Now this is what we like to see Canada!. After Rogers had dropped the price of the HTC Magic and HTC Dream down to $99.99, they're at it again! Rogers just recently dropped the price AGAIN to an even more affordable $79.99 (with 3 year contract). We're hoping the price drop is a sign that newer Android devices are coming (HTC Hero anyone?) and not indicative of poor sales. At $79.99 the HTC Magic and HTC Dream are wonderful deals--hopefully T-Mobile will toss us Americans a bone by offering a similar deal!

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Rogers Drop Price of HTC Magic & HTC Dream to $79.99


Damn it. I bought mine at $99... which was still a good price for a smartphone. I don't think they are selling well here, Canada is a big Blackberry place.

My buddy, my wife and I all just got one :) I've been researching this phone for days and it's just gotten me more and more excited about it. On top of that my buddy got it for an instore deal of $29.99.

I just called rogers they said phone was 99 dollars with a 50 mail in rebate from htc brings it to 49 dollars 3 year plan.