The first official new software update is now rolling out for unbranded HTC One X retail units in Europe, bringing HTC's new flagship phone up to version 1.28.401.9. The 30MB update is being delivered over-the-air, so head to 'Settings > About > Software Updates' to grab the new version. Note that if your One X is network-branded, you'll likely have to wait a little longer for your carrier to approve this update before it's pushed out. And for what it's worth, the new software version is still based on Android 4.0.3 rather than the slightly newer 4.0.4 that's running on some Nexus devices.

So far we're only seeing a few minor changes on our One X -- the phone no longer incorrectly displays the on-screen menu key in certain Google apps, like YouTube, and automatic brightness levels seem to have been pared back somewhat, too. This version is also supposed to fix the battery life issues many One X owners have been reporting in the two weeks since the phone's launch. In addition, we're hearing that the bug which occasionally resulted in garbled text and icons in the notification bar has also been squished.

One X owners, be sure to shout out in the comments if you've noticed any other changes or fixes.

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dwd3885 says:

great news!

brianalley says:

Downloading Now!!

Good news I suppose but I'm starting to wonder if anyone will ever release a phone that doesn't require a post-release fix of one kind or another.

themuffinman says:

When it comes to software, it will never be 100% perfect, there are just way to many variables to make things perfect the first time. Just be glad that we are in a time period where fixes can easily get pushed to a phone compared to a few years ago where you were stuck with whatever you had.

roltzje says:

This shouldn't be expected. Phones are complex and manufacturers can only test their phones in small groups to keep them secret, and for a short amount of time, so that thy don't become outdated. so it's difficult to catch all the issues until a wide audience has received

needsmoar says:

much better signal with the new radio. signal is now what i would typically have -- a steady 4-5 bars vs the 2-3 which i was having before the OTA.

I still having problem in reading e-mails. They are to big and i can´t zoom out. I already change the font to small.

Nev says:

I'm jealous of you people.

Hopefully these fixes come preloaded on the ATT version.

And the Rogers version in Canada :)

mipd1980 says:

I want one.....Too bad I'm on Sprint... Come on EVO 4G LTE...

anyone know about flashing a phone from verizon to pageplus

karanga says:

It would appear that the HTC Sense 4 crash / loading widget issue has been resolved in the new update!

rowas says:

A buddy of mine got it earlier, and apparently it's done wonders for his reception.
From around -115/-109 dBm to -89 dBm indoors in his apartment.

dwd3885 says:

i still get stuttering when I listen to music. Seems to be a 3G/H+ switchoff issue.

kuzyz says:

Update live in Sweden. Battery has been improved by 20-25%

Valter.VX says:

Updating in Portugal..

RocknTroll says:

The fix isn't showing on my unbranded unit purchased from the UK. Could someone please tell me A) if the update resets the device to factory settings, B) if bluetooth now works while internal storage encryption is enabled, and C) if the phone storage is no longer wiped during the process of enabling phone storage encryption (which is separate from internal storage encryption)?

virus786 says:

LOL @ removing battery and storage card warning...on a One X, haha.

kelvinreed1 says:

i,m on orange -uk just applied update i noticed signal strengh was better right away and the device is quicker as for battery i will tomorrow

Valter.VX says:

So, after a day with the update i noticed an improvement on signal, the battery is being amazing so far! I used to get about 10300 on AnTuTu benchmarks and now i got 11700. So, happy happy!