For those who were worried the day would never come -- the T-Mobile (U.S.) HTC One S is finally getting Android 4.1.1. As confirmed in our HTC One S forums, the sizable (675-megabyte) update brings Jelly Bean, with all its bells and whistles, along with any number of bugfixes. (As of this writing, we're waiting on T-Mobile to post the full changelog.)

The update's a Wifi-only deal, so fire up the router and get downloading.

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T-Mobile's HTC One S finally gets its Jelly Bean update


I still love this phone. I keep thinking about switching my family to Tmobile and buying this for my parents and brother (probably on Craigslist).

I agree, I still think this is the nicest phone made in recent years - near perfect blend of features and form factor. I'm about to switch to T-Mobile, and I'd seriously consider buying an S, especially since it now has Jelly Bean.

I've honestly fatigued when it comes to Android updates. The whole process and turmoil surrounding updates is so ridiculous and unnecessary. At this point, I'm fine buying a phone and just sticking with whatever version comes with it. The reality is that ANY phone you buy is likely going to be behind right from the start, will definitely be so within 6 months, and it's a total crap shoot after that. Just not worth the aggravation of worrying about it.

This is why I'm hesitant to buy an HTC One. It may be the hot phone right now, but you'll wait almost until the next OS is released before you get the previous one.

Exactly. HTC can't keep a phone updated to save it's life.. and it actually needs it's life saved now.. go figure..

The AT&T One X got Jelly Bean in the beginning of March. The international One S got Jelly Bean at the end of December. The Sprint EVO 4G LTE got Jelly Bean in the middle of December. The international One X got Jelly Bean at the end of October.

T-Mobile is at fault here. Not HTC.

Get the One from HTC directly and you won't have to wait until almost the next OS is released, not even close. Get it from Sprint or AT&T and you won't have to wait as long either.

If you have to be on T-Mobile for one reason or another, and direct from HTC isn't an option, well... the options are endless (buy Samsung, buy Nexus, root'n'rom, etc.).

EDIT: And for comparison, here are the rough dates for the S3 (4.1.x):

International: end of August
AT&T (Kies): beginning of December
AT&T (OTA): middle of January
Sprint: end of October
T-Mobile: middle of November
Verizon: middle of December

Samsung, who has much more money to invest in updates, and worked on the 2 previous Nexus phones, as well as the current 10in tablet, got their updates an average of 2 months earlier than HTC across the board (with the exception of T-Mobile, but it's hard to compare the S3 with the One S since HTC focused on the One X before the One S). Of the carriers, Sprint seems to have the best record with flagship updates. The others are hard to analyze with these data (Kies or OTA, One S and S3 comparison fair?, etc.).

EXACTLY!!! Hell... they cant even LAUNCH the one with the latest and greatest! Yes, i am sure tmo has some of the blame here. But there was obviously something that came in the update that they didnt like that HTC had to fix.

To HTC... Screw you.. i already sold my one s and have been SOOO happy with my s3. you are dead to me until you learn to upgrade your devices better.

Huge Update! Everything from keyboard to notifications has finally been updated! I bought this phone the day it came out and have resisted rooting for nearly a year! I love tmobile but i was losing faith in this update... so glad it is here!

HTC ONE S was the best phone of 2012. (that is a period) Awesome camera, awesome battery life, awesome size, now with JellyBean :)

if you need pictures or walk thru let me know... huge great fantastic update... including google now!

....and available almost a year after Jelly Bean was first announced, which will now be 3 major versions behind after next month's I/O conference.

This is not directed at you, personally jazer540, but I don't get how people put up with waiting almost a year for an update before getting fed up.

I just got another one s yesterday. Problem is that I think it's rooted. It's got super user permissions but I don't have a pc. I have a Mac. I use the phone to tether which won't work on tmobile unless rooted. Any ideas of how to get this update or at least get jb in my current state and keep the tether.

give it a day or 2 and someone here or on XDA will have this rooted with working tether. OR... just go use the latest viper rom. I am sure its better than whatever tmo and HTC have "blessed" you with on this release.

how's battery life after the update for you guys? i don't know if my phone wasn't plugged in right last night but when i came to work this morning i noticed that my battery was almost drained out!!

I'm just happy I upgraded to the Nexus and made my once loved One S a paperweight. Nexus devices from here on

Since I upgraded to Jelly Bean, I can no longer connect to my PC. Previously the phone screen would ask me to select either Charging or Hard Drive when I connected the USB cable, I no longer get this and a message pops up on my PC screen saying;

Cannot install this hardware
There was a problem installing this hardware
HTC MTP Device
An error occured during the installation of this device
The required section was not found in the INF

So, can anyone give me a clue as to what is going wrong?