Minor OTA bumps the software version up to 1.29.651.10, update is pushing out now

Sprint and HTC are pushing out a software update for the HTC One. It's a minor update, addressing a few issues that the phone shipped with, which means you'll want to get this one installed as soon as you can. Specifics are:

  • BlinkFeed improvements
  • New Sprint Zone client
  • Improved Back and Home key sensitivity 

We expect BlinkFeed "improvements" and adjustments while the service is finding itself, and Sprint needs to keep their Sprint Zone client current. The interesting portion is the Home and Back key sensitivity adjustment. They can get a little wonky, especially when using a screen protector. Hopefully, changes are getting dialed in to make the buttons as responsive as the rest of the phone.

You should see notification of the update soon, and the impatient among us can manually check in settings. When you get this one, be sure to share your experience and let us know how it affects your button sensitivity.

Via: Sprint Community. Thanks, ahaxton!


Reader comments

Sprint's HTC One getting an OTA update


When you do a system update workout updating all your apps first you will be prompted to update after.

Good to know that we (T-Mobile One owners) aren't the only one's experiencing shit with the capacitive buttons when a screen protector is applied.

Interestingly the update removed the shortcut to the stock email app that I had on my main home. No big deal, as I just re-added it.

Since this is the first Android-based phone I've owned, I'm a little nervous about updating. There were ALWAYS glitches whenever my BB phones would update. Sometimes, very bad glitches.

Anything I need to be concerned about here?

Obviously you never owned an Optimus S, where the Gingerbread update prevented the phone from charging, disabled predictive typing on the stock keyboard, corrupted SD cards inserted in the phone, and prevented the device from being recognized when plugged into Windows computers. It took them seven months to fix that one (although they eventually did provide a downgrade method to go back to Froyo).

I have been on Android for three years and have only had a problem once and they fixed it withing a couple of days. The problem wasn't major (can't even remember exactly what it was).

Dude, if you are rooted NEVER, I REPEAT NEVER take any OTA update. You could lose root permanently and never get it back. Whatever ROM you are running the owner will make a rooted version of this update and you can flash it. Hope you didn't take it already.

i did not update.. i am not running a custom rom yet. just unlocked and rooted today. always ran cm on my og epic. so looking forward to the development that is happening with this device.


The capacitive button responsiveness is a lot better. I had been swiping over the buttons because it wouldn't register taps every once in awhile. Just hit about 50 taps on each button and it worked fine on all of them. Great fix sprint!

Also my "Talk" icon finally switched over to the "Hangouts" icon!

I've found that buttons are much more responsive. Also, and I really don't know if this was an issue with many or not, but before this update, I was having a devil of a time getting the quick controls to appear in the stock browser. After this update, I'm not having that problem anymore.

Yes! I was just complaining to a friend about how I couldn't work the capacitive buttons to change tracks when walking with it in my armband! She told me with my luck I would have to wait til the Next One came out! Don't even know what the other improvements are and I'm happy! And a little worried about what that says about me as a person....

My music app is acting wonky now. Not showing album art, playing in a different Window that doesn't give me the option to download album art. Just different and weird.

THANK YOU! This was the only thing I was getting put out with on the ONE and this definitely made a BIG difference.

Well a little too late, I got two defective units So Samsung ended up getting my money. Sorry HTC I just could not wait for my buttons to work. I need a working phone when I buy it. No Problems with the GS4.

im in the uk and still waiting for this update. my back button sometimes doesn't
work at all. wish the update would hurry up.