Sprint HTC One Max changelog

According to our inbox and folks in our HTC One Max forums, Sprint today has started pushing out its Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for the HTC One Max. The changelog for software version 2.09.651.1 — which weighs in at 344MB — notes the new OS, security enhancements and cloud printing capabilities, along with new Bluetooth profiles. [Sprint]

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Sprint's HTC One Max gets Android 4.4.2 KitKat


SD card support is not broken in kitkat. it just works differently. people need to do research on subjects

Some of us do consider it to be broken! As in not fully functioning, as it did originally.

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His point, which is correct, is that it is not broken as this would imply it is something that needs fixed. Google (as far as we know) has the SD card working the way they want it to with no intention of changing it.

I see LG users make this comment every time a device is updated... Its like they don't get that no one "passed them over" but that LG hasn't bothered to make the new OS available.

Based on the information from HTC's graphic about Android Updates (which I can almost guarantee applies to all manufactures) I highly doubt Sprint is the one holding the update.

Then who is? Only thing I can think of if they are testing the update before releasing it on the G2, since the update for the GS4 didn't go well.

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Having to guess, I would say further testing, LG not submitting to Google for final approval, LG not working with Sprint to Push to servers. It very well could be Sprint as well but given their track record of pushing updates for other devices so quickly I highly doubt it.

If KitKat wasn't available on the G2 on AT&T and T-Mobile, I might agree. I was thinking it's was a problem with Spark, since before this none of the Spark phones had KitKat.
I'm happy to wait to get a update that works well. Especially since the battery drain issues aren't fixed yet.

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This is a valid point I had not even thought of. Which might also explain the GS4 issues since iirc not all sprint S4's have spark.

And in Canada all three major carriers have pushed out kitkat on the G2, I have had kitkat on my G2 for a couple days and there are barely any differences from 4.2.2 but it does feel faster which is weird cause 're phone was fast before.

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Phil, any word on a One M8 Mini? I have the original One and can't imagine getting yet another bigger phone. Am I the only one who thinks these phones are out of control with their size (and I have big hands)? And when I say "mini," I am thinking nothing larger than the M7, and maybe even a little smaller, without sacrificing the things the currently mini line sacrifices. What's the good (inside) word?

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