SwiftKey, the popular third-party Android keyboard, this morning announced an update that will take care of a number of nagging issues. The update is now live in Google Play.

The big news, probably, is that a number of issues regarding the HTC One have been resolved. So if you're picking up the phone this week in the UK, Germany or Taiwan, you'll be able to properly use SwiftKey. (And if you're waiting for April like most of the rest of the world, it'll be ready to go then, too.

We've got the full changelog after the break.

Source: SwiftKey

What's new in Sw‚ÄčiftKey 4.0.1 (published 26th March 2013).

  • Improved prediction quality
  • Fixed Stuck In Initial Caps
  • Fixed issue with question mark being unreachable
  • Fixed Flow trail problems on HTC One
  • Fixed problems with HTC One stock mail client
  • Fixed typing in HTC One Notes app and turned predictions back on in Jelly Bean
  • Fixed jumpy cursor in Samsung calculator
  • Fixed comma in Arabic
  • Swapped locations of Turkish "i"
  • Added French "guillemet" to secondary characters (<< and >>)
  • Made sure @ sign appears directly above A on longpress
  • Fixed Firefox crashes on devices running Android 2.2 and below
  • Fixed shift locking and combining characters on hard keyboard
  • Fixed a number of crashes in the installer
  • Fixed heatmap crash

Reader comments

SwiftKey update squashes a number of bugs, including HTC One fixes


Nice to see Swiftkey will be working properly on the HTC One when it manages to drop here in the U.S.

The best keyboard, just keeps getting better.

Ahh I see what they did there:

"Fixed Stuck In Initial Caps"

But really, that was annoying when it happened. Usually took a restart to resolve.

this app sucked for me, only about 60pct. accurate for me. Swype has been the best, rarely do I have to delete.

I think Swype is better as a pure tracing keyboard, however the "Flow" feature of Swiftkey keeps getting better since the first beta I tried a while back. I'm more of a hybrid typist myself, and used to use Swype exclusively, but this latest of version of swiftkey is really growing on me as my new favorite -- it's like the best of both worlds: great word prediction and trace typing.

I have tried the stock keyboard, Swype Beta, Kii keyboard, and Swiftkey. For me, Swiftkey Flow is the best of all of them (although I like the custom keyboard options of Kii better). Swiftkey Flow is the best of all of the keyboards in word predictions and is also better at learning my words. (Kii is a very close second.)
(Sure would like Swiftkey to stay as the default keyboard after a phone reset, but that's certainly not a dealbreaker for me.)

Why would they be having so many initial problems with the HTC One? One possible explanation would be the lack of portability in their code. This makes sense since SwiftKey is not available for iOS.

Edit: After reading some other replies, SwiftKey does seem to have portability issues. Some problems are only prevalent on Samsung devices while others on the HTC devices. Hopefully SwiftKey learns from their mistake and tries to make their code more portable so they have these problems. Of course, excellent code is hard to write, but this is a paid app and the standard is set higher than that of free apps (such as Swype or T9).

I really like Swiftkey, but have had one nagging issue with it on my past 3 devices (Samsung Captivate, GSII and HTC One): when I type something and try to backspace over what I just typed, while it's still underlined for word completion, each press of the backspace key repeats all of what I just typed and appends it to the end of the word. For example, I'll type "podcsat" and try to correct it and when I hit backspace I get "podcsatpodcsat" and it keeps growing each time I hit backspace until it finally deletes it. It doesn't happen every time, but pretty regularly. This usually happens in the mail app of whatever phone I'm using.

The problem I've had with both Swype and SwiftKey Flow is they both learn my mistakes so the more I use it the less accurate it becomes. In the beginning, both were great, but over time I have to redo swipes multiple times to get common words and it gets frustrating. It's not a case of me accidentally adding the mistake words to my dictionary because I've looked at my custom dictionary and they're not there. Anybody else have this problem?

You could try going to "personalization" and then to "clear language data". And then in personalization let it re-learn from SMS, Facebook, Gmail, etc..

"Fixed issue with question mark being unreachable"

Is anyone else's question mark now not working? I can't get to it from the pop up when you press on the period button. It won't let me press the question mark at all. It just stops at the period.

Works fine for me on Galaxy S3.

My biggest complaint is the comma in the pop-up punctuation keyboard. There is already a comma left of the space bar, so this pop-up keyboard doesn't need it. Too easy to get a comma instead of exclamation because of this. Several people have suggested removing the comma so hopefully they'll do it soon.

Are they ever going to add autotext/word substitution to SwiftKey? along with a way it import an existing autotext/word substitution library? That would make this keyboard perfect. The prediction works great for regular words but I have a crap load of phrases, particularly, ones dedicated to projects that I use in my calendar that no prediction engine could ever get.

Is there an 'undo' for this keyboard? Actually, is there an 'undo' key/command for any android keyboard?

Great keyboard but this company is a POS. They have refused to fix the problem with defaulting back to stock keyboard on restart for over 9 months. Once they have your $ they don't care anymore. Too bad as it really is a great keyboard.

i love it, but it seems to slow down on me some times so i have to wait a second or two for it to catch on. does not happen on other keyboards.

I think that problem is related to the ROM (assuming you are running one) my old ROM had this bug, switched ROMS and it's gone