It happened live last Tuesday, but you can listen in to the (slightly foreshortened) version in our podcast feed: the 2nd (and last) Smartphone Round Robin Rount Table. Join Casey, Kevin, Rene, and Dieter as we discuss the final two devices in our Smartphone Round Robin: the T-Mobile G1 and the the HTC Fuze. Plus, we answer your questions live -- well, it was live then, so forgive the slightly worse-than-usual sound quality.

Naturally, this is an official Round Robin post, every day you make an entry here qualifies you for a chance to win a G1 and more. Full details here

Music: Our Slanted Voices by DoKashiteru


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Smarpthone Experts Round Robin Round Table 2


i think my whole dillemma would be solved if i could just have a fuze running android, that would be perfect (i think)

You all did a great job, though I could have told you that the Round Robin wasn't going to make any converts. :P

I really liked all the phones in the Round Robin, the Fuze didn't really have a good showing, but I think that was TouchFlo 3D more than anything. The G1 and Treo Pro both came of about what I would expect, which is to say really good. The Bold is the one that really surprised me as I have never really been a Blackberry fan, but the Bold seemed really nice to me, even though its not a touchscreen phone.

Thank you for posting this. I couldnt see it live because i already had other plans that night so this is great.

Hats off to all of you for a great round robin. Can't wait till the next one, unless you all decide that the new Pre is the only phone worth using from now on...