According to Leakdroid, the Sprint HTC Hero will be available off-contract for $329.99. Considering the price of the HTC Hero with 2-year contract is already $179.99 and the various advantages in not signing a new contract, the $329.99 price seems to be a relative steal. So if you're lucky enough to be a Sprint subscriber with a great monthly plan, we suggest you strongly consider the off-contract pricing.

Now if only T-Mobile would offer similar pricing strategy for the Motorola CLIQ...


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Sprint HTC Hero $329.99 Off-Contract


That price would make the Hero $79 after rebates. The off contract price is 429.99. 429.99-150(subsidy)-100 MIR= 179.99

I hope the $329 price is correct. I'd definitely pick one up off contract for that price. That would even be cheaper then the Touch Pro 2 subsidized price at $399.

From Sprints site:

"May require up to a $36 activation fee/line, credit approval and deposit. Up to $200 early termination fee/line applies. Phone Offer: While supplies last. $429.99 - $150.00 (two-year activation) - $100.00 (mail-in rebate) = $179.99 (final price). Taxes and service charges excluded. No cash back. Mail-in Rebate: Requires activation at the time of purchase. Line must be active 30 consecutive days. Allow 10 to 14 weeks for rebate. Upgrade: Existing customers in good standing with service on the same device for more than 22 consecutive months currently activated with a service plan of $39.99 or higher may be eligible. See in-store rebate form or for details. GPS: Requires GPS and Java-enabled device. GPS reliability varies by environment. Other Terms: Coverage not available everywhere. Nationwide Sprint Network reaches over 275 million people. The 3G Sprint Mobile Broadband Network (including roaming) reaches over 271 million people. Offers not available in all markets/retail locations or for all phones/networks. Pricing, offer terms, fees and features may vary for existing customers not eligible for upgrade. Other restrictions apply. See store or for details."

It clearly shows the off-contract price will be $429.99

Yea that site is the only one who seems to say that, they seem conviced that "Grandfathered" plans can get it too.

I was @ Bestbuy and did see the Friday presale info with my own 2 eyes, however they want $599.99 for the phone. I will be demanding my $50 back either way while I throw a power tantrum in their mobile department on Friday.

They told me today they absolutely will not match the MSRP of $429 and that it will be $599 @ BB.

Guess I will not be getting one of the first phones now for sure.

Contacted Sprint today to switch my daughters phone back to the one she liked and spoke to the rep who did verify for me that the cost price without a rebate is $329. I thought she was kidding when she said the price because I paid almost $600 for the Pre when it came out. She asked if there was anything else she could do, I was like no, I call back Sunday and get two Hero's now for that price, wife will be happy.

It's reassuring that someone's actually heard it from Sprint now. I've been holding off on getting excited about this one til. Thanks Mike. I think I'll be camping out Saturday night at my local Sprint store. LOL! seriously though...

This isn't rocket science math folks.

$329.99 = $179.99 (price after rebates and two-year contract discount) + $150.00 early termination fee.

Since they can't keep you from buying the phone with a contract and then cancelling, they're just doing the math FOR you and telling you what it will cost...saving them the paperwork of starting a contract and then subsequently cancelling it.

"I think I'll be camping out Saturday night at my local Sprint store."

You better bring an extra $100, whom ever Mike spoke with is incorrect. I posted a link which CLEARLY shows the Hero is $429.99 off contract.

im just trying to figure out if i get it at Best Buy i have one line that has a 75 dollar rebate will it be $599 - $75 or $179 + $75 ...... they couldnt seem to figure it out for me at the local bb but i dont wanna pay 50 bucks for a gift card and it end up costing more than off contract at sprint .......

"You better bring an extra $100, whom ever Mike spoke with is incorrect. I posted a link which CLEARLY shows the Hero is $429.99 off contract."

I'm taking this as rumor until someone actually walks out of a Sprint store with the phone for that price. I'm prepared to pay the $430 listed on Sprint's website, which still beats the s**t out of the $600 price on

After calling various Sprint Stores, I got a variation of prices between 450 and 500 bucks. Some of the store employees weren't sure so I called customer service for a more solid price. They said that it will be 329 off contract!

Best Buy is rumored to offer the phone with $150 off and they are also going to give you the $150 mail in rebate as an instant savings as well. Total price off is $300. I have been training employees on this phone, and I have to admit, I don't care how much it costs I am getting one.

I bought the phone off contract and it was EXACTLY $329 well with the $100 rebate. It is $179 with a 2 yr me..This phone is awweesoome it is worth it and Im talking better than the Iphone and I have both..

Does anyone know how to get the phone cheaper from sprint than 179 when best buy offered the hero for 99 this past week. I am 1 yr and 2months into my contract with a bb curve and would like the hero!! I just don't want to pay 179 plus tax. any ideas like threatening to leave sprint would help? thanks much!!!

when i bought My HTC Hero from sprint in October 2009 i paid $729.00 with taxes, which i thought was completely ridiculous because i had just signed up with Sprint in September and purchased the most basic phone b/c the sales guy told me that i would be able to upgrade to the Hero in October when it came out for just the Upgrade cost of $179.00 yet when it came time to upgrade to the hero Sprint said i had to wait 12 months or pay the full retail cost which i ended up doing.

My Review:

I just LOVE the HTC Hero - the one thing about it that's my Most favorite Feature of the HTC Hero is it seamless integration with your Google account especially the Contact synchronization which syncs ALL of your contacts with your google/gmail accounts contact list - to explain in my opinion how this makes it the best feature; i had my phone stolen and did not have a copy of my contacts anywhere and with my work my address book is sooo incredibly vital i was panicking and freaking out and remembered that i had seen some email addresses and names in my address book from my gmail account so i logged into my gmail and searched for some numbers that i had recently put into my phone and not gmail and to my relief all of my contacts that were on my phone had been synced to my gmail acct without me doing anything.

the other greatest feature of the HTC Hero is a app called wheres my droid which allows you to text/email your phone and receive a reply with the GPS Location of your phone, you can also text/email a separate keyword to your phone which will turn the ringer on and raise the volume all the way and ring until you find the phone and physically press the button to silence it, best app ever especially if you constantly leaving your phone in the couch or other instances where you can't remember where you last had it, and the best part about this app is its free...

The Hero Combined with the Google Android Operating system gives you great application, amazing integration with all your social networking and business resources, its incredibly fast and responsive and has a incredible camera especially for recording Video none of those 30 second video's that are worthless and a waste of time - with the hero you can actually record high quality videos that can be 10,15,20+ minutes with the only limiting factor being how much Storage space you have.

These ppl think some of us are dumb. That price of 329.99 is the price after rebate. The actual price of that phone as of today is 429.99. False advertisement. The fine print says: $329.99 AFTER MAIL-IN REBATE!!! lolz. They trying to trick ppl.