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Following last week's HTC Ville leakage, a new, unannounced HTC smartphone running Ice Cream Sandwich with Sense 4.0, and a Droid Incredible-style back panel has appeared online. The photos above (and a few more) have surfaced over on PhoneArena, suggesting that a 4G LTE-powered Droid Incredible 2 successor could be coming to big red in the future. While there's no Verizon branding on the chassis (likely due to this being a prototype), that's unmistakably the carrier's 4G LTE logo in the first image.

Additional images show a device running Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich alongside HTC Sense 4.0 -- the same updated Sense experience that we previously seen in the Ville leaks. Hardware-wise, HTC's mystery slab is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU with 1GB of RAM. There's a 8MP shooter on the back, as well as a VGA front-facer, and the screen is apparently an AMOLED offering rather than SLCD, which was used in many 2011 HTC products.

All in all, it looks like we've got ourselves a CDMA/LTE counterpart to the HTC Ville, which we'll likely see at MWC in a couple of weeks. We're not expecting to see any Verizon-specific stuff in Spain, but if we had to guess, we'd say this thing is a likely candidate for an unveiling at CTIA next month. You'll find more pics over at the source link.

Source: PhoneArena


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Unannounced HTC device emerges sporting ICS, Verizon 4G LTE


Great to see HTC stepping up their game this definately looks like all the past Incredibles...Still loving my Galaxy Nexus the best smartphone period..

Given the shape of the back, I'm inclined to agree, they haven't used that stepped back on anything but Incredibles. Looks pretty nice to me, they're still using dedicated soft-buttons so that means they're not using the ICS on-screen buttons, and that means they don't have to go to a giant screen to not loose actual display area, and that means the phone won't have to be 1/2 the size of a tablet.

You're right, forgot about that one. But timing wise, it would fit with an Incredible 3... the Rezound was just released a few months ago, and has higher specs - faster processor and already 4G.

It does make you wonder what HTC is thinking with all these models... Just doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason spec-wise.

"HTC remains committed to re-releasing as many low def small screen phones as we possibly can."

HTC: Dedicated to reliving 2010 over and over.

YES... EVO/Incredible/Sensation/Rezound all awesome smartphones

Although I'll not be foolish to pay the 20%+ month after month premium Verizon extracts, an AMOLED screen would only serve the segment of the population who are visually impaired.

At least the HTC won't sport the cheap Samsung feel and build and dysfunctionality.

that's definitely not an amoled screen. In the pics of the app drawer you can tell by the washed out black background that it's an LCD. It looks about as thick as the rezound too. So much for their CEO fixing their form factor. Looks just like every HTC phone from the past 2 years.

High resolution LCD screens present a more lifelike image with proper greyscale than high contrast AMOLED which is similar to setting contrast to max on one's TV. AMOLED technology on small screens seem to not be even close to approaching the visual acuity of high quality LCD or Apple's extraordinary retina display technology.

The lg spectrum is the iphone screen but bigger and hd. Lg makes the retina display, and Colors look washed out conpared to super amoled.

my guess is that HTC came to that "oh shit" realization far too late to impact any new products we'll see for a while. so now they have nothing but the same clunky EVO-derivates in the pipeline that they must release. i think we will not see the "new" HTC phones for a while. the crap was already in the pipeline and with the same lead designers and engineers it's hard to turn on a dime and spit out new revolutionary devices when you've been asleep at the wheel spitting out derivatives for the last 2+ years. there's too much necessary lag time from concept all the way to release for them to release anything "new" this soon IMO. it's not as easy as just pressing a button. they just can't react that fast from their recent "oh shit" moment.

it's easy to get complacent when the stock price is high.

HTC seems to be doing the same thing as moto. So much for slowing down and making more quality phones...

meh. Rockin' the Rezound. ICS will be coming for that, not sure why this is necessary. I can see keeping things fresh, but it's getting ridiculous.

So this is it huh HTC? Why should I think the next EVO will be anything different? Like I said, my next phone will be a Samsung.

For the most part everything looks the same, except for: AMOLED VS super LCD, Beats Branding. Wondering if it'll sport a high res 1280x720 resolution. Plus having ICS.

HTC can make a phone the same size as my evo every time. They are durable and just put good hardware inside. Since a case will cover mine there isn't much to show off at that point....except my screen showing off CM9......

Wow, just what we need - another HTC phone with the same poor antenna design that will guarantee reception issues and a lousy power button that will eventually fall out of the phone.

And of course its going to Verizon, what badass phone isn't going to Verizon? Sprint needs to put something out to start 2012 they Havnt had nothing new that's actually worth looking forward to.

I like the capacitive buttons. I am going to be very curious how many amoled nexus devices have image retention or "screen burn in" of those soft navigation buttons in a few months.

When I looked at the nexus devices at the VZW store, the only noticeable "screen burn in" was from the dock icons (phone, messages, email, etc.), not from the on screen navigation buttons.

All carriers bloat their phones. I haven't had one yet that I can't root & remove it or flash a new ROM on it.

I agree with Gekko. If you think about it, these phones were probably in development in late 2011 to add ICS. Since HTC has already said it needs to step up its game in regards to innovation, my guess is you see the different phones hit mid to late 2012. The ones they are deveoping now. The ones coming out now will sell with ICS, a few different specs and be very similiar to their current GB models. At any rate, I love HTC phones and love sense too so I might be slightly biased.

Droid Incredible 4G perhaps :) or the elusive Droid Incredible HD, of course I think that one became the Resound..

i don't see the point of this at all? the dinc2 and rezound need ice cream. we don't need a dinc3 as i thought the rezound was part of the incredible line at least design wise? this is why im buying a moto razr maxxx, im not liking what htc is doing here.

Oh please my guess is that is just a White HTC Rezound smh because I don't think carriers would come out first with a white phone first ,that only happens after a black or grey one is released first

I don't think this is a White Rezound because the Rezound's back plate is ridged and this phone has no ridging. And no references to Beats Audio on the back plate...yet.

If this is indeed the Droid Incredible 3, it makes sense, considering that Verizon is making a killing with 4G LTE followup to popular devices. I still have my DInc 1. If this the DInc 3, I am all over this one. Just hope HTC works out the memory issues that seem to plague HTC Sense. My upgrade is waiting for a new phone, and this could be it!!

Milominderbinder insists on bashing htc on every htc post it seems. This device looks good to me.I like the 4 cap button look.if you want less buttons go get an iPhone.