Hey all you depressed HTC Dream Users on Rogers, listen up! We know news hasn't been kind to you lately but it looks like things are looking up. Rogers will reportedly offer HTC Dream users the option to upgrade to the HTC Magic for free. From a Rogers rep:

“It’s great to hear that everyone is pleased by HTC’s agreement to upgrade Magic to 2.1. We pushed hard on your behalf and are pleased with that part. When it comes to Dream, we share in your frustration that the device does not have the required on-board memory for an upgrade. We’ve reviewed this internally and believe that Dream users should be able to have the same HTC Android experience as those who purchased the Magic. So, we are offering our HTC Dream customers a limited time opportunity to upgrade from their current HTC Dream device to the HTC Magic.

We’re working on finalizing the details of that promotion now but wanted to let you know the great news as soon as possible. Please be patient as this is not yet available in-store, online or through customer care. I will be back next week to provide you with more information.”

We guess those carriers in Canada are nicer than their US counterparts. As for the upgrade, to us it's a no brainer. Android 2.1 is a stellar smartphone OS and introduces a lot of new features (compared to Android 1.5, doubly so) that many users will love. The Magic will get 2.1, the Dream is stuck on 1.5. Case closed. Only if you seriously, absolutely, totally love your G1 physical keyboard and think the Android software keyboard is impossible, hopeless, and terrible, can you justify not using the free upgrade.

Final details aren't available yet but we're hoping that our neighbors to the north will have an upgrade program as good as it sounds. No contract extensions, please.

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Rogers To Offer HTC Dream Owners The Option To Upgrade To Magic For Free


Alright! Now all we need to do is start a group called "I WANT MY 2.1" for all of us other Dream/G1 owners so that we can be upgraded to the Magic/myTouch when it gets updated. Just a thought for all you non-Canadian users who, like myself, feel that they will be left behind until our contracts expire...

Hope that does not have any fineprint, like "It requires the renewal of your 3-year contract" or something like that.

They will most likely make users renew their contract. Otherwise there would be no incentive for Rogers to front the costs of upgrading. It is unfortunately how in Canadian they have 3 year contracts

T-Mobile needs to do a similar trade in the US. The Motorola Cliq is apparently going to be stuck with 1.5 with no upgrade availabe. Since the phone just came out in November, this shouldn't be a difficult thing to do, and would be a very welcome customer service gesture.

Cliq shouldn't have any problem upgrading to 2.x.
The main reason they are offering free exchange is (whether it's true or not) Dream does not have enough memory space for the upgrade, which is 256MB ROM and 192MB RAM.

Cliq has 512 ROM/256 RAM. That's the same as Droid. So the delay of the update is mostly because of T-Mobile, not because the phone itself is not capable of that.

Does anyone have the actual source of that quote? I find it odd that that same quote appears on multiple blogs but you can't find the original post by the anonymous "Rogers rep".

I called yesterday for my free upgrade, and they said that the offer is put on HOLD....and call back in couple weeks. (after the offer is expired)..yeah right. I am skeptical to believe that it really exists. I will be calling daily though to try my hardest to get my free phone.

hey guys!

if anyone is interested in a SAFE was to upgrade to Android 1.6 for their Rogers HTC Dream, check out this link


it is a step by step process. written for those of us who are NON TECH and want to upgrade our phone!

i did mine last night following the steps to the letter and it was super easy and done in less than 30 minutes!