Stealth Black HTC One

If you're looking to buy an HTC One, but silver's not really your thing, this "stealthy" black model is for you

AT&T has made the "Stealth Black" HTC One available from their website this evening, offering both the 32 and 64GB versions. Pricing is the same as the silver version we're all used to by now, namely $199 for the 32GB, and $299 for the 64GB with a new agreement, or $599 and $649 off contract and bought at full price.

We knew they were going to offer it eventually, so we're not very surprised, but it's good to see it available for the folks who have been waiting. Consider this your notice so you can jump on one of these if you're one of those people.

Source: AT&T


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Stealth Black HTC One now available online from AT&T


RadioShack had the black one on display for Sprint for about a week now.
I'm still trying to decide.

Really? Guess I'll have to see the black One in person, but it looks grey to me. The bezel on the N4 is blacker than the screen (at an angle...straight on just looks like a jet black gusta).

I have the Black one in the UK, I've only had it a day though but the finish seems very good. So fingers crossed it doesn't chip easy

I heard about that too. It might only be the international version that had that problem. I don't know about Sprint, but I got mine from AT&T and it seriously barely attracts any fingerprints both front and back. I think that's why the black one got delayed in the US.

agreed / paying almost 700 for a 16gb sammy s4 is gonna hurt / the 64gb htc would have been a great option / we're not even getting the 32gb version of the gs4 either :( / what's up with VzW?

You can say that again!! I'm at the point where I'm seriously considering paying a $150 ETF, passing on an upgrade and getting rid of unlimited data!! Am I nuts?!? LOL

No, many thousands have happily done it already. You'll make it back in no time on a "cheap" prepaid plan. I had a 22% corporate discount, gf unlimited data, and coudn't be happier on the $30 Tmobile plan with my N4. Paid a $160 ETF on one of three lines. Actually made that ETF back selling a VZW SGS3 (to make a huge upgrade to the N4 lol). Almost got my N4 for free selling my LTE Gnex. Still saving a boatload each month. YMMV of course.

Why would you want it on Verizon? They'll probably get rid of the "htc" logo and slap their hideous logo on the front.

If I order the 64GB black from AT&T today, am I still eligible to get $100 for my old smartphone from HTC AND $100 from AT&T?