Media Link HD

The HTC Media Link HD is way to cool to be sitting here, unused in my desk drawer. See the review for a quick refresher of exactly what this baby can do, but know that if you have a Sense 4+ or Sense 5 phone and a television, you probably want it. So here's your chance.

Drop a comment below. Sometime late tonight, we'll shut the comments down and pick a winner at random. Be sure you have a working email address on file here at AC, 'cause that's how I'll get in touch with you to find out where to send it. When I've finished finding all the cool stuff I need to give away, we'll announce the winners here on the blog. 

Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win an HTC Media Link HD



Pick me please. I love spring cleaning and the media hub would go great with our one and one x. Thanks. Good luck to all.

Please pick me, would go awesomely with my HTC One! ;) also my face would look like this if I didn't win. >>>> :'( pleeeease pick me!

But wait. How could you even consider not choosing me? I must have this! My HDMI cable is far too long!

My wife has an Ipad mini and she's insisting on an apple tv to mirror media from her tablet because she's convinced that Android at this point in time doesn't have a feasible solution. I would like to prove her wrong with a combination of this device and my HTC ONE!

Wow...who knew so many people check tech news sites on Friday nights for a contest! Not sure if this one is still open or not...but if it is I'll throw my hat in the ring too, and if not then congrats to the winner!

Not sure if its too late to enter, but it'd be nice to win one. It would pair great with my EVO LTE.

I have been quite interested in trying one of these babies out on my 150 year old television.

I've been dying for one of these for my LTE. Hope I get this, and thank you for the contest AC!

Wow, too Cool!!
I need this to replace my Apple TV, am a new convert to Android!! Rockin the HTC One!!
Great Website!! Android Central Rocks!!

I'll post here for a chance to win, but I'm really hoping to win that Archos gaming tablet Jerry. Bearded brothers unite! Tabletify my poor soul!

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts
There they are, all standing in a row
Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head
Hi this looks really cool i want

I just ordered my first Android phone, an HTC One, yesterday after having iPhones for the last four years. This would be a fun new toy to play with...

Since I turn on media link with my face, at least once a week, I would like to have one. The nice black finish matches my Evo 4gLTE perfectly. :)

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