If you've got an HTC One M8 on Sprint, be on the lookout this morning for a system update. Sprint's rolling out software version 1.54.651.8. And while the changelog is for whatever reason vague — stability and call performance improvements, is all it says — you'll also see you now have the Extreme Power Saving mode.

This is an update we knew was coming, of course, as HTC previously told us it was waiting on U.S. carriers to approve the update that has already pushed out to non-U.S. versions of the M8.

Extreme power saving mode

Extreme Power Saving Mode is more of an emergency battery mode. It locks out most of the "smart" functionality of the phone, leaving you with a new home screen and access to only the phone dialer, and HTC's email, text messaging, calculator and calendar apps. No notifications. Not push anything. HTC says this mode can eke out some 15 hours of use on just 5 percent battery.

Look for the other U.S. carriers to push out this update in due time.

Source: Sprint; More: HTC One M8 forums Update image via @GoodByeBluMndy


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Sprint's HTC One M8 updated, gains Extreme Power Saving Mode


Nice! Doing the update now! Sprint has been pushing out the updates first and fast lately for the One line of phones!

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Why would you want the mobile data symbol to show, even if you're on wifi? I know it bugs the hell outta me! Plus it still shows even if you turn mobile data off, so I feel like it's not supposed to do that.

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I have AT&T, the whole reason I posted here was to see if it fixed it so when they released the update for us, I would know.

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My Three (uk network) HTC one got the update too just now so hopefully most carriers will follow soon

With this mode, will users be forced to use the stock SMS app or will the default be used?

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I just tested it, it uses the stock app but has my conversations from my preferred app (8sms)

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So take your smart phone and turn it into a dumb phone. Just what I want to do. Stupid HTC/Samsung

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Why would you bash an useful optional feature? This is a life-saver for people low on battery who are out somewhere and need to keep in contact with some people.

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If you are running low on juice, you would want this feature.

Its not designed for every day use. Just when you are low on power and need a phone because chances are you need the PHONE part more then you do to tweat your lunch or post it to instagram...

And you don't even have to use it. Just an option.

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It's a shame Sprint/HTC aren't allowing distributors to sell the phone. Distributors like Best Buy, Radio Shack, etc.. are being told they can't sell it yet.

did a manual check just about 20 minutes ago and got it.

Before this update, the android system process was always near 55-65%. now its down to 9-11% so thats good. Blinkfeed still sitting at around 25%.

EDIT: never mind, androud system process went back up to 29%......

I don't seem to have this setting on my unlocked version of the M8.

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