OTA notifications start today, along with a manual update path

Since T-Mobile updated the HTC One S to Android 4.1.1 back in April, many users have seen a noticeable drop-off in battery life. This unfortunate bug soured an otherwise much anticipated update for One S owners who waited patiently on Ice Cream Sandwich for many months.

The newest update -- bringing the software version up to 3.14.531.17 70RD -- is solely focused on fixing the lower battery life caused by the update to Jelly Bean. Those wishing to update need to already be on software version 3.14.531.11 710RD, have a device that is not rooted, and ensure they have at least a 50% charge before beginning the update.

Update notifications are being pushed automatically to phones starting today. Those wishing to get the update immediately can either go to the "Check now" menu item in Settings>About phone>Software updates, or go to the HTC website to update over USB.

More details, as well as how to check a phone's current software version, can be found at the T-Mobile site through the source link below.

Source: T-Mobile; More: HTC One S forums


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T-Mobile HTC One S update fixes Jelly Bean battery life


What about the non-branded versions?

My One-S battery life is much worse than before I put on the latest OTA from HTC.

I'm on stock 3.16.401.9...

The same battery drain is affecting my Galaxy S3 after the last (Sprint) OTA update. My battery can't make it more than a half a day without draining, and that's with the phone just in standby. It used to be able to provide me with a days+ charge before the Jellybean update. Here's hoping Samsung is aware of the issue and a fix is on the way.

I have 3 in the house and none have seen this. I hate to tell you but a factory reset will more than likely solve the issue

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I'm still running 4.0.4 running Sense 4.1, software version 2.35.etc.

And had to go looking for a notice that there's an update.

Last HTC phone I'll be buying.

You have been living under a rock?

It's not like there haven't been enough HTC update articles around on the web.

Never another HTC because you had to go looking for a software update to be available? Go buy an iPhone or something... Oh wait there you have to check for updates also.

I didn't have to check for updates on my HTC/Google Nexus One. It told me there was an update, and kept telling me there was an update, until I installed it.