Gray got you down? Been pining for a black, MAO-clad version of the HTC One S for T-Mobile U.S.? Your wish has been granted, as you can now snag a "ceramic black" version of HTC's slimmest and sexiest phone of 2012. It's free on contract (after a $50 mail-in rebate), and you'll have the the same version the rest of the world has been able to enjoy for months. The phone's exactly like the original -- same 4.3-inchSuper AMOLED touchscreen and qHD resolution. Same 1GB of RAM and 8MP camera. And (sigh) same Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, though HTC has said the international One S will get Jelly Bean soonish, and we expect T-Mobile to follow suit. 

The black One S on T-Mobile is only available online, so hit the link below, and grab your credit card.

Source: T-Mobile; via TMoNews


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T-Mobile finally gets black HTC One S


You could just buy a case. It's a great phone if the Nexus 4 isn't for you. Hell, some people like HTC Sense. (I have mixed feelings about it.)

That looks nice! I wish more phones would be available in this color scheme - matte black / dark grey, instead of their typical shiny black plastic or glass.

i would buy an lg nexus but with tmobile signal been so weak in building and lg nexus not having wifi calling is a deal breaker for me, so htc have to be for now or galaxy s3.