Scrollable widgets

Those of us running stock Android have been a wee bit jealous of the scrollable widgets in HTC Sense. But that's about to change, as the folks behind ADW Launcher, LauncherPro and Pure Calendar and Pure messenger have teamed up to bring some flicking action to the rest of us. Here's the deal:

  • You have to have either ADW Launcher or Launcher Pro installed.
  • Install the latest version of Pure Calendar, either from the Market, or you can download it directly here.
  • When configuring the Pure Calendar widget, enable "scrollable mode."

Then sit back and gloat. Head on past the break to see some video of it in action. [Pure blog] Thanks, Francois.

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borgey401 says:

FIRST! this is a score

kalleguld says:

Nice! But it really needs to be pushed into the stock launcher, too.

513 says:

Link comes from developper's website, it is still in beta.

kurosavvas says:

I'm sorry but did you just hotlink to an app that is paid only in the market?

The people behind Pure Calendar will not be very happy... Or am i missing something?

You're missing something. Click the source link.

kurosavvas says:

What about the link?

play3393 says:

What is he missing? This is a pay app and they just hotlinked to it. That's illegal, no?

Are you saying this is a free version of the app?

Scroll down. (Or read the source link.)

sethjk says:

Taking partial credit for this- my email read on AC's podcast a few weeks specifically asked for this! Great job- pure messenger and calendar are awesome!

tada1096 says:

what if you already have sense. do you stil have to install ADW

storm14k says:

Man how did I miss out on ADW Launcher. Its sick. I don't even think I'll really miss the sense widgets. In just a matter of minutes it has made my Incredible feel like an entirely new phone. It seems to be much snappier and more fluid than the Sense desktop as well. These cats get a serious thumbs up from me for first impressions.

storm14k says:

Ok...after just looking at Pure Messenger which I had not checked into either....honestly....what is the point of Sense (and blur...). Just put the effort into the hardware and let devs come up with the customizations in the market.

weehooherod says:

The Android Central widget needs scrolling now!

rufflez says:

um yeah, now I feel jipped as I paid for the app and you just linked it for download.

qst4 says:

My only issue, at least with Pure Calendar, was it hiccuped when trying to go into landscape mode, but fix that and allow for larger fonts and I'm all game. On another note, where is the official froyo?

dodgersrgood says:

you guys should update your widget and make it scrollable

Koxx says:


I am the dev of Pure widgets.

This is just a FREE beta for 2 or 3 days, the app stay a paid apps,
Only to let users check how scrollable widgets can works.
Have a look here :

It is not possible to make those scrollable widgets compatible with :
- stock Home: Google didn't think about it
- HTC Sense: HTC didn't publish any API to let devs create 3rd party scrollable widgets for HTC Sense.

The remaining possibilities are alternative Launchers. This is the reason why we worked hard to make this dream come true ;)


crcr says:

I bought Pure Calendar Widget some time ago, and like it a lot. I have been using Launcher Pro for a while. I read this article, so I tried it on my Droid, and it is working fine. Thank you dev!

When you say the beta of this feature expires in a couple of days, does that include those of us that have paid copies of Pure Calendar Widget? If so, how will we be able to get the feature after that?


Amazing!! Scrollable calendar will be nice! :D

ARob7125 says:

Great Work !

stalker says:

Hmm.. great..

Daddy2 says:

I think we need an article showing off more Scrollable Widgets! I found Stocks Widget, Call Log Widget - Scrollable and Contacts Widget were very nice, the above mentioned app is great as well, LauncherPro has a nice set now built-in to the paid version, I can't wait to see what comes next in this area!

AquaeAtrae says:

I just started a thread over at XDA listing all the scrollable widgets we know of. Enjoy!