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We haven't heard much from HTC on the subject of Android 4.1 updates of late. When Jelly Bean was first announced, the manufacturer said it was "reviewing the software" in order to determine which devices would be getting an update, but we've yet to see any definitive list of phones to be upgraded. However, it looks like owners of the One S and One XL (that's the international name for the Snapdragon S4-powered One X, with LTE) can rest easy, as Aussie carrier Telstra has indicated on its software updates page that both of these phones are due for Jelly Beans at a future date.

That's not even remotely surprising -- as flagship products that are less than three months old, the One S and One XL were pretty much dead certs to receive Jelly Bean anyway. And as for the international Tegra 3-based One X, we're sure that'll be on the Android 4.1 update path too, it's just not listed by Telstra as they don't sell it.

Unsurprisingly there's no ETA provided for these Jelly Bean update, though if we had to guess, we'd say they're probably months, not weeks away at this point. The final Jelly Bean source code was released just over a week ago, so HTC will need time to get its devices up to speed on the new version of Android.

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Source: Telstra; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Telstra: HTC 'preparing' Jelly Bean updates for One XL and One S


Hopefully, if HTC is working on the One XL they're working on the EVO 4G LTE (since it's pretty much the same internals except for the SD card).

Well you can get Jelly Bean early if you root your HTC One phone. I am running CM9 and I am waiting to get CM10 for it. But I can't wait for Android 4.1! I want Google Now.

and with this i can dream that they will drop the 4.1 update for EVO LTE and a new version of Sense with it. one that lets me multitask :(

I must be doing something different with my mutitasking. I use the app for streaming, the minimize and do other things. I turn off the screen and put the phone down. It keep streaming. What are you using that kills your application?
btw, I do get on occasion a refresh of Sense. After closing some applications, I get my wall paper then have to wait 2 to 3 seconds for the screen to load.