pushed out a few weeks ago?

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drewgalyen says:

Got that one, too.

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miwaca says:

Besides HTC themselves, where can I order a factory unlocked One? (the international/unbranded factory and the not AT&T/T-Mobike variant that has been unlocked)

epps720 says:

Not sure what your hesitation is from buying it off of HTC but I had no issues at all. Received the phone in 2 days and didn't have to pay tax.

miwaca says:

It's not much if a hesitation. I'm hoping to find it cheaper. Secondhand even. That's all.

pawanjain19 says:

Hi epps720:

Which color did you buy? I am trying to buy from HTC online but I dont see an option to buy black. Please advise.


atrixfll says:

Stuff like this upsets me...

I would love to know what they did to MY device...

I did the update and I do not notice a thing

jfs101 says:

Did you notice the way those MoFos teased us? Do not remove the storage card while updating!...

Savvyray says:

Got a 20MB update on ATT downloaded just now. Not sure if this is to address the button sensitivity issue or the newer smaller said bug fix update.

justafew says:

What software number is your AT&T phone on now? I got the button sensitivity a few weeks back and I'm on 1.26.502.12. This latest update they are talking about updates to

jmitr says:

The update was received in Canada in May by Telus, Rogers, and Bell.

The update log on the support site:

The software update provides the following enhancement: An audio driver adds support to newly sourced microphone.

So, this brings the dev and unlocked versions in line with the rest. If you buy a new One and it ships with .17, chances are you have the new mic.


This update does nothing else but supplies new drivers to support the new mics.

I'm still back on 1.26. AT&T sucks...

Got this last night on my unlocked One on AT&T. Getting an unlocked phone is already paying off.

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phonegeek says:

Another epic fail from HTC... The device should have shipped with 4.2.2 but instead we get a bunch of meaningless updates proving yet again that even Blackberry is better at getting SW out than HTC...

Good luck!!!

sulu600 says:

Still @ 1.27.531.8. No update for T-Mobile user yet.