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It seems there’s a little more confusion than there should be surrounding the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update (or lack thereof) for the HTC Desire HD. Last week Canadian carrier TELUS released an update roadmap stating that HTC had canceled the update. Then a few days back, we reached out to HTC and received a statement indicating that updates for the Desire HD, and similarly-spec’d Desire S, were still on the table.

Since then we’ve been in touch with TELUS, which insists that it’s been informed that the update had been suspended, and that it was an HTC decision unrelated to TELUS’s network, testing or software. TELUS said that if HTC was to go ahead with the ICS update after all, it'd gladly test it and put it out for its customers. And after seeking further clarification from HTC, we were given a revised statement indicating that it’s still examining the Desire HD’s ability to run ICS --

"HTC is committed to providing the best customer experience on our devices and are currently determining the ability to support Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC Desire HD.  We'll provide more information when we've completed our analysis."

So it looks like the future of ICS on the Desire HD is currently hanging in the balance, and that HTC is in the process of working out if it can support Android 4.0 without compromising the user experience. This could also be worrying news for owners of the Desire S and Thunderbolt, which sport almost identical internals, and which are also due to receive an ICS upgrade.

Whatever happens, we’ll keep you posted with any further developments on HTC ICS updates.


Reader comments

Uncertainty surrounds Desire HD ICS update as HTC issues revised statement


Funny thing, the desire c with a measly 600mhz proc and 512Mb has ICS and runs it like a boss. HtC should just come out and say they are not willing to invest personnel in this and at least opensource the ics kernel code to give a chance for devs to give users something they want. Am starting to think that Samsung has the best track record out there when it comes to updates. Seriously.

Any time a manufacturer releases a "we're analyzing the capability" statement, that's just corporate bullshit-speak for "We're seeing if it's worth our time and more importantly, $$$".

Always has been, always will be. It's all about the benjamins. And the name of the game nowadays is to push a phone out, and hope to NEVER have to update it.

If they decide not to release it, it would be pathetic. The Incredible S and Desire S are identical to the DHD in everything but size and already have ICS.

The only possible (honest) reason for this would be financial, there is nothing about the DHD that would prevent them doing it.

Wtf my desire HD round 4.0 perfectly fine and better than gingerbread ...

HTC you idiots remove those pathetic skins build your own apps as a separate thing and ship that with vanilla android ....

HTC is loosing money as it is. If they want to lose a but-load more they are going about it the right way. By pissing of there coustomers to where they will swear off HTC products altogeather.

Vast majority of people are not going to care whether they get ICS or not. I'm in that category regarding my Thunderbolt. It works perfectly fine on Gingerbread! I'll look for a newer version of Android on a new phone (when the time comes).

In fact, I recently rooted in order to stop OTA's and stay on an older software version from back in Dec. 2011 so as to maintain some hyperlink functionality the Apple/HTC war took away in the latest software version (April/May).

Thunderbolt owner here, and I so called it. Everyone saw the emails and the road maps showing the Thunderbolt (and the Desires) to be expecting ICS, but I knew all along it wasn't going to happen. If it ever does, I will be really surprised, but that still won't change how I feel about HTC. These phones are not super old, and like the user above stated, funny how a device with a 600mhz cpu and only 512mb of ram can run ICS, why can't these devices that are vastly superior. Simple answer: money.

So enjoy losing tons of money in the future from lost sales, HTC. You fail.