T-Mobile HTC One S

Just a quick reminder, boys and girls, that the T-Mobile HTC One S (you've read our full review, right?) goes on sale tomorrow, April 25. If you're still on the fence, our own Phil Nickinson is hosting a Q&A in the forums right this very second!


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T-Mobile HTC One S launches tomorrow - we've got your answers today!


Even more reason to pick up a Nexus at $399. The S4 is nice, but it doesn't actually add functionality, and something that powerful is better suited on a tablet.

I just want to say how much I fucking LOVE that Android Central is now plastering obnoxious ads all over the front of their articles. It adds so much to the site, not being able to read the actual article because there is some pop-up demanding I participate in a survey about a product I care nothing about.

Thank you so much for adding this much needed feature Android Central. it makes reading stuff on here such a pleasure.

It takes time and effort to produce quality content. You don't pay a cent to read AC, therefore you are not entitled to anything. Grow up.

And yet, other sites do not seems to have a problem making money without pop-up gate keeper ads blocking their content. How do you suppose they do that? Magic?

And if you use a ad blocker, arent you screwing AC out of their revenue? After all the time and effort they spent producing this content for you. How ungrateful of you.

First off, sorry for the tone of my previous comment. I pigeon-holed you, it was a bit of a knee-jerk reaction on my part.

Don't get me wrong, I hate intrusive, "interactive" ads too. Perhaps you're being served different ads than I am, but all I am seeing on AC are typical 300x250 and 768x90 ads, nothing fancy.

I don't use an ad blocker. I work in digital media, so this is a bit of a sore subject for me. Hence my toxic reaction to the commonly held sentiment that individuals are entitled to content solely because they wish to consume it. Sadly not much is free in this world.

I'd prefer more content producers charged subscription fees and did away with ads, selling customer information, etc. The resulting revenue can't compete with advertisements yet. For the most part readers just don't want to pay to read news, plain and simple.

There have been wall to wall ads on this site for a while now, and I put up with it just fine. This pop-up ad appeared directly over the article and would not go away unless I clicked on it and went to the site. THAT is obnoxious. That is going too far.

Yeah they need to make money. But somehow competing sites are able to make money just fine without resorting to this. Do you really think I am the only one annoyed enough over this to consider going elsewhere for news next time? At some point you are going to get diminishing returns if you make too many demands on your readers.

Get an ad blocker for your browser. I use Ad Blocker Plus on Firefox. Didn't even know there were ads.