HTC One M8 Phunk Studio Edition Contest

It's time for you to vote from our 10 favorites

OK, folks. We've had some incredible entries in our contest for your chance to win an HTC One M8 Phunk Studio Edition — actually to win No. 1 of the 64 to be created. We asked you to design your own M8, and we've seen some incredible entries. You can view them all here.

Now the hard part begins. We've picked 10 entries that stood out to us. And now it's your turn to vote on your favorite. We've got them all listed in random order — numbers are only for identification purposes. We'll leave voting open through 4 p.m. EDT Friday, then announce the winner live on this week's podcast.

Again, our sincerest thanks to everyone for their entries. Having to pick 10 finalists wasn't easy, and of course we'll all have our differing opinions on which should have made the cut. You're all aces in our book, though. And with that, here are the finalists.

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1. johnnyacks2. bunjiweb3. jfoofoo

From left: 1. johnnyacks, 2. bunjiweb, 3. jfoofoo

4. jeremias bermudez5. alina balagova6. surcelmadalin

From left: 4. jeremias bermudez, 5. alina balagova, 6. surcelmadalin

7. chidi99018. diktea9. alex cabrera

From left: 7. chidi9901, 8. diktea, 9. alex cabrera

archan nair

10. archan nair

Now vote!


Reader comments

These are the finalists in our HTC One M8 Phunk Studio Edition contest!


Oh not mine :-(.. Lucky you guys..number two didn't really deserve this. Lots of other designs were way better thought. Congrats guys. All the best for next round

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Will all due respect Sir, I am not saying cos my design was not selected, its just that there were better ones than that. no offence. there were quite a lot which i liked and shocked that they didn't make it to top 10. I would rather buy a plain HTC one M8 over this one. Out of all this i liked 1, 4, 9 10. while others had a good concept. for example the bird one, though the concept is good would you buy it if you had an option over the original one. i think not. again no offence. im just saying whats practically gonna happen if those were the real designs.

Yeah that one with the woman that showed the whole front and sides even were embossed was BOSS @55 dope... I'm surprised it wasn't picked to be one of the 10. You could even see the relief on the front and side on the design somehow. It was number 18 where he said All embossed: hand-watch, tatto, hair, clothes, lips, bra, all

Yea I actually like all of those and I voted for number 9. I think it's awesome artwork.

So like bunjiweb said, how about some constructive criticism? These people worked hard on these, how dare you talk down on them for it.

I want to see your design for this contest.

P.S Read this: "The next morning (that's Thursday, Aug. 28), we'll put our 10 favorite entries up to a vote and let you fine folks decide." words of Jerry Hildenbrand.

That is how numbers 2, 6, 7, 9 made it to the final, they SELECTED US. Get over it!

I'm sad because I designed something not knowing the cutoff time was 5PM. Finally finished at 5:30 and went to go post it and saw the thread was closed. At that point I just closed out the file and didn't even save it =/

i chose the 1st one because that is the one i would purchase for my own phone if i had to chose from all of them, they were all great designs though and good luck to all!

no. 8 is original and colourful and so my vote goes for it... anyway all the best to all the finalists

I am embarrassed by my entry. I was going to start over, but then I saw what others were doing and just submitted it anyway. Many of these are great. I was going to buy one I think I would choose 10. I wonder where the art came from - if original "wow".

Congrats to all the selected entries.

I'm debating between 6 and 9.  I like the etched metal look and the detailing of both.  IMO, 6 looks better from a distance, but 9 looks pretty awesome up close.

None of these really piqued my interest. There were a lot in the forums that did though. I liked the simplistic ones with sharp lines.

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Pretty sure I've seen 10 as an actual art piece which has been done and done again, and while it's cool, I haven't personally seen 9's design before, and I think it's awesome and comical. I choose 9 :-)

If that artwork isn't original and they don't own the rights to it, it should be disqualified. That's really crappy to be using someone else's artwork. But I'm willing to give the submitter the benefit of the doubt here. You have a link to the original piece?

Oh, no, I meant my comment more in the spirit of seeing that idea represented in many pieces before. The simple head/face with birds, feathers, fruits, odd objects and even eyes and stuff sort of exploding out of the scalp, or worn as a sort of hat; the complex and intricate abundance of lines; one eye is sometimes covered or painted over, or both eyes are shown natural. It could very well be a completely original piece of artwork, and it does look great on a phone. I just personally feel tired of seeing similar designs, so my vote goes to something else. (even though this one will probably win) :-)

They never said they wanted a specific look, so it stands to reason that it's random.

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BTW, they only picked the submissions that left the original homescreen intact!

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Via HTC One

There were some better entries. Like the one with blue DNA on it. Many entries here are pretty boring.

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We are two distinct people who saw that the judgement wasn't really fair, as per all the other comments, so as per our two distinct designs are clearly separate styles.

I disagree.
Some professional artists who designed a piece of art didn't see their design on top 10. That's unfair.
I support Glorious crown
and I ask for reevaluation

Do you really think professional artists are the only ones that deserve a chance to win?  As a an artist in a professional field that's BS. Get over yourself.

Jerry, regardless of whether they're the same person you got to agree there are better than the ones picked. mine sucked. i know.
I think this would be more fair by matching them in a tournament style. it would also be more fun for the readers.

Based on the two designs, I would say they were made by the same person as well.  The "liking" and "thanking" of each others pretty much seals the deal.

If u saw that being a supporting person and actually helping a fellow engineering friend as BS and same person, i really don't think that u have any friends anyways, at least people have some humanity, instead of arguing and actually doing something about it, keep on wasting the internet

Well I'm glad my design (#2) made it to the final, there were some great entries.

Personally I made something that I would like to have myself, and it is entirely original - no stolen graphics or anything else. Made the pattern from scratch in Photoshop and took the time to add the small details to the phone's buttons & edge.


It looks great man. Even if you don't win, be honored to be in the Top 10. Your hard work shows, be proud of it! And good luck to you my friend!!!

Not sure how fair will this contest be. If the poll is like other polls in the past, then you run the risk at multiple votes by the same person.

This is not my first contest, I spent 24 hours researching about Phunk, their vision and mission, I design to Win.
IF THIS WAS FAIR, my design would be picked

You have GOT to be kidding me.  I am so glad you were not picked.  You give artists a bad name.  I have been studying art/design for many years of my life.  I looked through all the entries. I would not have chosen yours.  Not saying they are bad, but they didn't stand out to me.  You need to REEVALUATE what it means to be an artist. 

Oh you think it doesnt take much skill or effort. I wonder where did you study art?! LOL
And I believe you did not get what the 0s and 1s mean.

Thanks for sharing my submission :)

Downloading a photoshop brush off the internet and dropping it on an image of a phone does not take a skilled artist. I am sorry it just does not.

Aesthetics are highly subjective.
Reevaluate... Subjective opinion!

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Via HTC One

First: If you're screaming "unfair" and "re-evaluate," stop. As I wrote, and as I'll say again here, there were a LOT of excellent entries. It's absolutely not fair that not all of them can be finalists, and not all of them can win.

And it's absolutely not fair that a couple of complainers are yet again making me rethink ever doing contests again. I'll just ignore them, and I'll get over it. I suggest everyone else does, too.

I'm not going to bother banning them because frankly I've already wasted too many clicks on them. (We'll have downvoting in the comments soon enough, though, and the problem will take care of itself, I imagine.)

Second: If you're trying to find negative symbolism in bunjiweb's entry, stop. You're stretching, trying to cause trouble, and are otherwise darkening what is a pretty damn cool contest.

To everyone else, and, again, to everyone who entered, you have my thanks. This was way cool to see.

I loved participating in this contest, and it would be great to see another one like this in the future (although I don't know how it could ever be as relevant as this was to the Phunk Edition).

I like the ones that require some sort of effort on our part, like this one and the weekly photo contests.

<sarcasm> Maybe a Yo contest? </sarcasm>

Look, we all know that a lot of us put a lot of effort into our designs - I spent at least an hour and a half on mine, and I knew I wasn't going to win - but please, stop commenting. We all know you double-entered and are sad about not having yours chosen. Wait for another contest. Not everybody can be a winner.

Enough with the double enteries. Sorry, but this makes u look stupid.
we are just friends who love ART

Don't cry if you have no friends who support your work!

LOL, We want a fair contest, Everyone here saw that some of those picked up designs are garbage.
I don't know if the one who picked them is a kid or blind :S

zero sense, zero art, not related to HTC or Phunk studio.

Hey, I just wanted to come here again and delete my comment to make everything look normal. Maybe you did that? +1 for this. I didn't want to be rude to him or something. Maybe it was just because I am from Europe and that is why I got alarmed when it was mentioned here first time. Anyway peace!

P.S. Yeah, these kind of contests are actually more fun than just leaving a comment. More of these in the future, please. :D

I was being sarcastic, lol, just making fun of the... reevaluate...

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Via HTC One

Thanks Phil. I apologize for poking a stick at the bear. It just made me upset people have the nerve to call someone else's hard work not good.
Don't rethink the competitions. I think this was a great competition, as does 99% of the rest of the readers and contestants. Don't let a couple sad, immature guys mess with your decisions.

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Thank you for this opportunity, i miss a contest like this i mean i really used to it once upon a time until this same scenario happens.

Still, good luck to the finalist, get that phunk HTC and more power to AC.

This contest and the the blatantly random choices of designs clearly Begging to reevaluate the value of the outcome, what does it mean to be a designer and it's definitely unfair, and mostly un applicable choices of designs coming from engineering point of view, the engraved designs are to be from the finalists not MSPaint done in Crayon mode! Respect the designers and artists

I love dtagons sl that was my obvious choice. Between all the creativity though, it's hard to pick just one.

Boom! From My S5

Somehow I missed this contest. A lot of the entries look really good. I like android central's creative contests. They're so much better than those like, share, and comment contests other websites do.
Good luck to all of the finalists!

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the top 10! sad that i didnt make it in the list. I love entry number 7 and i voted for it, though i had a tough time deciding whether to vote for 7 or to vote for 9.
anyways lovely contest and thank you for the opportunity. Maybe i will win next time :)

Sorry I didn't paste a single bit except the "HTC" part coz the resolution was bit low... I created from scratch. Thanks AC for selecting my artwork at top ten.. I am honoured

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Looks like a bunch of namby pambies here that deserve to be banned from the site for being disruptive whiners. It is making me reconsider as to whether I want to belong to a place that allows this type of behavior. Fortunately there is a lot of good info in other parts of this site. GROW THE HECK UP YOU IDIOTS!!! Is there an ignore button on this site? By the way, flame all you want, I will not be checking back on this thread to see the 2nd grade replies that will ensue.

-pulls out a can of trollfeed-

Your comment is unfair... Time to... you guessed it... REEVALUATE!


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Via HTC One

ok I have an issue with the one with loyd on it...and I know you guys are being bias because its your "mascot" but that was just a lazy attempt..the other ones [besides that green yellow thing] are way more creative

I am honored to be picked for top 10 with so many great designs that were submitted. I simply made something that I would love to see on the back of my phone. Thank you Android Central.