HTC Supersonic

The Wall Street Journal says Sprint will let loose the oft-leaked HTC Supersonic next week at CTIA, and that it will be the carrier's first WiMAX-enabled Android device.

The device is expected to be the centerpiece of a presentation made by Chief Executive Dan Hesse during the CTIA Wireless trade show Tuesday. Sprint and HTC declined to comment.

And, conveniently enough, we'll be there at the event and will cover it live. Stay tuned, folks. [WSJ - pay site]


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Sprint to unveil WiMAX-enabled HTC Supersonic next week at CTIA, says WSJ


Choirs of angels have interupted their normal singing to rest their pipes for CTIA now. If anyone is like me, they've been monitering the supersonic so much they feel like a stalker.

haha yeah I love my curve 8330 but android is the wave of the future, and Sprint finally confirming it's getting the love with the already front runner for phone of the year (wild premature speculation) only makes it that much sweeter.

edit: ok sprint hasn't confirmed. will read more carefully. STILL!

This phone has the specs, OS, and service provider I want, also my 1 year contract is up with sprint so I can upgrade whenever I want. Was it destined to be my next phone? I think so.

Me too (minus the contract part). My year is up in June so that should still be fine. If I have to wait a few months so be it...or I might just buy it anyway. Chances are it won't be released until May or June anyway.

This will probably be my first virtual-qwerty. I've held out all these years but I think that on a 4.3" it won't be too bad and the other specs make it worthwhile.

No one knows how long I've been waiting for sprint to drop a Android Phone worth buying. I cant wait to trash my blackberry.

Now there's some important questions...when and how much!?

I've been waiting, eligible for an upgrade since November, for Sprint to release a decent Android phone.
I want this awesome Supersonic NOW! or at least next month for my bday. :)

i'm hoping for a May release, unless Palm releases the Pre2 with at least 3.7inch screen, this would be my next phone

Cant wait for this to drop!!! I've been waiting for a up2date Android device on Sprint & this looks like its it.

Ahhhhh, at last more info on my next phone. Went from Treo, Instinct, Curve, Tour, to my rooted Hero. I love android and I'll love it the day I get my hands on the Supersonic.

And now a news break that the nexus one is sprint bound too! Good time to be sprint loyal, too bad for N1 that the Supersonic is still the phone to beat I think.

Aside from the 4g antenna, the only thing the Supersonic will really have over the Nexus One will be the color (if it stays white) imo. Otherwise, a behemoth with a 4.3 inch wvga lcd screen and a kickstand is hard to label superior to a ridiculously thin 3.7 inch wvga amoled that doesn't have to worry about Sense for its upgrades.

I will concede that sense seems to slow down the release of software upgrades, although the droid had little love till recently too. Will be interesting to see if the assumptions that ggogle will show super special treatment to it's N1 ring true. As for the 4.3 inch screen, looking really forward to seeing how that comes in impacting phone size. Concepts show the screen right to the phone bezel, and phone dimensions barely bigger than an iphony.

Honestly, looking at the HD2, that big screen is a huge plus. It's the only reason I'm considering a virtual keyboard. Assuming it stays similar to the HD2 design, I can say that for not much more size than a Nexus or iPhone, you get so much more real estate. The thing is all screen and gorgeous. I'd take a N1 if this wasn't coming out but given the choice on my preferred carrier, I will take the version with a larger screen and Wimax. Those are big things, not some side note.

Yes, I know the HD2 is not the Supersonic but the dimensions are almost the same.

I am BEYOND stoked for the Supersonic. I've been waiting to ditch my Centro since November when I was first eligible for an upgrade credit, but I just couldn't bring myself to get a Hero because I knew - very deep within my heart's heart - that Sprint would deliver me my ultimate device by summer.

Supersonic + Sprint = nirvana.

It's a GREAT(!) day for Sprint!
The Nexus One officially coming to Sprint and this!

Palm BETTER announce a competing phone at CTIA.
Sorry Palm I love WebOS but an tired of the Pres hardware.
I even enjoy the WebOS updates bugs since I know a fix will be coming real fast.
Makes things interesting IMO.

I am so happy; I'm eligible for an upgrade and this will be it! I was disappointed that the HD2 wouldn't be coming to Sprint but no I'm glad it didn't. This will be the perfect thing to hold me over until the verdict is in on Windows Phone 7.

Honestly I have a N1 and love it but this supersonic looks VERY cool. It just makes me want to short RIMM stock even more.

been waiting for this one, wooohooo!!
bets on prices anyone?

550 euros or $850 USD

something like that by using the HD2 as a guide.

I will go to all the internet forums and sing praise about the phone and then go back and happily work on my iPhone waiting for iPhone 4G.