HTC 'developing a simple process' for update over a wire

Reason number 101 why making a "special" version of a phone for a carrier can be a bad idea — the Sprint EVO 4G LTE doesn't have a large enough partition to extract the OTA for the Android 4.3 update that was aimed for sometime this month. There's no way around this, so HTC is going to try something a bit different (at least for them).

They're developing what they call a simple process to update the EVO LTE for more advanced users. We don't know exactly what this will entail — and HTC isn't saying many details — but if we had to guess we imagine it will be packaged up as an RUU for folks to download and manually flash. In any case, HTC is starting up a trial for those who want to get in on the action, and the email address to sign-up is HTCTrial@htc.com.

It's great that they are trying to do something for the phone instead of leaving folks out in the cold when it comes to updates, but this could mean that this is the last update the EVO LTE ever sees. 

The sign-up email address above should be live sometime tonight, and we'll know more about the process once things get started.

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Sprint's EVO 4G LTE can't get 4.3 OTA, so HTC is trying something different


Not surprising. One of the big hacks to use ICS on the Thrill 4G/Optimus 3D involved making a larger partition for system.

One of the big complaints for the Galaxy S4 is how little free room it has, but it has 700MB free in System. For the future.

Thanks! Mine's in a box waiting to visit Phil :P


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You planning on loading up Win 7 in a VM and doing this when they release it? If so, gimme a holler please jerryATandroidcentralDOTcom :)

I am not sure what I am going to do at this point. I was having severe problems with repeated text messaging. After a year of fighting with Sprint about it, I wiped the Evo LTE, made no difference; then I unlocked/rooted/s-offed in preparation to try something else while still attempting to work with Sprint. They finally pissed me off so badly I gave them an ultimatum (as a 15 year "high value" customer)... they screwed me!! My Nexus 5's arrive Monday and I am activating them next week on T-Mobile. I will then switch my family, then the company I work for, then some of my friends off Sprint. They really, REALLY blew it. Anyway... the Evo LTE will then become just a PDA for my bedroom (alarm clock, music player, weather), replacing a very old Evo 3D (which has suddenly started having problems with the touchscreen- phantom presses/movement all the time).

I do have MS-Windows XP/7 in VM's (and even start them every blue moon or so), might give the update a shot just for fun (twisted meaning of fun) (probably won't work)... but I was kinda thinking I would flash Cyanomod (for the first time) so I can at least turn off the damn radio (without turning off WiFi and Bluetooth).

VERY unfriendly move for those on Linux and/or MacOS. Why don't they make an option to copy the update to the SD card and stage it there instead?

Why doesn't this work for OS X and Linux? Everything I've done to this phone, I've done through Windows, so I'm afraid I'm in the dark on this aspect of it.

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Lots of utilities used to flash phones don't often make it to OS X, let alone Linux.

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I hear you. 17 years in, still have original "Pioneer" number and associated plan (along with others), however it seems of no value to Sprint. Oh well, can't expect everything to last forever. Mind was made up last year when they discontinued 25% discount I had been receiving for 6+ years, and refused to reinstate. Too many other options available at lower pricing, with companies taking an interest in retention, and keeping expensive smart phones relevant at least for the 2 year term.

We've got 3 of these in the family, and none of them have the issue you've described.

That being said, maybe you should try CM10.2. The LTE is a great device from my perspective, and since I can pick them up all day for $100 off contract (Used obviously) at a local mom & pop, I've upgraded a few of my family members from older phones. And with 10.2, you can def. get a good experience.

These would be fine if HTC just released dev edition software. But since they still think anyone cares about Sense, they'll continue to piss of their userbase with add-ons that should be optional. (Again, my opinion)

I wonder if it screws my phone up they will give me a better one like the one LOL

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Well at least HTC tries. But really this carrier specific branding shit needs to stop it is so annoying for years already.

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Well there is still carrier branding and carrier specific devices. Just saying the droid line of phones. And stool all offices besides nexus and moto g are still bloat infested.

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That was ridiculous for a while... remember all the different freaking names and shapes of the original galaxy phones? I think that Sprint was the most stupid. The samsung galaxy epic touch 4g or some stupid crap like that.

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You really gotta give HTC credit for working so hard on updates. I really hope this translates into more sales for them so they'll continue to focus on the customer.

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Well, this update is WAY overdue... but at least it is finally coming! I say that and my Nexus 5 is supposed to arrive on Monday...

You'll love the N5 and Tmo. I switched from a very defective nl928 on vzw to N5 and Tmo.

Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. (Defective) N7 2013

I already have the ruu and what not. I was apart of the trial for the past 6 days. I can't do anything because Windows 8.1 and fastboot doesn't work on it though <_<

Any chance they will provide comprehensive instructions on how to make this happen or are they really going to leave this up to only experienced users?


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They'll provide instructions, but the process is geared more towards the advanced users.

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I have had this update for 6 days now. Went very smoothly on Win 7. Jelly Bean 4.3 on EVOLTE is much smoother, faster, and multitasking is better. 3 of the live wallpapers don't work. Clock is not present in Daydream (neither is it present in the HTC One) but ClockPlus is great. Sprint needs better Voicemail. Otherwise, this is a fantastic update. Much more free memory of the onboard 16 Gigs with this. Well done, HTC. I am eligible for my update, but I may wait another year with this update. Just backup your previous Ringtones before you update. No more insufficient memory for app updates now. That alone is worth the update. Hopefully, after the RUU, bug fix for us beta testers will be OTA, but I would be glad to do another RUU.

How did you find out about this email? If this was already live why is my email returning a restricted access message?

If you have an NDA, why are you discussing it in the first place? To brag?

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Nothing to brag about I cant even get it to work because I have windows 8.1 <_< its all on xda anyways except the RUU and you are better off with xda roms then stock htc

There was no NDA with the trial. Gave my name and address as seen in the thread in the EVOLTE forum.. Download the RUU. Install. Just letting you know it works, is worth the wait, and is easy with Win 7.

Right- I don't think there is an NDA. But you are not allowed to give the update to other people. That seems reasonable, they probably want to keep that under control.

To both of you:

Got it. Sorry, if my question sounded confrontational. Thanks, for spreading the info.

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A little late, but glad AC is spreading the word on this this. I shot them an email earlier this week and have been rocking 4.3 on my EVO LTE since Monday. Works perfectly fine with Windows 7. I wish more manufactures would do updates this way. It might be a faster way to update the device for consumers, rather than wait for the carrier to push the update.

>"I wish more manufactures would do updates this way."

I certainly don't. Updates should not require using MS-Windows (although I did find there is a way to do it under Linux, it is a PITA). Yes, they should let us just grab updates, but the BEST way would be to allow the update archive to just be copied to the root of the internal storage (or in this case the root of the SD card) and trigger it. That would require no special software and no particular version of a particular [proprietary] OS.

You misunderstand. He's saying that the manufacturers should offer it directly to consumers, even if its a wired update. He's not saying that all updates should be wired.

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When I had my Atrix HD I was only running Mint LMDE at the time and I had to do alot of rom flashing with PITA obscure utilities ... I feel for ya

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Well, at least HTC's trying something for those that aren't about to upgrade anyways.

Someone who understands these things: does this have anything to do with the way HTC separated the "Apps storage" from the "Phone storage"? Cuz that's super annoying; they didn't leave enough room for all the apps I download.

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The test build hit xda last week, its new firmware, recovery and ROM. Its a pill. But worth it. It ran beautiful and battery lasted about as long as ever. Ironically I did it the day after I ordered a nexus 5 (not a big fan). Had I had this new build I definitely could have held off on a new phone for a while, its that different.

It is really good to see all the comments. Especially the relief to the "Can't download Update" issue. That is a huge reason that I was going to write off HTC on my next phone. I was really only waiting to see what the S5 looked like and then going to choose between the Note 3 and the S5. If this update is as good as you guys are saying, I may wait until the Note 4 :D

The email doesn't work.. I have sent 3 different emails saying that I would like the update and each time they have come back saying *Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups*?

This was never meant to be spread to the general public. They are flooded with requests and so probably just deactivated the Email address. Now you probably have to wait for the real thing.

Im curious to use the stock on that was posted on xda but i would still want to use the official one and after you update to the one on xda you cant go back since it changes your partition sizes but i want to know if i would be able to use the xda one then use the one directly from HTC. Anyone know if this is possible?

Pretty interesting for HTC and sprint. At least they are giving it a good try

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

This was never meant to be spread to the general public. They are flooded with requests and so probably just deactivated the Email address. Now you probably have to wait for the real thing.

I just did the xda stock rooted one and i must say its perfect. I'm done searching for the HTC official update this is pretty much an official one just rooted. You guys should go look at it CaptainThrowback does a great job with this stuff.

Yep this makes me glad my nexus 5 is on its way, done with low end phones

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ok, so everything goes like it should untill 'waiting for bootloader' my evo turns off and goes to the black screen with HTC on it. my computer makes the noise like it lost connection with the phone, and sure enough the error pops up 'lost connection to device' . HTC sync shows that my phone is connected, but again when it tries to go to bootloader it looses connection. Any suggestions??
thanks in advanced!

If you are doing the update via XDA-Developers you need to uninstall HTC Sync not just close it. UNINSTALL it. Keep the drivers portion but remove the program and disable your anti virus before doing anything like fastboot and adb.

Can anyone tell me an updated way to root my 4g lte.. I just came from an S3 and the process is vastly different..

I just tried sending an email to the address provided in the article, but it came back as undeliverable for authentication issues. Are they no longer looking for volunteers??

FYI: with the 4.3 RUU update, data roaming does not work. Voice roaming does. This is with PRL 25017. Seems to be a problem in "Settings" software.

What did you put for the subject of the email because everyone i've sent has come back saying *Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups* o.O

Just tried this email address, and it was sent back to me as invalid/restricted. Is there some special subject line needed to get this to work

After installing the 4.3 update from Mo my radio signal jumps around from 1 bar to full bars and the phone now drops calls a lot (never had problem). Has anyone else noticed this? I tried a hard reset and no improvement.

Any ideas on this, is it a bug with the antenna driver, what can I do to trouble shoot or fix?

Does this have to do with the PRL or Profile setting?

trying to update kit kat manually but it seems to get stuck on HTC black screen for a long time, no status bar? any suggestions. HTC SYNC not installed on PC. Windows 8

any one getting stuck on Black HTC screen when trying to load kit kat manually. htc evo 4g lte sprint HTC syns is not installed on PC windows 8