Heads up, folks. Looks like the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE is getting itself a bit of an update today. We're not quite sure exactly what's new in the 44-megabyte update (the changelog you see here is the same as last month's Jelly Bean update), bringing things to version 3.16.651.3, but folks in our forums are reporting improvements to the proximity sensor, a properly silenced camera shutter (for when it should be silent), and voicemail seems to be improved. We'll update should we hear anything official.

Update: Sprint's finally posted the changelog. Here's what's new:

  • Proximity sensor improvements while on a call or listening to voicemail
  • Ability to output audio/video to HDTV (and other external displays via MHL cable
  • WiFi Connection improvements
  • Bluetooth compatibility improvements
  • Android process/application shutdown resolved

Source: EVO 4G LTE forums



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Sprint's HTC EVO 4G LTE getting an update today


Thank you lord... Is Sprint & HTC trying to get back on our good side? Now I just need them to get LTE in the major markets...

Many people have confirmed the update does, indeed fix the proximity sensor issue for those who were having problems (I never had any such issues).

Oh man, being able to silence the camera shutter is almost enough reason to go back to stock. I absolutely love the stock camera, but the shutter sound irritates me more than could possibly be considered legitimate.

But either way, CM10 is pretty well worth having to use CameraZoomFX instead. And it's a great app (especially since the latest major update.) I'm very content with my EVO, and having the option to root and play around with things makes it all that much better.

Acceptable. Sense takes a more pleasing photo off the bat, but I'm pretty sure you can post-process if needed to match the Sense version. I use Camera FV-5. CM10 saved my phone in every other way.

It works well enough for me. I'm no professional photographer, though. I'd say the stock camera is better, obviously, because of the ImageSense chip. And in my experience, it seems to shoot a little faster as well. But I've taken some pretty good shots with CameraZoom just the same. I believe that's what I was using when I went to the Boston Aquarium and snapped an extremely clear shot of a jelly fish in its tank.

+1 on the camera shutter. This is the one update I was wishing for, since I didn't have the prox sensor issue.

If you are rooted and running a custom ROM, you won't get the update. You'll have to go back to stock in order to install it.

ROM developers will put out their own updates down the road.

CM10/10.1 run pretty well with the camera, though its a bit slower not using ImageSense. Really will be nice whenever Sense 5.0 comes out and gets a port so we can try out the new features and if HTC actually cut some of the fat from the Sense 4+ series.

Wait, CM 10.1 is out for the EVO LTE? Any chance someone could point me there? I looked a little while ago on XDA and couldn't find it.

Not that I'm aware of. I'm on the 1/26 nightly, and it's based off of Android 4.1.2. If I understand the process correctly (and I have no idea if I do) the jump to 10.1 will essentially be baked into a nightly (or maybe they'll release a more "official" update.) Either way, it'll presumably just be an update, versus a completely new rom.

If you look at the HTC EVO 4G LTE Android Development XDA forums, its right up near the top. Its pretty stable and runs for me at least a bit better than CM10 ever did. There's like some small minor bugs, but otherwise smooth as ice.

I'll check it out again soon. Some of the ones from a month or so ago were useless because A2DP broke and was just awful quality and BT didn't connect well anymore.

Look under original android development. There is also a AOKP 4.2.1 in android development as well as cm10.1 "Wild for the Night".

Hope so. Since it doesn't happen with everyone, my guess is maybe it's a buggy older version of the graphics chips that is causing our issue.

Worst part about this is I was running stock until yesterday when I updated everything with the newly-released Viper 3.0. Poor timing :)

I can confirm, that although the proximity sensor issue was not as bad for me as it was for others, it is non existent since this morning's update. Also, the force close on maps navigation is gone. I have tested both repeatedly since I updated and we are good to go. I am very pleased with this update and the timing of it. That was pretty quick. Not quick enough for some, but quick enough for me.

So you're saying you used to get FC on maps all the time (navigation) and now that's fixed? Good to hear.

The proximity sensor issue seems to be fixed. However, I lost the ability to change the ring volume. Media volume works fine.

Well I do not think that's specifically an HTC issue, Google needs to update maps again for the S4 chip, the EVO and GS3 both have issues with Google Maps/Navigation ever since it was updated to Jelly bean, even if your running stock or an AOSP based rom.

Anyone that installed the update know if they added AVRCP 1.3 or 1.4 so you can pass ID3 tag info over bluetooth to your car radio?

I was wondering the same thing... I really wish it were a separate setting, even just in the camera app as a binary sound on/off setting. Ah well.

My only complaint on this phone isn't the phone it's Sprint's lack of service (4G LTE) the St. Louis Metro Area (especially on the IL side). That what is a paon that the outlying areas will never experience 4G LTE. That goes for all of the cell services in the Mid-West.

About ******* time!! I was debating between calling up Sprint's Tech support or attempting to installing a custom rom today to fix the issue. I literally just finished making an Ubuntu USB stick as it was.

The update is a godsend. Proximity sensor issue seems to be cleared up, no more black screen during voicemail, camera shutter silenced and ESPN's Scorecenter app/widget finally work on the device. Aside from the multitalking issue still present (not a big deal to me, but I know it will to some), this is the update that should have been pushed at the end of Dec.

two finger pull down is part of 4.2 version of Jelly Bean. My audio/video still does not work via MHL, anyone else having that issue?

Update has disabled my phones ability to read my memory card!!! I have restarted several times! I have pulled out and replaced memory card 10 times, and no luck! Anybody have same problem after update!!???

Mine still works just fine, must have been an isolated with your phone.

If this update actually wiped, or somehow disabled, the SD card you would see people screaming from the rooftops about this update. Yours must be an isolated, yet very frustrating, issue.

Never had any issues with updates before, but it seems this one completely reset my phone. All of my apps are gone and my settings were reset. It's a good thing I have a backup saved from not too long ago. Still a huge pain and frustrating.

Did you have a sd card on your phone? Everything is reset because anything saved on that card, after update your phone can't read it.

I didn't put in a microSD card to further expand the storage, so I was just using the regular internal storage. I have no idea what happened. I'm assuming it was a fluke. Still annoying to deal with, haha.

Its not connecting to LTE areas without toggle again! Did they change the scan timer in this update because when it did finally connect it was 5 mins or so?

I may be behind the times with my EVO 4G but in the few months I've had it, its a wonder why I didnt get it in the first place. I agree that 4G service areas are few and far between but I use 3g most of the time anyways and it works wonderfully. I guess I just didnt want to deal with the LTE bullcrap.

I may be behind the times with my EVO 4G but in the few months I've had it, its a wonder why I didnt get it in the first place. I agree that 4G service areas are few and far between but I use 3g most of the time anyways and it works wonderfully. I guess I just didnt want to deal with the LTE bullcrap.

I have a non-rooted EVO 4G LTE. I downloaded the update via SYSTEMUPDATE. I started the install, there were multiple reboots and the process bar went from 0 to complete.
It then rebooted again and I got the SPRINT 4G LTE screen. and then it was followed by the white screen with "HTC Quietly Brilliant", and there is has stayed for 30+ minutes.
- Is this normal? Or did I brick my phone?
- It it a function of the number of apps? I have close to 200!
Any ideas?


When I updated my EVO I had my SD card in and I didn't have any problems. All of my app were still there. Maybe it's something you'll are doing. Does the EVO still have LTE connection issues? I wouldn't know because Sprint has neglected us here in Washington,DC.

If this actually fixes the whole contacts taking forever to load/ messages taking forever to load, I am a happy person. Has been my only grief to this point with the phone.

If this actually fixes the whole contacts taking forever to load/ messages taking forever to load, I am a happy person. Has been my only grief to this point with the phone.

What happened to the Swype Keyboard? Can no longer use voice dictation. I see that the HTC Sense Input device has it and some Swype tech. Why even have the Swype keyboard option if you are going to neuter it. Now I have to learn a new secondary keyboard layout.

Minor notes is that the colors have changed for highlighting certain items and my mail is super-sensitive to touch. It goes all the way to the bottom and is difficult to go back to the top. They also changed my default notifications.

I would be happy to revert from this update if possible.

I need help on setting the vibration when typing,and when using the back,home,and resent app buttons,I went to the settings but its on grey and can't press the check mark and how do I change the keyboard,I used to be able to press an arrow on it,and it went down,by its gone now n I cant see wat I'm typing most of the time....any help would be appreciate